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Odd Future: The Rise Of Satanic Blatancy

(UPDATED) With all of the shocked valued stunts ployed by artists like Lil B, it was only a matter of time before a musical act would arise and become a full fledged satanic movement for the occult that could be catered to the mainstream industry.  West Coast bred rap group OFWGKTA, or more commonly referred to as Odd Future, seem to fit the candidacy quite well.  A group of teenagers, as young as 17 and no older than 23, that have created a movement filled with rape, violence, heavy drug use, anti-education, and satanism.  Seemingly coming from out of nowhere, this group of under privileged teens have paved an obscure lane of stardom through blatant promotion and praise of the satanic occult.  Many groups that have such outrageous subject matter will be labeled and filed under the small fan-based horror core rap (i.e. Insane Clown Posse, Jedi Mind Tricks, Killah Priest, etc.).  These kids, however, managed to sky rocket their success after a year of trailing the underground music scene with viral Youtube videos and free mixtape projects.  Now, it seems that what was once a minority liking, has now became a global phenomenon as Odd Future is beginning to become more of a household name.   Question is, should this be a name uttered amongst the household.  This group is obviously deeply influenced by the occult and has implied allegiance to spreading the satanic agenda.  In this post, I will briefly analyze the fame of this group and determine whether or not they are truly working for the Illuminati elite.

Just recently the group reached many television sets as they were selected to perform on late night with Jimmy Fallon.   Aside from the show having a packed house of co-signing celebrities such as Mos Def and Brandon T. Jackson, the group has also received high praises from many other popular occult influenced artists in the industry:

not a good look Lupe.

Odd Future's singer Frank Ocean in the studio with Beyonce

the group with Diddy (one of their rumored signing options)

Tyler, The Creator working with Pharrell & Neptunes

Tyler also seen with Justin Bieber

On the show, they managed to create a very occult themed live show, with demonically possessed women, fairytale creatures, and repetitive chants of "kill them all":

Group leader Tyler The Creator performing while wearing his trademark ski-mask with an inverted cross painted on the front

a woman appearing to be possessed on stage with them

Aside from the already apparent blatancy, there was another somewhat random theme imbedded into their shows, gnomes:

Odd Future with gnomes on the stage of their Fallon show

Odd Future performing behind a gnome inspired stage at the Woodie Awards

But why gnomes?  Most people would consider this just another small part of their grand scheme of things in shock valuing their way into stardom.  The randomness of the group slightly diverges people's attentions from the "in your face" satanism.  However, in the occult, gnomes are worshipped as another type of demon.  In fact, famous occultist Franz Hartmann (co-founder of Aleister Crowley's O.T.O) had a deep fascination over the magical beings and even wrote a book in their relation to occult worship called Among The Gnomes: An Occult Tale of Adventure:

Hartmann seen in his O.T.O masonic robes

In a recent photo shoot, the group further expressed their satanic worship with blatant imagery as Tyler is shown drawing occult symbols around his groups name:

inverted crosses and triple 6's

 "...if anyone worships the beast and his image and receives the mark (666) on the forehead or on the hand, he too will drink of the wine of God's fury which has been poured full strength into the cup of His wrath.  He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb" - Revelation 14:9-10

Also in the pictures, there appears to be a beheaded unicorn head throughout.  The unicorn in the religious connotation is a reference to spiritual purity and holiness or in many cases, Christ or God.  So one can only assume what a beheaded unicorn means:

When I was researching the relation of unicorns to the occult I found that many music artists have also used them in a similar manner as Odd Future:

Ke$ha seen killing unicorns in her music video for "Blow"

The mysterious unicorn that appears in Lady GaGa's "Born This Way"

To make this unicorn phenomena even stranger, Cartoon Network's mature (and very satanic, see "Occult Swim" post) programming Adult Swim has created a video game called "Robot Unicorn Attack" that has gone quite viral, developing a very large fan base in the past year.

notice the butterflies, game used for Monarch programming?

The concept of the game is very trance-inducing as you simply move through a 2-D portal of rainbows and bridges as butterflies lead you to the next level.  If you lose, your unicorn is beheaded.  Sound familiar? It gets stranger...

Adult Swim games just recently released a sequel to the game called "Heavy Metal Unicorn Attack", same concept but with satanic themed levels!

same concept except with blatant pentagrams throughout and demons lead you to victory. crazy.

I'm sure you are thinking this has nothing to do with Odd Future and I'm just rabbit holing, well Adult Swim just inked a deal with a new rap group to start a cartoon based on them.  Care to guess what group it was?

Here is the official report:
"In their Billboard Magazine cover story, the twelve-man ensemble revealed an Adult Swim pilot that they will be producing. “In the pre-buzz days, the Odd Future crew would post homemade comedy skits on their Tumblr and mention dreams of one day turning them into a show for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming,” says journalist Andrew Noz in the cover story. “Now they’re producing a pilot for the network, which management describes as a mixture of ‘Jackass’ and ‘Chappelle’s Show.’ - MTV (Source)
Coincidence? Doubtful.

Even though there are at least 12 members that form this group, I will only focus on some of the more notable and important names seen in the industry's limelight.  I'm sure most who have heard the name Odd Future are also familiar with the name of Odd Future leader, Tyler The Creator.

Tyler, The Creator
After watching this young man rap and produce, it is no question that he is intelligent and gifted musically.  However, the source of his talent seems to revolve around one particular being, the Devil.  Tyler has repeatedly spoken of his relationship with the Devil, similar to how one would explain their spiritual connection with God.  At the beginning of his last album BASTARD, Tyler speaks of his love/hate relationship:

In this short clip, Tyler expresses that he is possessed and that he acknowledges the Devil as his spiritual father

What's even more demented is that one of the album covers for this album BASTARD shows a photo of a young Tyler sitting down with a pentagram drawn on his head:

With watching several interviews of Tyler and various music videos and performances, it would not seem too much of a stretch that he could be demonically possessed.  I know some may think that demon possession is only a act or facade, especially when mentioned in the music industry, and can be merely diagnosed with a form of medical condition.  But as stated before on this site, in relation to the occult, possession is a main component of mind control.  But wouldn't Tyler inhibit some of the same symptoms commonly seen in other mind controlled slaves? Well just so happens that he does.

Probably, the most revealing of his possession is seen in his highly acclaimed "Yonkers" video.  Aside from the already blasphemous lyrics, the video portrays Tyler talking to an unseen psychologist through his demonic state of mind.

To properly analyze this video in relation to possession, I will compare it to another public case of demon possession that was dramatized in a Hollywood film, The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  

Not to get too in-depth about the movie, it surrounds a young farm girl who becomes possessed and dies from an exorcism putting the priest at fault which led to a supreme court case.  The reason I am using this film is because, not only was it based on a true story but it also shows common symptoms of possession within the movie that I will relate to Tyler's music video below:

The first clip shows Tyler playing with a cockroach then suddenly eating it almost as if it was against his will:

Tyler shown eating the cockroach

Insect eating is a common occurrence in demon possession as hundred's of cases have documented it, one of which being the case of Emily Rose.

possessed Emily seen eating roaches and other insects

In the next clip,  Tyler speaks of himself as his alter-ego "Wolf Haley" in which his pupils begin to darken and nose bleeds in a possessed manner:

Again, the same physical manifestation occurs in the Emily Rose case:

Emily shown possessed with the same darkened eyes

What's even stranger about this, is that this is not the first time that Tyler has revealed his blacked out pupils as there have been pictures of him before his success with the same demonic dilation of his eyes.

A photo taken of Tyler when he was a teenager, notice the same darkened pupils

Again, shown on the alternative cover for his latest album GOBLIN.

Another hint of Tyler's occult possession is the manifestation of his alter ego he calls "Wolf Haley".  As mentioned before, alter-egos are a very clear sign of mind control and possession.  What most people are unaware of, is that Tyler's "Yonkers" song has an extended version that features his alter-ego "Wolf Haley":

"still suicidal I am/ I'm WOLF
Tyler put this f*ckin' knife in my hand/ I'm WOLF
ace gonna put that f*ckin' hole in my head/ I'm WOLF"

The troubling song "Yonkers" is found on his latest album GOBLIN.  As the alt. cover appears to be bad enough, the original artwork of the album would be immediately labeled as odd or "random" considering it is just a picture of a young westerner named Buffalo Bill.  

As most would just dismiss the weird cover choice, like everything else, their is a possibly darker meaning behind the selection.  Unknown to most,  Buffalo Bill was deeply rooted in the occult being a member of many societies from Freemasonry to the westernized Knights Templar.

Buffalo Bill seen in his Knights Templar uniform and his masonic cain

It would also be interesting to note that Eminem has also channeled this dead westerner in a song from his highly demonic album Relapse, entitled "Buffalo Bill".  The song doubles as a reference to the fictional character from the occult film, Silence of the Lambs, with the same name:

Considering that the album itself is named GOBLIN, the word goblin being another name for demon.  It would seem that Tyler could possibly be further telling us what twisted possession he is suffering from.

As if there needed to be anything else besides all that, Tyler has also been seen wearing a shirt admiring everyone's favorite satanist, Aleister Crowley:

Tyler wearing an obvious Crowley shirt, further showing his occult allegiance 

Frank Ocean
Often seen as the "I can at least listen to him" member of the group.  R & B sensation Frank Ocean has landed into the playlist of many an ipod.  However, we don't see him at many of the Odd Future's satanic shows or music videos.  Does this make him separate from the bunch?  Look at it this way, does a good apple freshen a bag of rotten apples? The answer to that hypothetical is no, and neither is it the case for this young Odd Future member.  What most people don't know about this mysterious crooner is that before OF fame, he was a solo artist who went under the name Lonny Breaux, which happens to be his real name.

He even managed to recorded many songs under this moniker, working with a few top name producers. His talent did not increase drastically within a year as you can tell from the music itself.  So why the sudden rise to fame? Was it merely because he began associating himself with Odd Future or did Mr. Breaux take a few more darker steps into the occult to jumpstart his success?

Breaux's first change of direction in his career was his apparent name change to Frank Ocean.  What's quite interesting is that his new name "Frank Ocean" sounds awfully familiar to "Frank Olson".  Frank Olson just so happened to be the leading specialist that conducted the first Monarch MK/Ultra mind control projects in the early 90's.

Frank Olson, head specialist of MK/Ultra

Some would say this is just a coincidence.  I, however, don't believe in coincidences which is why I also don't believe that Frank Ocean's first project under his new name would be called Nostalgia/Ultra being a coincidence neither ("nostalgia" meaning triggering past memories and "ultra" in relation to classified government projects).

On the album, he even speaks on losing his faith after the all the fame and pressure:

 Frank Ocean has also been seen exclusively working for Jay-Z and Kanye West on their highly occult infested Watch The Throne album.

One song in particular, "No Church In The Wild" officially shows Ocean's lack of faith in his pursuit for super stardom.  Here are the lyrics (which I'm sure everyone is familiar with by now):

"Human beings in a mob,
whats a mob to a king,
whats a king to a God,
whats a God to a non-believer who don't believe in anything
we he make it out alive?
no church in the wild"

Aside from this, just recently Frank Ocean has shown a deep fascination with Native American occultism:

Frank Ocean seen wearing an ancient Native American thunderbird, also displaying the occult devil horns
Recently, Frank Ocean released a song called "Thinking About You", which originally served as a reference track for another artist.  However, due to the success of the song, Frank decided to keep it for himself and promote it with a music video.  The video itself, is riddled with occult symbology, mostly rooted to Native American magic.  Seemingly having to do nothing with the lyrical content of the record, its obvious that Frank simply wanted to make his occult affiliation appeal more to his listeners that may not be fully committed to his satanic group members.  Here is the video:

The video starts with Frank Ocean playing as a doctor that is trying to comfort a young boy whose mother is terminally ill.  He begins with telling him a story that involves Native American healing magic.  The story is about a husband whose wife was dying, brings her to a group of Indian tribal mystics and shamans in order for them to perform an occult ritual on her to revival her back to life with the use of some "spiritual" power manifested from the sky.

The video ends with Frank Ocean explaining to the child the importance of a dream-catcher and how its power relates to Native American magic.

Most people that watched this video, did not understand it nor its correlation to the song.  But just like the rest of Odd Future, Frank Ocean's occult practices runs very deep within his music, making his influence just as dangerous as his groupmates.  It must be recognized that all forms of occultism is satanic in its root.  In fact, in a recent study taken of early Native American magic entitled Indians, Witchcraft, and Witch-hunting, it has been proven that throughout history this form of occultism has always been seen as very demonic in nature:

"They saw the Indians natural religion as diabolical, understood Native shamans as witches, and demeaned Native practioners as slaves of Satan..."

Many other music artists have taken up Native American occultism into daily practice, as they believe it gives them more power and as a by-product, more success:

Steve Aoki

KiD CuDi

To show this is no mere coincidence on Frank's part, the young singer has also implemented more commonly seen occult beliefs into his music.  His upcoming project Channel Orange, has been promoted with his lead single titled "Pyramids", a song that is filled with Egyptian occult references:

The actual lyrics of the song suggest that Frank Ocean is giving praise to ancient Egyptian goddesses, The song specifically references the name of Alexandrian queen Cleopatra, a woman that is worshipped as a form of Egyptian deity in many occult circles today.  Here are a few lyrics that reaffirm this:

"You feel like God inside that gold,
I found you laying down with Samson,
and his full head of hair,
found my black queen, Cleopatra,
bad dreams, Cleopatra"

"As we march in rhythm
on that palace floor,
chandeliers inside the pyramid
tremble from the force
symbols crash inside the pyramid
voices fill up the halls"

As cryptic as the lyrics may seem, if looked at from an occult perspective it all makes valid sense.  Frank Ocean seems to be involved in a sexual ritual between a woman as he adorns her as a goddess.  This type of music is almost more destructive than the blatancy demonstrated by rest of Odd Future because Frank's female listeners will be emotionally influenced to accept such occult behavior to achieve the same sexual experience being promoted in the song.

Earl Sweatshirt
Another individual that is worth mentioning of this very adverse group is the currently absent co-founder, Earl Sweatshirt.  Although, the youngest of the group at only 17, Earl is quite possibly seen as the leader of this rebellious rap dozen.  Most people even comparing his heightened lyricism to that of Nas caliber, Tyler has even said himself that some of Earl's work has transcended most veteran emcees of the industry.  And like his devilish cohorts, Earl Sweatshirt has also pledged his youthful soul to the occult it seems through his music.  On his highly acclaimed album EARL, there is a song entitled "Moonlight" that speaks deeply about Earl's possession as the Devil takes control of him.

"started thinking about a normal life/ it got me suicidal
standing in the kitchen/ with a noose and a rifle
hang or bang/ hocking loogies in the Bible
dancing with the Devil/ tonight's our first recital
his hands on my hips/ he takes control of my movement
a couple minutes past/ I don't know what I'm doing
just dance to the music/ so nobody will laugh at me
but the fucking voices in my head keep asking me"

It's quite obviously that Earl suffers from occult influence as much as Tyler, but the question is, why haven't we seen Earl in all the basking Odd Future spotlight?  Well, as the story goes, because Earl is still considered a minor, his mother is still legal guardian and dictates his actions.  His mother disapproved of Earl's music success and satanic indulgence so she did what any logical frantic mother would do to fix her child, send him a million miles away.  Not only did she relocate him, but reports have surfaced that Earl is away in a rehabilitation camp for troubled teens in Samoa.  Tyler, first tried to disclaim the rumors but then many photos had surfaced of Earl in his bettered surroundings.

Tyler, has high (or would it be low? whatever) hopes that Earl has no sign of recovery and returns back to his same tormented self as he recently took to his twitter to express his concerns for his absent cult buddy:

In the June 2011 issue of XXL, the magazine decided to do an article on the occult-clan that is Odd Future.   In the photo shoot, as the group stands in the middle of some random California wilderness, half of the member is seen wearing a shirt with an all too familiar symbol.  Anybody notice whats on their shirts?

 the "all seeing eye" pyramid

This is an obvious reference to Illuminati control, as the subtitle of the shirts says "all we ask is trust".  A famous quote referenced to secret society acceptance.  The clothing brand is called Freed Minds (sick irony?), and their choice of visuals is no naivety by any means.  They have several shirts full of occult symbols:

a reference to the masonic grand master rite

So what's my point to all this?  I'm sure the "conspiracy" skeptics will say that its just gimmicks and these kids are "just having fun" and are "doing no harm".  But please let me make something clear, this was my worst fear, that satanism would soon be desensitized into becoming the norm for society. This group, I believe, is just the first step in occult blatancy and if accepted on a worldwide basis will usher in a new strain of occult-inspired music, making society move away from moral values and embrace satanic beliefs to its very core (worst than it already is, can you imagine?).  These occult musicians are not for gimmicks or fun, this is purposed mind control to our youth for the satanic elite to bring in the new world order.  There have already been reports of children dropping out of school due to these menaces' influence.  In fact, Tyler released a twitpic of one of his pre-teen fans' schoolwork that they sent to him:

There is even a video with the whole group taking all sorts of drugs from cough syrup to cocaine and putting it into a blender then drinking it! Just plain frightening!  Even if it was only a dramatization, the fact that they are even endorsing this type of behavior should be enough.

scenes from Earl's music video for "Earl"

 Is this still acceptable for our children?  Is this just "teens having fun"?  All of these group members profess atheism as their worldview, yet ALL of their actions express otherwise.  Seriously, conspiracies aside, this has gotten to a point of sheer occult paganism.  It has turned into a self-indulgence of sin that has completely been accepted by mass population without even giving anyone time to choose.  I believe we have been set up for this type of blatancy from the very beginning.  The Illuminati began with just simple toddler steps to their ultimate goal, and now it seems as if their making ground as this group will just be one of many to sneek in like "a wolf in sheeps clothing".  Speaking of which, have you noticed that both this group and the other master of blatancy Lil B, both started under groups in reference to wolves?

Have we all been deceived?  Or the better question is, will you continue to be deceived?

"Beware of false prophets, which will come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are vicious wolves" - Matthew 7:15



Amazing read..Great work. appreciate hard work put into this

Brother Robert said...

Yes thank you for your work putting this all together. I have never heard of this trash before. God bless you.

T. W. said...

Wow amazing post! Keep them coming please. The world needs to know. What's really going on.


Mr. Theory is there any way we can take this a step further and make this into a video. I can do it if you like. I want to spread this message in the form of a video..

Justify said...

Original Justify Theory videos are coming soon! We are in the process of making several. Please keep reading!

Open Your Mind,

Holly In Wonderland said...

wow. it's inspiring how awake you are. ignore the people who try to say it's rubbish, they are too blind and absorbed in what they think is the real world. some people find this hard to chew. but keep it up my friend, it's awesome. love and god <3

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These boys are all the rage, but I knew something was up. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Wow great article. I didn't know about these guys but it's clear now. If anyone dismisses the blatant satanic imagery then they need to read this article for further proof. Hopefully lupe knows what he's doing.

Tiffany M. said...

Amazing read! Keep up the good work.Keep the posts coming!

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JAY STACKZ said...

I really can't understand how a lot of people are blind to the fact that they are serious. These are some very troubled young teens and they need help. Whats scary and sad about it all is that they all are very talented but has decided to express themselves through horrid lyrics. Im really glad im not the only person that is disturbed by all this stuff.
I listened to a few of tyler the creator songs and watched a couple videos to and i just got so uncomfortable and felt uneasy the whole rest of the day. While i say again im not a hater..i recognize that they have talent but...thats a little too much for a matter of fact a lot.

Blake Campbell said...

Congratulations JustifyTheory. You just wasted weeks of your life doing research on something that isn't true. Tyler is ATHEIST, and so is the rest of Odd Future. They are not part of the 'occult', they aren't Satanists, they don't worship the devil. This is all a part of Tyler's marketing scheme for Odd Future. He puts the triple sixes, upside down crosses, whited out eyes, everywhere because it signifies Odd Future. It in no way is saying that he is a devil worshipper. The lyrics in their songs are deeper than what you are assuming, but of course you did research on everything else other than investigating the aesthetics behind Tyler and OF's music. Tyler created personalities that he raps under that aren't him. Wolf Haley, Tron Cat, Ace Creator, etc. Do some REAL research before you make an ignorant, opnionated post like this. You lose.

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Anonymous said...

This article is just straight up incorrect throughout multiple parts...

Suggesting Frank Ocean is satanist is actually laughable.

Anonymous said...

This is a terrible article. The upside down cross is a symbol of NO RELIGION. Not Satanism. Clearly your research was extremely poorly. Take this slander down.

Justify said...

@Blake Campbell

Your defense disproves nothing in my research. First of all, atheists who practice occultism or define their beliefs as gnosticism, might as well call themselves satanists, theres no middle ground as some people like to believe. These symbols are used in the occult, bottom line. I don't care how many politically incorrect definitions there are for an upside down cross or a pentagram. I do my research with the associated fact that these artists follow precedented trends carried out through previous artists who were involved in the occult. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES. And I would completely agree with your "aesthetics" if you had mentioned some that would have completely disproven mine. But, unfortunately, seeing as how you did not and only said I was in error without properly challenging my findings then I assume your defense dies here. Look, if you believe that the Devil is real and his principalities of darkness are trying to gain control of this world that we live in then you should think wisely before trying defend these people. If you are "atheistic", however, and do not believe in God or the existence of His enemy then I cannot help you and neither can this site. My research is done for those trying to grow closer to God and become a better person spiritually while revealing to them the evils of this present world that keep them from doing so. If you want to defend people that uses these symbols and devilish behavior for "marketing purposes" by all means go right ahead. But I promise you, expose yourself to it enough, it will affect your life negatively. God Bless.

Open Your Mind,

Anonymous said...

This article is a piece of shit. It is full of a bunch of opinions that you and your faggot christian friends are dumb enought to believe.Do some real research. OFWGKTA

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA, i just realized that their is a ad advertising GOBLIN. i bet you feel stupid now.

Anonymous said...

maybe if you did research, you'd know the inverted cross means no religion. they're athiest.

Anonymous said...

Article is dead wrong. And Lmao at the Frank Ocean/Frank Olson connection. How much research did you have to find to make that bs connection?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, only blind, ignorant Christians would take this seriously. Everyone else who lives in reality will just look at this a joke. The author of this article is obviously a brainwashed Christian who constantly misinterprets the Bible, and solely does his research based on an extreme confirmation bias. This man is not preaching the Lord's word, but rather he is preaching his opinions to other naive and gullible Christians, who also have never looked passed the surface of God's Word. This article is pathetic. It amazes me how blind you people can be.

Justify said...

First of all, no one is "preaching" on this site. I have not once claimed to be a pastor nor have I claimed to have a degree in divinity. I am a convicting christian that shares my findings with other christians trying to find discernment and understanding out of a brainwashed world as much as you claim that I am. I have never once claimed my words to be absolute truth, only God's word is, therefore my words are subject to error, just like yours. If I misinterpret the Bible as you say then God will surely judge me for it accordingly. And whether taking scripture from surface, or breaking it down to its purest Hebrew and Greek, scripture still applies to your life and you should follow it. My convictions are these that I present on this site, it saddens me how much of the world is controlled by darkness and how many people still turn a blind eye to it. There is obviously no point in trying to convince any of you "anonymous" of what I'm saying because you have stood by your opinion and your given a right to do so. All I will say is, if you are a convicting Christian, why try to defend these artists? Occult conspiracies aside (at the end of the day thats what they are), the moralistic values they are promoting are obviously off and they are a prominent influence in media. Why condone it? Again, God Bless.

Open Your Mind,

Anonymous said...

Ok. First off I am a fellow Christian that attends church regularly and my faith in God grows stronger everyday. I am also a HUUUUUUGE fan of Odd Future. I think this article is wayyy off by a longshot. This is exactly the reaction Tyler and his peers want people to have. Their lyrics and "movement" can only be taken as far as people allow it to be. Like I said I'm a huge fan and everytime I listen to the song Sandwitches (which I know all the words to) I refuse to say Hodgy's line that says "They told me God was the answer/when I ask him for shit I get no answer/so God is the cancer". I am CONFIDENT enough in my FAITH that I do not think it should effect what type of music I listen to. I love these kids and their "dont give a fuck attitude" and THAT'S why I'm a fan. If people can't see past that and have to always make it about being "brainwashed" then maybe you should question yourself before looking for answers elsewhere...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but you are just completely stupid. Number one thing that proves this whole article wrong. Most of their members are athiests.. SMH..

th3rd said...

Wait. How can you be a "committed" Christian and yet not be affected by lyrics that these guys have in their songs. I mean that seems so backwards to me. As Christians Jesus said "Be in the world, but not of the world". Listening to this music 24/7, memorizing the lyrics and such seems to be putting yourself in the world. Now I know we all fall short and that music is a big thing and that I don't listen to non stop praise and worship either. But get past the love you have for this group and look at it from a deeper perspective.

Trust me I am one of the biggest fan boys Eminem can ever have. Yet I can look at it objectively and say that there is stuff in his songs that simply put are Satanic. Now does Eminem, or Tyler the Creator or Hodgy or Odd Future do it on purpose. I could argue for and against either. But by simply dismissing something because you get to (pardon the term) butt hurt when someone calls it out is ridiculous. And frankly it proves our point all the more. If you notice by denying these facts that have been provided and mocking our posts you are really doing what the Pharisees did to Jesus. The Devil hates the light and would rather mock those who were willing to bring the light then to stand idly by.

Just be subjective when you look at things is all I ask. Don't say "Oh he is dead wrong because I LIKE this group". Because then what you are saying is that something you like is correct and that everyone who doesn't like it is wrong.

Also bashing a brother in Christ over guys who are athiest is deff not Christ like. Just saying. You reveal where your true loyalties lie when you defend something, especially defending it with such passion.

Open Your Eyes,

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Jennifer Lupita. said...

ANYONE who agrees to this is FUCKING STUPID. Tyler and ALL of OF want you ignorant people to look at their shit and take it as is. If you listen to all of bastard you'd hear him state that he's only trying to get people to do whatever they wan't. "I'm a fucking unicorn and fuck anyone who says I'm Not" "I'm not a fucking serial killer, or a rapist, I lie" and even more accurate to what this STUPID article is saying "Oh that's a triple three six, isn't he a devil worshiper 'Cause I'm too fucking ignorant to do some research" You're all closed minded and are too stupid to look past what you've been brainwashed into thinking. They don't GIVE A FUCK so why do you? They're making it be happy for them. I've been listening to his shit since bastard and its not about his relations to the devil its clearly him talking on about his father when he states hes the devils son hes talking about his dad then goes on to say he hates his father. Look deeper into shit before you go on about stupidness. Yes you can make relations and shit, get technical but the reality is they're just kids who don't care. They've got YOUR attention and so they're doing something rite. I've been listening to them for a while and I'm still in school with great grades, I'm not demonic or worship the devil and I would be considered a "generally good kid" to society. EAT A FUCKING DICK if you're hating on them for making it where they never thought they could. They've ALWAYS been this way, ALWAYS. GOLF WANG, KILL THEM ALL. And he's not fighting with the devil in yonkers his names Wolf Haley its the cool muh fuckuh tyler wants to be, faggot.

Anonymous said...

your a fucking dickhead, just like you posted this, they have to freedom of speetch & to do whatever the fuck they want, you look at them as bad people for worshiping the devil, but you worship god. how about you get your bored ass a girl & a beer. OFWGKTA

Anonymous said...

And I wasn't "bashing" any fellow Chirstians. I'm just simply saying music is music. Take it for what it is. I can like their music without having to be supportive of some of their offensive lyrics.

Jennifer Lupita said...

I meant Goblin. listen to all of goblin.

th3rd said...

But you can't. Thats like saying "I can like the Death Penalty, but I'm not supportive in killing people". Or even more saying "I like this part of the Bible, but this part I'm going to leave out". It is a logical fallacy to believe that you can like one part and not like another part of the music.

Also I like how everyone acts all hard and is repping OFWGKTA over the internet and behind the keys on the keyboard. None of yall had even heard of them till they started blowing up. And that is the truth.

Really the big thing here is that you took time out of your lives to not only read an article, but then to bash the article because it holds views that you disagree with. Blows my mind. If you didn't like it ok. You have the right to not like it. But to bash the person who wrote it is so child like. I mean by bashing the person that wrote it or by calling him names or by cussing at him what does it accomplish. And by coming back you continue to give page views which drives the numbers up which means that you continue to help run this place. If you really wanted to do something you would leave and laugh all by yourself. But you desire to stir up dissent (which is something that comes from listening to Odd Future, or at least they encourage it).

So tell me again how their music isn't affecting you?

Open Your Eyes,

Anonymous said...

There just a bunch of kids having fun, they put all that shit out to make you read into them, this is what they want you to do.
Ya'll a buncha fucking idiots.


Anonymous said...

i think odd future should collab with techn9ne as he is an evil person too, lol FUCK WHAT YOU ALL SAY OFWGKTA TILL I GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see what your saying now. I am a devil worshipper, how silly of me. Ttyl I'm gonna go open up a church to sell Coke and Led Zepllin. :)


Anonymous said...

@Jusitfy ignore these stupid idiots who are trying to defend these heathens they kno exactly what they are doin and they want ignorant blind people to stay blind to the fact the overall FACT is these are the END DAYZ and its simple either you get on Christ side or you get on satan side if you dont wanna claim Christ or defend these heathens then go ahead and burn in hell with them

Dat-Kush said...

Greetings from Vancouver BC Canada!

Great article first of all! Second of all to address all the people claiming that this group is a bunch of atheists, let me just state that ANYONE can claim to be an atheist. This group may claim to be atheist but it is quite obvious that they are not. Let me state this clearer, if i said that i am BLACK and am clearly WHITE. What are you going to believe? You are going to laugh at me and say that i am WHITE. Now lets say i claim i am ATHEIST but i promote SATANISM within my MUSIC, IMAGERY, SYMBOLISM and DEMEANOR. Now i may say i am Atheist, but in reality i am furthering and promoting a Satanic agenda. So even though one may not claim they are Satanic and claim to be atheist, it is usually a guise just to keep people interested without scaring off a partial group of their audience.

Let me use an example to further my point. Ex-Horror Core rap group formally known as 666 Mafia, now known as Triple 6 Mafia. Claim That they are Christian! Now how ridiculous is this claim. this group had been releasing copious amounts of material about demonic influences, occult lyrics, songs about dragging souls into lakes of fire all pre-2000 era and once they started to go mainstream, they stated they were christian, solely to save them from having fans depart from their following AND also, to have NEWER more sensitive fans to have an easier time accepting them. People will also be willing to dismiss the darker side of their music because although gruesome and sadistic, they have a newer softer front with a "christian back". In reality three 6 mafia have just softened up on their image but STILL to this day promote a HUGELY satanic influence.

Haven't any of you heard the phrase "talk the talk but cant walk the walk"
Anyone can say they can do anything but that does not make it so. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is harmless entertainment, this is degenerative to our culture as a whole don't be a fool and buy into this junk.

Anonymous said...

@Dat Kush Whats up i published the comment above urs but some of this ppl still lost want change but im glad you explained this to them

Beyond the Rubicon said...

To share a few things: there are 2 forms of Satanism- Theistic and Atheistic. You can read about them here at the Wikipedia page about Anton Lavay, the founder of the Church of Satan in America- . Also, if you read the Laws of Satanism,one will see that one can be a Satanist (properly understood) and an Atheist- Peter H. Gilmore the current leader of the C.of S. in writes: "Satanists do not believe in the supernatural, in neither God nor the Devil. To the Satanist, he is his own God. Satan is a symbol of Man living as his prideful, carnal nature dictates. The reality behind Satan is simply the dark evolutionary force of entropy that permeates all of nature and provides the drive for survival and propagation inherent in all living things. Satan is not a conscious entity to be worshipped, rather a reservoir of power inside each human to be tapped at will. Thus any concept of sacrifice is rejected as a Christian aberration—in Satanism there’s no deity to which one can sacrifice" The nine Satanic statement are these: Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence
Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams
Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit
Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates
Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek
Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires
Satan represents man as just another animal (sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all fours), who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all.
Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification
Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years" So now tell me, by these definitions could Tyler and his comrades be Satanists?

Anonymous said...

Not saying they worship or work with the devil?And you guys are calling Justify stupid? Clearly you guys are stupid and brainwashed. "Oh lets worship satan on tracks, spraypaint 666 all over, kill unicorns, diss jesus blatantly, and say the devil is real, but say we're atheists"??!!! HAHAHA THIS GROUP SUCKS!!!!!! THIS AINT HIP HOP!!!! ITS NOT EVEN MUSIC!! FUCK THEM!!! If they are atheists why bother talking about the devil and use so much symbolism? WHY?!! If its a "marketing plan" then its stupid and you idiots are falling for it. Since when was drinking a mix of coke, weed, and medicine cool? Since when was it smart? "Fans" of this group are stupid YOU ALL NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES! Im not christian and i admit im not the most religious man but im not stupid. These kids dont know what they got themselves into. Wolf in sheeps clothing is exactly right. You fans think they are a breathe of fresh air but they are deceiving you. They arent the first artists to do it. Justify im afraid the whole thing about you fearing such blatancy would be accepted has already happened. Look at these idiots claiming ODWGKTA likes its some gang they are apart of. PLEASe these kids dont give a damn about you "fans" WAKE UP and stop hating on Justify. You dont have to read, im surprised many of you fans could read. ENOUGH SAID

Anonymous said...

This was REALLY good. Great work. And I agree 100% what society is teaching our kids these days.

Wesele said...

Wow! The last three comments really shut those kids
Up quick!

The arguments that they raised as well as th manner they raised them in clearly shows that they are pobably in highschool because no varsity student or adult would reason like that.

If it walks like a duck and quaks like a duck, it most probably is a duck and the fact that they support a group that mocks the religion that their fans supposedly follow just shows how brainwashed they are by them.

I was about to download their whole discography from pirate bay but when i watched a couple of Tyler's videos (interestingly enough. I was disturbed by the images so i decided to see what my friends on the otherside of the cross had to say) on a satanic website, the very same debate ensued amongst the satinists themselves!

They where questioning whether this group falls within what they described as "The Diabolical Infestation". Funny enough, they unanimously concured that it does.

The diabolical manifestation refers to Satanic ideology and philosophical principles being released into the mainstream of popular culture.

So if the satinist have welcomed their horned black brethren form Compton then you, the fans, should reconsider ypur support for this music and ask yourself hat exactly it is doing to enhance your life and your relationship with god.

For those of you who do not believe me, check out
This URL. The evidence is very clear for which side they are playing.

Wesele said...

I made a mistake. The above link was for a satanist's explanation of the diabolical manifestation.

The page where the satinists themselves discuss OFWGKTA and whether they represent the agenda they are advancing or not is:

I wanted to quote Chuck and say to tjeir fans bombarding this post "Don't believe the hype", but it seems to me that have already so what's the point?

Chris said...

revelations talks about a goat-like creature with a horn between his eyes describing the Antichrist so that could be the meaning of the unicorn.

Anonymous said...

So that those of you who think that what they do is cool and harmless and has no rhyme or reason. 1st let me say I found this site because I was looking for information on them being Satanic, not because anyone told me, but because what I saw in their videos was disturbing and blatant. I see because my eyes are open to the truth.

This is a battle for your soul Satan wants you to believe he doesn't exist, by believing he doesn't exist then you don't believe GOD exist, when GOD's SON is the only one who can save you.

These are very talented kids but they're demonically influenced, and the writer of this blog is very correct in his writing, this is not some rant or someone hating on Tyler the creator.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, people, just listen to Tyler. Frank Ocean not so much, and maybe Earl Sweatshirt is still too young. But Tyler knows what he is saying.

Satan wants you to believe that Tyler is an atheist and that he's just saying terrible things to become big in this world. That's how he gets you to listen to Tyler's music with your guard down.

If you listen to Tyler's lyrics, no one can deny that he believes himself to be highly associated with Satan. All of his music is about the worse things in the world. Being demonically possessed isn't always about screaming and contorting your body structure; it's about doing Satan's work. We need to pray for Tyler and all the people he will and have influenced.

This is the kind of danger we as Christians will face in the future.

Anonymous said...

Great post! By the likes of some of these comments, you hit the nail on the head when you said society is being desensitized to the occult. I can't believe these kids are seriously taking up for odd future. This is a very sad time that we live in, especially when so called "christians" are vouching for a group like this. You know what though, God.Wins

Anonymous said...

You Justify Theory people are so deluded and naive. And proud of yourselves for it.

If satan wanted to reach your kids through music, "he" would be doing it through the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Harmless-looking teens who rake in billions of dollars around the world, chanting meaningless lyrics about young love and heartbreak. Use some logic here. THIS is the genre of music that "Satan" would live vicariously through. Not a bunch of black kids from the hood who scare all you "Christian" brothers in Christ.



Would a dumb fucking satan that would be. If his influence is alive in our popular culture, it's through record breaking sales of Chris Brown, The Jonas Brothers, and fucking American Idol.

Who's to say that Kim Kardashian's ASS isn't possessed by the devil? IT GETS WAY MORE ATTENTION THAN ANYONE IN OFWGKTA.

Use your brains and think. Don't just tell yourselves what you already feel comfortable agreeing on. THINK. USE LOGIC AND REASONING. ACTUAL THINKING IS NOT OCCULT AND APPLIES TO THEISTS AND ATHEISTS ALIKE.

Niles said...

interesting how all the people who speak against this article only spew hatred and profanity with out any logic or reason to support all of their passion. Anyway, about living in reality... reality= Jesus is lord, The Way, the Truth and the Light.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I really like Odd Future's musical talents, songs, creativity. I do see that they have this method of scaring people into writing and talking about them. I think all of these symbols they use are to either get attention or it can be real. If they are serious with all of this Satanism and anti-God talk it is just another group of artists that use the devil to get their name and fame. These guys are straight forward with it and they have the right to speak of whatever they want even if it is wrong to some others. In the end, it is OUR choice to let them influence the way we think or view the world. Same with any artists or figures that are put upon this "pedestal" and have this cult-like power on people. Lady Gaga is a great example. I can't even watch her music videos because I get a weird vibe when I hear some of the stuff she says or see the scary images that are in the music videos she has. I think there is something going on in that the weak will be sorted from the strong and a great deal of influence is how much we let people take over.

Just because I am a 19-year-old that enjoys the music and material these guys put out does not make me a devil worshiper nor does it corrupt my mind any further. I still believe in God and do think that Jesus will be back. I will not let them take over my life because the truth is that there are some that are have stronger minds than others. I feel bad for these Odd Future supporters that have to use profanity and violence against writers such as yourself because they obviously are too weak-minded to approve of anyone else's opinions of an artist they enjoy. Hopefully the group and their supporters that have let the artists take over their lives and opinions will realize that in the end it will all come back to them. Evil is everywhere in the world today and being aware is the best thing one can do. Thanks for the article, many will see more clearly because of it.

Anonymous said...

I find Odd Future to be intersting. Not so much from the music side, because an an MC myself, they are basically a less-talented version of early Gravediggas or Wu-Tang (which is where Tyler CLEARLY stole his style, maybe with a little early Slim Shady thrown in for comic relief). Sorry to bust your bubble fans, but shock value in hip-hop is nothing new, and these images and dark lyrics have been used since the early 90's (please see Flatliners "Live Evil" for more info..). The Odd Future music does not really move me as I find it mediocre (shock value wise), the rhyme style a bit boring, and the overall music unintersting as no new ground is being broken (unlike, say Freestyle Fellowship, lyrically). What I DO find interesting, however, is how they can take occult images and phrases and FLIP them on an entire generation of young people who KNOW what they stand for, and get away with it as being "edgy". I find that quite humorous actually. What I mean is, this world (materially) is ALREADY controlled by Satan (please see Luke 4:6-7), and so are most of the "stars" that perpetuate this system. Don't forget that he is the FIRST liar, and his goal is make EVERYONE think that he doesn't exist, and that God doesn't exist. To make it extra simple for the youngsters, in the serpent's first conversation with Mankind (Genesis - Eve and the Serpent), he introduces the 3 heresies that he would recycle (in different foms) through time:
1.) Plants seeds as to whether God can be trusted ("Indeed, has God said that...)
2.) He plants the seed of the immortality of the soul ("Thou shall surely not die!")
3.) He immediatly places the emphasis on "secret" knowledge and taking the knowledge for yourself with your own interpretations as a good thing ("you will be like God...")
These three simple things can explain all of the different religious sects, secret societies and "secret" wisdom or knowlegde; all forms of magic and divination; every form of religious dessent. They explain man's constant search for "truth" and/or most importatntly, man's love/hate/unbelieving relationship with God. What is hilarious is the fact that Satan doesn't even like us! As a matter of fact, He HATES us because of the unique nature of our creation and the power that we ultimately possess. And to see people basically cheerleading for him, whether its misguided puppets like Odd Future or pure Luciferians like Jay-Z, makes me laugh. For example, if i didn't believe in Nazis, why would I spraypaint swastikas? If i don't believe in religion (No religion), why would I use religious symbols. It's just pretentious and corny. "Look at me, I'm a rapper-guy thats cool and a rebel!!" Yeah, well, can you show me you're a rebel without using the same tired images that every other "rebel" has used that are flawed?? I am definitely angry inside at this society just as these young men are, the difference is I KNOW what is behind this society and who has made it this way. Once these young men have been used and discarded by Satan and his flunkies, and they actually SEE with the eye opened, then maybe they can use their talent to be REAL rebels against this world. The war is already here, and you have to pick a side. There is NO middle ground. Either Love, or Hate.

DevilintheDetail said...

Tyler (or Tiler) is the name of the office of outer guard of a Masonic Lodge. Early speculative Masonic lodges met in rooms in taverns and other public meeting places, and all Lodges appoint a Tyler to guard the door from unqualified, malicious or simply curious people. Although an Officer of the Lodge and often a highly experienced Past Master, he may be considered akin to a sergeant: In some cases the Tyler may not even be a member of the lodge, but a mason from another lodge employed for the purpose. Other duties often involve preparing the room for meetings, supply regalia, and act as permanent caretaker of the furniture and premises.

Worth looking into Wat Tyler too.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is would you want your kids listening to this. It doesn't matter that they do this to get out there, music is influence and has been for a long time. Anyone that disrespects GOD/Jesus shouldn't be admired whether they kidding or not. It leads kids, who are already highly influenced by the industry away from doing good and GOD. AND WHOEVER THAT CHRISTIAN IS THAT MEMORIZES THIS MUSIC YOU REALLY NEED TO PRAY. Would Jesus come down and listen to this and say (That's Hot)! If these guys make it big out there that means something is really wrong with the world now....This is just a test to see how blind or/and careless society has become so they cam commence with their second phase. REAL CHRISTIANS/PARENTS WOULDN'T SUPPORT THIS CRAZINESS...WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD TODAY..I use to be a rap artist and quit because that occult stuff is real and me and some friends experienced it when we about to sign a big deal..Iquit rapping after that and gave my life to GOD. Trust me it's real and artist are just puppets to lure me in to the mind games.

Anonymous said...

To all the people who are bashing Justify for writing this:

Truth is it doesnt matter if their rapping about loving Satan or killing people.. Its the same thing as singing an R and B song about having premarital sex with 5 different girls.. It's all contrary to the word of God.. So whether its satanism or not, God is still not pleased with it. Music is meant to glorify God, it doesnt have to be organ music but there are christian artists out there who are awesome and have amazing talent.. God gave everyone a talent, God even gave the youth in Odd Future talent but instead of using it to glorify God they used it to gain fame and fortune which is not going to by them into heaven.. Sad to say.. But its truth according to the word of God.. So you can argue with it which is fine and you have every right to do so and I'm not trying to bash you over the head with the Bible, all I'm saying is that in the end I know my bible says that "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord".. So get salvation yall and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.. Nobodys perfect and Jesus is not asking you to be, He just wants to know you, love you and ultimately save you.. God bless yall..

Anonymous said...

It's sad that this has become "the norm" in our society. Don't take this lightly and push it to the side, because the devil knows what he's doing. At this time is when the REAL followers of Christ will come. Amazing Post.

Anonymous said...

This was very enlightening! Thank you ... You answered MOST the questions I had.

Anonymous said...

I dont listen to secular music except for research purposes and I recently stumbled across these Odd Future cats...It's so interesting that all of their supporters continue to point out they are aetheists and against religion but all of the disses that I have heard from them are anti-CHRIST...They never once mention Allah, Muhammad, any Hindu gods or anything, it's only Christ...All of their occult symbolism actually comes from Biblical descriptions of evil...I'd love to hear their explanation for this but it would be some other hogwash...It's quite obvious that their hatred and disdain for God are quite real...As an emcee myself, I know that you cannot write lyrics like the one's contained in their rhymes without authenticity from the heart and the soul-you know the real from the fake...The only reason people try to justify their music, is because on their insides, it justifies their own fleshly appetite to hear that shock music...Hearing and seeing perverted stuff can become addictive, that's why there are so many pedophiles and rapists, etc. and the same reason why so much of their lyrics contain so much perversion...I'm praying for these young men though and believing God for their souls...I know who my enemy is and it is Satan...I wont be distracted or even slightly offended by misguided teenagers...At the same time, great article and as believers lets all do our part in being vigilant and making our families and communities aware of the Satanic Agenda being pushed by the media.


Anonymous said...

I actually just listened to his new album goblins because some of my friends recommended him... but I can't say I agree with just about anything they say. There is definitely something wrong with them I believe but I don't think society is going to do anything to help. It's honestly kind of nerve racking.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your apparent intuition and understanding of the occult, and I'd like to thank you for the simplistic act of PAYING ATTENTION. Of course I wouldn't be doing my part if I didn't tell you that I'm pretty sure about half of the negative posts you received are from disinfo agents and music industry fucking nerds being paid to piss people like you off, as well as giving the illusion of total ignorance/acceptance of this New Atlantean Occult Age we're entering.

Anonymous said...

you guys are fuckin pathetic and so is the fool who wrote this. honestly, everyone knows, and doesn't care at all that OFWGKTA are satanists. the illuminatis hopeless, and free masonry aint even worth talkin about so WHO CARES!!! live and let live dammit!!!

Anonymous said...

just becuase you said jedi mind tricks is satanic the rest of this is bull

Anonymous said...

wow. Everybody hold on tight...and shine your Light. Good will prevail.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy, i used to think their songs were just them having fun and not caring. but this just opened my eyes that its deeper then that. im going to stop supporting their music.

Anonymous said...

At first I was skeptical about this whole thing, but it was acutally the angry/cursing/anonymous comments that helped me make up my mind. This is some real satanic stuff. The Odd Future fans are under the influence, and they get angry when you speak against the artists that they support. They are like an angry army ready to spew out venom at anyone who dosen't like the music! Wow! Glad they got mad and cursed and called the writer stupid. It helped me decide! No Odd Future for me. Thanks.

e9fe52ee-b23c-11e0-911a-000f20980440 said...

Thank you for putting this out there because many of my ex-friends have been into this satanic worship and have called themseleves the devil's son and listen to ODD FUTURE and they think they are the greatest people in the world. When I try to tell them about God they there isn't one and all this Kill Them All stuff and it's really aggravating. Whoever doesn't like Odd Future and they tell them that then they refuse to talk to you and I fee really dumb to think that none of my best friends would turn that and I wondered if I had told them about God earlier would they have changed their ways. I think that are not enough Christian groups out their and they need to get themselves together because if we don't then these Satan believers are going to run right over us. I never supported their music from the start because as soon as I listened to it after my ex-friend suggested it to me I knew exactly what it was and was disgusted by Yonkers and B*st*rd. Before had my fellow Sunday school friends and i had been researching masons and the Illuminati and other devil worshiping singers that were successful including Kanye West, Rhianna, and Jay Z. So I knew what they were all about as soon as I saw his eyes and how he was cradling that bug. So thank you for spreading the word about this because the people need to know what these guys are really about. God Bless You.

A.H. said...

Gnomes are worshipped in the occult? I laughed out loud at that. Really. This is Christfaggotry. None of this has anything to do with the occult or satanism. This is more of the same "Freemasonry/NWO" conspiracy theory. If you're ever wanting to do any real research into the Occult or Satanism, try asking people who are involved in it, dumbass.

Frank said...

Do you belive in time travel?

Winter said...

I am an emcee.
These children didn't come up with this on their own. They had a lot of help from adults who knew what they were doing. You may not believe in global warming, but it exists. You may not believe China is the number 2 country in world. You may not believe there are bombs being dropped in Libya. You don't believe in God. How is that rape,murder, drug use and homophobia are cool? Where is the logic? Get the fuck outta here.
I deal with knowledge. I don't deal with stupidity coming from kids who've never heard hip hop. Real hip hop is dead. They get caught up with these retarded gimmicks. There are kids 5 times as talented starving-- kids who are not promoting the NWO line.
Tyler is laughing to the bank, but it's a short run in the long run. Sooner or later, like Ozzy, he will have to come down.
What is it: " destroyed for a lack of knowledge"? Is he really talented? The subject matter makes it hard for me to listen. I can't get through a whole song. With all the darkness on the knees, I'd rather watch "Bambi". I'd rather hear another Illuminati puppet like Gaga sing her " Pee your pants" song (so sorry "Let's Dance").

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was teaching the world he didn't exist" (The Usual Suspects).
Unfortunately, the darkness is alive in self-centeredness. The Church of Satan and Crowley types believe in the self. That's what they push. Good for them. "Their time's limited/Hard rocks too" (Slick Rick). The One that is limitless is God. You don't like that. I could care less.
Great article. Great to see kids can type stupidity. Everybody's hard behind a keyboard. Face to face the same kids have nothing to say. Truth be told the negative influences in rap have always been around sadly. The occult references go back to the prominence of gangsta rap in the eighties. They just have gained preponderance more and more. What can we do?
The saddest part of these children's fame is not that mcs I like approve of them-- Mos Def and Lupe Fiasco. By the way, if you don't like my calling them children, you take that up with Mommy and Daddy. I could care less.
The saddest part of this is that it is the industry that created them in the first place. The saddest part is that they have invented nothing new. They have just done Esham for 2011. They have just done their research. They listened to Brotha Lynch hung. They listened to Tech Nine. They listened to street music proclaiming the glory of the street. You say you're a Satanist or you write "Ten Crack Commandments".

By the way, Killah Priest does not do horror core whatsoever. I knew him personally. He is talking in code about the Illuminati for the most part-- especially the first album. The other albums I don't know much about. Please don't put him in the same category with Insane Clown Posse-- a comedy act. As for Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), he is a Muslim. Most of the stuff he speaks about is probably more tied to life experiences and possible struggles with addiction. He is not doing horror core.

What worries me really? Three wars. Unemployment. A system of government led by shadow elite? While I find these children's stardom very disturbing, there are sick. They will have a short run. I am not afraid we will fall off a cliff. We already fell off with the help off the elite. God is in charge. And if you don't like that, I could care less.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this iknow i have already been sucked deep into odd future music but im sure there a way out of this
neo cookie 'yum

Michael said...

see references also in: children's book "Chronicles of Cain-The Red Pyramid" (Disney)

surfercajun said...

@ neo cookie 'yum.

I understand and will pray for you. There is power in the Lord Jesus to pull you out! Ask God to turn your heart. He did mine.

@ the author. Thank you for the article. This was posted on site. Scary stuff but appreciate how you and others handled the few hateful replies. I don't think anyone in my family listen to these boys but I am glad this was read and will be armed. Thank you for your hard work.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

First off this shit is fucking scary!!!
And I wanna give props to the author coz this is just ... MIND-BLOWING!!!
Now, like a total neek, I've sat here and read most of the comments.
Firstly, I totally understand that this is someone's opinion and people are gonna disagree, but certain people go about it in a really rude way. Someones obviously put time and effort into trying to educate and help people understand in depth and you guys just come along and say its BS. its disrespectful, rude and just totally uncalled for. Disagree if you wanna disagree but dont hate and cuss.
With that said like at the same time, I see where the haters are coming from you know, like we all have an opinion but you cant let your love for the person blind your judgement. I mean THE FACTS ARE THERE!
Its sad how celebrities become such iconic idols and are so important that we'd turn a blind eye on what isn't normal or allow them cos they make good music.
You need to wake up and smell the coffee ... seriously.

Anonymous said...

Thank you brother for this article, They do not sound like happy people. Neither do the people posting. In fact, they sound mentally disturbed..... Good over evil forever!

emilie a wolfe said...

If we take music for music, this world would be so different. Songs and music influence, for the good or worst. I'm not one to hate but even as a publicity stunt or whatever they want to call all this crap, this is so messed up. They could do whatever they want, all I know is that I'm not looking this filth up on th internet anymore. I hope they enjoy their lives here on earth, because where they are going, its not gonna be fun.
Call me a hater, or call this article crap, but it goes to show you how blind and messed up people are now a days to let something like this slip through the cracks. Rape and violence toward everything is okay? Damn, people open your eyes.
Great for them and for all of you who listing and are devoted to them. They can rot in all their dirty money and miserable life.
/When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."
John 8:12

Anonymous said...

Most of this is about tyler i would love if you could give me more info on frank ocean. The Watching the Throne album with jay-z and kanye features ocean in a particular song "No church in the wild". The chorus makes a loop beginning with a man vs a mob and ending with god vs a non believer. Ive seen other sites talking about this but i would love to hear what you have to say.

Isaiah said...

I'm 15, proud Christian. And I only recently discovered ofwgkta. I don't really have all that much to say, but I guess it comes down to two things.

1) I guess they could have marketed the whole 'satanic' look, to get really big. Because in our generation especially there are so many non-believers and teenagers would probably fall victim easily with lack of faith a "cool" image look.

2) Or, they really are worshippers of the devil and spread his word through their music.

I really don't know, but I don't listen to them at all haha. I decided to investigate after seeing one of my friends facebook status talking about ofwgkta getting mainstream. I'll probably never visit this site ever again, but I thought I'd leave my opinion and such.

May God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

ea obviously 'they' wouldnt just use selena and bieber, bc they ahve to get to the masses, ppl who listen to all genres and of all ages and races etc...

Great Article!

Anonymous said...

Personally I believe you were right Jon the money you did ur research and u helped me through my own research I agree with u and its sad the devil got to these talented young men and that its spreading smh look at some of these comments these kids are not facing the truth when its right in front of them you did a great job

kriolo said...

I use to listen to OF o lot, watch their videos, but i start feeling that something was really wrong with those kids. those mixtapes covers, simbolism, devil shit.
Brother thank you for for doin this post and save people from devil trap.

Natashia said...

Thank You For Sharinq This With The Rest Of Us. I Do Believe In The New World Order, And It Is A Shame That So Many People Are Blind To It. Okay Inaverted Crosses May In Fact Mean No Reliqion, But Listen To Tyler's Lyrics And Interviews He's Done. He ADMiTS 100% To Worshipinq The Devil, Saying Those Exact Words. iPray Some Of You WAKE UP Before It Is Too Late. These Aren't Just Kids " Havinq Fun " This Is Evil Trying To Come In And BRAiNWASH Our Youth, & From The Looks Of It It Has. Im Only 18 Years Old, And I Can See The Evil In Some Of Today's Artists Clear As Day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, they're spreading utter crap, and sadly if it reaches where I am some would srsly be indulged in it because ppl here go mad and listen to all the rage even when they don't know what the rage is about. I'm just 18, but I really do understand, I'm a Christian too. I hope it doesn't spread here, I seriously do.

Anonymous said...

Hey justify, I realize this is kind of a late comment but this was an amazing story. Some of my friends think that Odd Future is amazaing and I've always doubted them for some reason and now I know why. The first time I ever heard Tyler was when I watched the Yonkers video and it really disturbed me. If only I could get my friends to see and understand these things to. Great work and outstanding research!

PS: I was wondering if you could look into the artis 'Hopsin' because I just recently started to listen to his music but I cannot determine whether or not he is 'disturbed' as well. He is extremely talented and seems to tell the truth in his lyrics. I'd be really interested in what you think about him. Thanks.

nessa said...


Anonymous said...

Great article!!! People who have never worked in the entertainment industry have no idea what goes on behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

As a "recovering" Christian, it saddens me that this type of activity is just overlooked by millions. The problem with media today is that so many of the messages sent to us are disregarded as "shock therapy". When is the last time you embraced something so far removed from your morals, only to say it's just entertainment. I see now that I am in the fight of my life for my younger brother's eternal well-being. He spoke of these artists months ago, and questioned the spiritual cost of their rapidly found fame. Today, just as millions of others, he turns a cold shoulder to their message, is failing in school, taking prescription anti-psychotic medicine (not from the doctor), and doesn't see anything wrong with any of it. Jesus PLEASE HELP US ALL!

ken said...

I recently deleted Lil B and The Games entired cd's after I bought them because of Lil B's anti God album covers and song references and because Tyler was featured on The Games cd. I want nothing to do with anything satanic. Some will say there is nothing to it and their just doing it for attention but to me, you don't play around with God like that, real or not. To each it's own. The very moral fabric of our society is changing before our eyes and for the worse. It is disgusting to think of all the obvious changes our world has witness ever since Sept 11th. A New World Order is being forged and we are not crazy nor paranoid about our intuition or the obvious blatant signs we are seeing. The Devil blatantly does things in your face and will then lie and say what you seen is not what you acually saw, what you hear is not what you actually heard. It is literally straight out of the pages of 1984 in that freedom is slavery, war is peace and 2+2=5. One of the greatest strategies of this takeover is to make us think were crazy and make us confuesed and insecure about our beliefs so that we just shut up and do not question anything. I know better and the readers of this site know better so do not let a few stupid disinformation agents propaganda ever stop you from knowing the truth! If they weren't scared of us, they woulden't spend so much time on lies and disinformation. Ignore them and let's continue to warn everyone and keep up the fight. It's gonna be tough but we can beat them or die trying! Either way lets make their lives miserable and their ultimate goal that much more difficult to accomplish!


I personally think that the whole devil worshiping thing does have something to do with Odd future, regardless of whether they are atheist or not, his lyrics still talk about the devil. if he was atheist, he shouldn't believe in that anyway. Obviously if odd future wasn't a satanic group I'm sure they wouldn't advertise things that are so evil. like the upside down cross because no one would want to be known as devil worshipers unless they intended on it.However i do like his music, probably a little to much. which is why I'm even on this page researching, because the lyrics are messing with my mind, i found myself writing OFWGKTA today on a maths test. that is so unsual for me, but i couldn't think of anything but the start lyrics to bastard. i regret the day i asked my friend who tyler, the creator was.

Anonymous said...

fools despise wisdom knowledge and correction... Justify theory .. spread the word! great work

Melecia said...

wow this was an amazing article. how did you find all these pictures? well done. I am also trying to spread the truth check out my blog...!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,

The majority of our society (in the US, at least) may be Christian, but that doesn't necessarily mean our entire society shall be labeled as a Christian society with identical Christian morals and values. Our society is not "changing before our eyes" Odd Future is simply showing us how ignorant some can be (specifically some Christians) and also showing how much he truly doesn't care about anything, including ignorant people's opinions of him.

To the rest of you that believe this bullshit, here's a quote taken directly from Tyler's song, Goblin

"Oh that's a triple three six, isn't he a devil worshiper 'Cause I'm too fucking ignorant to do some research"

Anonymous said...

This is true I hope people open their eyes and accept Jesus as their Savior before it's too late ... thank you sir for posting this.

Anonymous said...

people may say that its just some kids having fun which might be true or not. They may be satanists or just shock value artists but the point is their music is mocking God. Any christian that claims to listen to it and ignore the message is just a big @ss hypocrite. Buying a record by someone that makes fun of God is the same as denying christ. I have always thought that all those illuminati claims are a bunch of bull from paranoid people but people like tyler who openly brag about being one on one with the devil are a dangerous element

Yaya85 said...

Love this post. This group has never been appealing to me and for reasons I couldn't pin point. Thank you for the information.

Anonymous said...

Just like the guy a few commenta ago, the first time i heard tyler was when i first saw the video for yonkers. I also found it so completely disturbing, but didnt know exactly why. I kno now. And Justify Theory, u should really check into tyler and the game's new video "goblin". I couldnt even watch the whole thing, it made me sick to watch. Also check into Red Cafe's music. He has a new mixtape that with be coming out called "Hells Kitchen". The cover art for it is blantantly obvious as well.

And to all you Odd future dick riders saying that they are just doing this for shock value and shit like that, even if there are, they ARE still spreading satanism. All of those symbols are very common occult symbols. Wake up people, these people are deceiving you all.

Justify Theory......ur awesome!

Just Beebz said...

Thank you so much. I was just thinking the same thing, about this group!! They are highly demonic and the World needs to know. I have actually written something myself, just today.

God bless you, and I hope that he enable you to uncover and expose satans tactics.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff man these people need to kno what there lisening too fuck the ocult fuck masons fuck alphas .... JESUS CHRIST TILL. I DIEEE ....... this is why rage aginst the machines is tha best cause they aginst this crap

Tracy L. said...

Justify, thank you for exposing Odd Future. This group is blatently part of the demise of our youth.

I've read some of the previous comments from anonymous posters. Some people are saying "Oh, Tyler..Odd Future wants you to think they're Satanic worshippers, they're atheists..they do it all for publicity to sell records."

Well let me tell you all something. I don't care what false prophets you worship or if you don't worship at all. A child of God, a true Christian believes in God. If you're not for Him, you are against Him simple as that.

More importantly, if you are music artists, sensationalizing demonic,occult satanic symbolism in your music all for the sake of making money, you have problems. I'm sure there are music artists that play up these things to sell records, but that does not make it right. It's not funny or cool and looking at Tyler's pictures, definitely not appealing to anyone in their right mind.

Justify you are not giving into Odd Future's propaganda. You are simply spreading the word to make those of us who have "opened our eyes" more aware of the gruesome desensitization effect these type of music groups have on our society. Some are still sheep, will continue to be sheep blinded by the obvious and continue to support Odd Future and for those people you are lost, I pray you wake the f**k up.

JJgallardo said...

May Jesus bless ya'll :)
and keep up the good work, keep exposing evil its helping.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how all these close minded dick riders come to defend Tyler saying a upside down cross is atheism etc.. yet he talks about Satan being his father and always representing 666 and Illuminati, wow I really feel sorry for these ignorant close minded children, my generation is going to burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

To all above me,

I do believe...

Im moving to mars now...

Mr.aka said...

Actually throughout the bible in passages in the books of Ezekiel, Job, Isaiah, even Psalms upon speaking of satans past life…it tells us he was the minister of music in heaven. So you tell me why wouldn't he try to use music to brainwash us? Its ok god will fix them soon enough. Fellow believers in god and jesus do not be afraid of these false profits. Ok let me touch on tyler a bit. There is nothing cleaver about dissing jesus at all.
There is nothing witty about talking about raping women. There is nothing funny about self mutilation suicide or using derogatory words against the gay community. Even if they were talking about all these things to get pub witch = money,its still selling your soul regardless on what spin you put on it. Its crazy how someone who loves god and wants to express it in there music gets no love. But you say anything against him your a superstar. That alone should tell you who's in control of the music biz.. To all of you that have kids raise them right so when they hear this kind of music they turn away from it. Even if there friends ridicule them for it. But parents you also have to set the example no more music talking about bitches and hoes and how low can you go feel me...God bless you all. There is still hope for hip hop be the change you want to see in the world!!!!

Gabriel Uriah said...

Justify, there are so many comments on this article. Many of them against you and what you've said. I just want to share openly that I am so glad God is using you and you're God given strengths to share the truth and shed light upon the darkness. You are pleasing God! I hope that statement alone is an encouragement to you, that will lift you up. Do not stop doing what God has called you to do, keep obedient, keep faithful, keep righteous - by the indwelling of the Spirit. And if you have not yet fallen, but are still of spiritual strength, then please pray for me... for I have willfully turned away from God and have been living lawlessly for some time. God forgive me, and please redeem me again - I miss you.

If its not too much trouble, please look me up Justify; I believe a few minutes of fellowship with you (online) would do me a great deal of spiritual benefit. God bless

Anonymous said...

Satan is becoming more and more brazen. I have seen the darkened pupils happen in several movies of late where if you are not paying attention, you will miss it altogether.

There is a Johnny Depp movie called From Hell and a doctor to the Prince (who is Jack The Ripper in disguise) does a complete transformation on camera. I had toreqind and watch it several times in slow/mo ~ and it is my humble opinion that it could not be faked.

There is tons of Illuminat Symbolisms in almost every movie now ALL of them have something, and some of them have TONS of it like Sherlock Holmes movies, Nick Cage Movies, etc.. Its getting crazy folks. And I forgot to mention that there is video of Lady Gaga's eyes going completely white as if they rolled back in her head and her hacing some type of convulsions ON STAGE at a concert last year.
These people are all possessed and as such victims and they surely need prayer.
Stay alert and be discerning for he roars about like a lion seeking to devour us.

Anonymous said...

great article one of the best on the subject ive seen! First off for those that keep defending this guys they are not atheist. richard dawkins is a real atheist. Real atheists don't believe in a devil or God. Tyler and crew may say they are atheist but everything they do point otherwise. If they really are atheist as they claim they could also just be doing this to piss people of, but i doubt it. Tyler wants to be Wolf Haley an alternate personality "ie a ginger, white guy lol". This dude has some serious mental stuff going on. Also for those that say you are Christian and love these guys that in itself is a mother-fing paradox. Imagine driving to Church and listening to Tyler say "Jesus called and said to quit bitchin" in one of his songs. WTF are you serious? Nothing can convince me you are a christian, your one of those half ass Christians if you do this. What a joke, you just as bad as the lesbian and gay community going to church , it just doesn't work. My solution for you is to listen to hopsin then eventually migrate to Lacrae. Cut the Bs. Upside down crosses and all that junk lol. I cant believe im seeing this crap in 2012 but i guess it had to happen sometime, nobody gives a shit about death metal anymore. So Satan has migrated to these guys. These guys are hear to stay for a while, at least Earl wised up and went solo, his mom knew they are demons.

OnlyTh3TRUTH said...

Amazing work, but what kills me is these misguided children that think theres a difference with atheism and satanism do research into what the devil wants to accomplish which is destroy humanity at all cost and these kids are nothing but a tool Jesus said it best"forgive them for they do not know what they do" and I'm trying to be civil but I just wanna kick these kids asses all over the place because there so ignorant haha

Anonymous said...

These guys are definitely playing a scary and deadly game. Their satanic and anti god message is like no other i have heard in the rap industry. They are true talents with catchy beats and intelligent lyrics, however their lyrics, artwork and message Are what makes them utterly dangerous. I thought the new satanism was hidden in humanism and atheism, but they prove the satanic bible of today is our music industry and it is very enticing ...thank u for your write up. Im glad people are brave enough to stand up for right. These are more than wolves in sheeps clothing. These are Blatant anti-christs we were warned of..

Anonymous said...

I won't lie...I got sucked in for a HOT second...(like 2-3 days) but the imagery and lyrics used by this group began eating at my psyche, making "my Spidey senses" tingle if you will. Not pleasant thoughts either, it just felt wrong and off. It's one thing to vibe to something like Z-ro talking about "F you I found me"...there is actually a positive message there past the profanity. But OF's stuff is a little different than just colorful language and alternative culture. Maybe some people can't feel how wrong it is in their heart, but I pity for them. I'm not even a religious person either, not by a long shot. Really, can't even tell you the last time I went to a church. You don't have to be a Christian or Muslim or whatever for your soul to recognize wickedness. Most of OF's stuff is lame shock lyrics anyway. I really don't get the insane almost rabid obsession of their "stans" aside from the breakdown you gave above about it being inspired by otherworldly forces. I don't pray, but I keep hope alive for the addled tools.

Skeptic said...

You guys are nuts. You guys actually believe all this stuff? Wake up from your fairytales.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm going to stand up for this group without cursing or putting anything down, since that would apparently make me some kind of devil worshiper. Whatever. The only thing wrong here are all the people who have no faith in themselves and put it all in God. You can't think for yourselves so you rely on a book written by who knows who to tell you how to live your life. That is honestly sad in my opinion. It's just music, if you don't like it then don't listen to it. But the fact that it would "scare" someone is pretty funny. Keep living in your little "safety bubble" guys. The boogy man is real! Haha

Anonymous said...

Earl says "All praise be to Allah" in this video:

Oh but I'm sure he's just "acting" like that to fool us! Pfffff..

The Truth said...

@Anonymous (April 12)

Yeah, just like your little group worship the boogy man known as Satan and talk about being possessed by him. But that's normal, right? Tool.
Like you, I'm not religious, but whether you believe in God and the devil or not, this group clearly does, and they put their faith in the devil - but you don't find that "sad" do you? Hypocrite.
You're just another brainwashed little sheep. You need to open your eyes to what's going on in the music industry.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with everybody? We all are fighting over whos wrong or right but everybody is intitled to their own opinion. If you didnt like what this guy had to say then move on and dont worry about it. And to all you people who are defending odd future, isnt their whole attitude "dont give a fuck"? If what this guy is saying offends you then have that same attitude that you are trying to defend. Worry about yourselves, odd future can defend themselves.

DAVE - A TRU SOUL said...

How can people support them after hearing GOBLIN. I heard the first song and it made my head feel scarred like I see someone beat to a pulp or raped. It made me feel even sad for this clearly tormented soul. This is what made me look on this website in the first place. If you can't see this album for what it is, your eyes are closed or they just don't wanna look. I didn't see any imagery before this site other than buffalo bill on a cover and I could CLEARLY tell tha creator's possessed. I listened to rap for about a decade and by far GOBLIN is the most satanic album I've ever heard. You atheists and Wolfgang lovers can say what you want but I know evil when I feel it. The Group, Album, Movement is pure EVIL blatantly demoralizing music and society.

Anonymous said...

I have been hearing more and more of this group at my school. Now I am linking people this constantly. Thank you. The illuminati where actual a group of monks in middle age christianity who were very intelligent. They help people write and read and because they were the enlightened ones the earned the name illuminati. Illuminate means enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Jesus is fake, Christianity was brought on by murdering people who didn't conform. The catholic church harbors rapist and murders, as well as secrets as to what religion really is. Satanism is the only religion not brought on by corruption. And just a quick question, if I were to be ignorant enough to believe what you or any other fucking blabbering idiot says then why would I devote my self to your " god", he's a murdering self righteous narcisist. But oops, I forgot were not allowed to tell the TRUTH. Stop being a bitch and looking outside for answers, courage is facing oneself.

Domonic said...

Hey um, i have been reading these comments and for the nigga behind me, do us all a favor and go fuck urself. U call christians killers and murderers, and rapers; why dont open ur ears and listen to ur lovers music. The things they promote: suicide, murder, doing drugs; let me ask u somthin, what has the done for society. Besides killing millions of children, besides hurting families, besides causing and creating slavery, give me examples of wat raping, murdering,and flippin off education has done. Let me answer that for u, nothing. And by the way, u talk about christians being killers, wat about the other billions of people like u, wat crimes hav they committed? U see, u say that they are jus kids; first of all, they are between the ages of 17-23, they r not children. If they r smart enough to run a clothing line and record company, then im pretty sure they understand the shit they r doing is wrong. So pleas dont feed us that bullshit of them being fucking innocent, because they r not prick. And also, catholics are not the only christian believers, so dont try to generalize us as though u kno shit. Its fucking idiots like u who try to justify their fucking pathetics lives by trying to live through others. So one someone combats whatever fucking ideal ur following, u all get defensive, and dont try to this on me because only reason that im cussin at u niggas is because u need to get this through ur fucking head. If u love them so much, why dont u oil urself up, put on a nice thong and giv them the best blowjob and piece of anal they hav ever had. and then watch how they throw ur away after their orgy, just like they talk about doing to girls in their songs; hey by the way, would u want someone to do that to ur mom; ponder that. And to justify and ur supporters, dont watse ur time wit these fucking assholes; they r jus lie the devil: they lose all the time, but they keep comin back for the same asswhoopin again and again. So please, continue to do wat u do; continue to spread GOD's word and prosper in His blessings. And forgive me for my harsh language. This argument ends with me; Domonic, one of GOD's faithful soldiers. So GOD bless.....even those who are lost.

Uchubbs said...

WOW... wtf is this. Odd future is not possessed. Im a catholic and odd future is my favorite musical group. They rap about things people dont like because they can. They preach about anarchy and satanism for one fact, it makes you uncomfortable. They were under privileged skaters who became famous on their own. They defied the restrictions that society had put on them. If you actually listen to the group you will notice that they are inspiring musicians. If you take to listen to their song "Radical" you will first think that it is a garbage song, but if you listen to the song and lyrics you will understand why tyler and odd future do what they do

Satan said...

The inverted cross IS a symbol of satanism. I would know, I'm a satanist and it's tattooed on my back. But its also a symbol of no religion. Most satanists are atheist, we don't believe in an ACTUAL satan or god. There both myths. We believe in what Satan stands for.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious but if the inverted cross means atheism and satanism then what explains the triple 6's being placed around it the symbol and used in lyrics?

Anonymous said...

Choose no sides, go with your gut instinct. I, for one, do not consider myself either particularly religious or not. I certainly have religious beliefs, but my beliefs are drawn from the good aspects of all religions. No one person can be right. Take everything at face value. If it disturbs you, research it extensively and make an informed decision based on what you believe morally. Yes,Odd Future is definitely rising in stardom. I, personally, can only stand the song Yonkers. It strikes me as a way for Tyler to release his emotions based on events in his life, which I completely understand. The show Loiter Squad is fucking hilarious. The dadaist trolling is fantastic. Everyone needs to push the limits a little. I love horror. I love humour. I love messing with society. It's natural. Not doing so would be brainwash. (See Banksy) I do not, however, like the whole anti-God, inverted cross thing. I find it somewhat offensive. I understand the shock value and drug use, but it isn't right to openly put down someone else's religion simply because you're against it. Young minds don't know how to interpret blatant instructions. So, at the very least, parents should watch their kids more and see them through it if they choose to like OFWGKTA and offer them both sides of their message, good and bad. We can only make decisions for ourselves. EVERYONE HAS AN INTERNAL SENSE OF RIGHT AND WRONG, DON'T IGNORE IT, EMBRACE IT. BUT ALSO DON'T ALLOW OTHERS TO MAKE YOU THEIR OWN. CONSIDER EVERYTHING. Love should be the root of everything. In what you do, and the people you surround yourself with. Just be careful, it's a scary world out there. Think for yourself and indulge in the simple things. Get all the information and make an informed consensus based on your internal beliefs. You should have faith in your soul, and in the souls of those who make you happy. It's almost like A Clockwork Orange: what is right? What is wrong? Only we can make our own decisions. Learn, my friends. Love.

Caesar said...

A christian is not the one who go to church on Sundays. But is the one who accept and follows Christ's teachings. it is more than going to church, friends, believe me or not, there are thousands of devil worshipers in church.Think about who you are before you disagree with his findings. I too has a lot of information about the intrusion of satanists in our societies. It is always the truth that will set you free. Many have given up about the HEAVEN and they define inverted cross as no religion, but you don't know what your are criticizing. Thanks a lot for your research, God will reward you.

Anonymous said...



2 TIMOTHY 3:1-5
1 JOHN 3:8
JOHN 3:16-17
JOHN CHAPTER 18 19 20 AND 21
ROMANS 10:9-10
1 JOHN 4:4

Anonymous said...

JOEFTA (Jesus over everything forgive them all)

Anonymous said...

I saw someone say "only Christians think it's serious". That's because Christians know the truth spiritually. An upside down cross does not mean no religion. It's obviously an inversion of Christianity. Wearing an Alister Crowley shirt, blasphemous lyrics, the 666es. You have to make yourself awfully blind to dismiss it all as innocent. Yes the world is awfully blind.

Zack said...

Firstly, AMAZING ARTICLE! I think it touches on everything about Odd Future .. anything further just needs to be researched by those who aren't pursuaded yet.


But, allow me to share my opinion. I honestly don't think it's these kids that are writing this music. People never know the faces behind anything because that's exactly what they are suppose to stay, The faces behind.
You notice how the group has sort of an age range. I DO believe Odd Future is very talented, but in a way, a waste of talent because Odd Future will not leave behind a legacy that people will want to keep around, which is why they need to grasp the minds of the youth while they can. This is why I believe the ranging in specific ages withing Odd Future is to pull in the youth of today (TEENAGERS WHO ARE TRYING TO FIND THEIR WAY IN THE WORLD, Like myself, teenagers that are trying to find out who they are as an individual and where they will stand in a society). The hateful comments toward this article shows how today's youth is extremely gullible and have the desperate need to simply stand for something. Maybe these teenagers have absolutely no one to expose them to the truth behind the music, but don't miss this opportunity that was presented JUST NOW, this article. Take heed. This music is to influence teenagers, because teenagers influenced children and we are the future generation! So many teenagers are victimized of such topics as bullying and this group came along just in time to give teens something they can believe in (brainwashing them, completely).
The most blame goes to you parents who probably don't hug your children enough, or tell them enough that YOU LOVE THEM. They are loved and that they CAN be loved in such a cruel world. This plainly proves that if you don't show them a way, them someone else surely will.
I am only seventeen and I'm so thankful that I was awaked before it was too late.

Alex323 said...

alright how exactly does it effect us? i mean i listen to them a lot and i think there sick when it comes to music and i don't give two shits if there satanists but how does it effect us? i never feel the urge to do what they do or go out and rape a woman or commit crimes never... your post is good, but its simply just a theory and in the end this theory may end up being false or true... but you gotta wonder how their minds work they are just teenage kids going on in adulthood, by the time their in their mid 30s you swear there gonna be in the same shit there into now... tyler said it himself about his music he said why would he rap abut the same material he rapped about before he was famous now today or when he's older he's obviously gonna change his views on music and other things that benefit odd future and nowadays their music isn't as "satanic" as it used to be, its more of a jazz or alternative rap style not horrorcore or "devil music"... you gotta stop looking at things so literal and stop putting god or the devil into the picture because theres people that believe that there is no religion like tyler and many others... plus theres a theory that i follow that says we were genetically engineered by other beings a long time ago that sounds crazy but i believe in it and theres a lot of proof to back it up but people are just too skeptic to think of it because they feel its right to still to follow a religion that only makes living a lot harder... no disrespect believe in what you choose but thats just how i feel about this post and my views on this reality we call life...

Anonymous said...

i know some boys who love OFWGKTA and who draw the upside down cross and yell *Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Don't Give A F*** .. I believe they do worship the devil but I don't know.. Tyler the Creator loves Justin Bieber yet Justin Bieber is well known to Love and Worship God so its questionable and they are good at music.. listened to some and it is good just you feel.. weird.. when i listen to it i feel.. Cant describe it..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great work! Very informative although i do listen to Odd Future, but do not believe in their..... Practices. I just think they're a good rap group. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

thank u for letting us know that hip hop is now on the same level as rock and roll,which was always satanic.anyone who hears these rappers lyrics and has looked at pictures of them,as well as other rappers,SHOULD KNOW that they are satanists.anyone who does not know is not a Christian because only someone who is in love with the world would think these guys are playing one plays around with being satanic.THEY ARE IN IT.the picture with the whites of his eyes showing with money in his hands confirms he sold his soul for money. and please do not be discouraged by the negative comments.please continue to let ppl know that satan has black ppl working for him also.the entertainment industy is filled with ppl who sold their soul for fame and people need to stop believing that no black people are devil worshippers!i can see in many rap and r&b videos that they have sold their sold.look at how their always holding up money.

Anonymous said...

Domo Genesis is cristian. He said himself. That's why you don't see him in that picture with the 666 and upside down cross were everyone except him appear. Don't just look at te bad stuff

Anonymous said...

Ok not to certain, but why is the inverted cross widely refernenced as anti-christian? The first I heard of it its the way that St. Peter chose to have himself crucifed because he did not see it fit to die in the same manor as his savior. I can't speak for the triple 6's knowing that they are the sign of the beast, but what if the crucifix is symbolised as a manner of respect instead of anti-christianity?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether odd future is satanic, and regardless of whether they do what they do for "shock" value, I think it can be agreed upon that our children are still being influenced by it, and that in itself should draw some concern. Look at the test! Yeah, thats only one child out there, but where there is one I'm sure there are a hundred more. These kids look up to Odd Future, and if odd future is portraying themselves as devil-worshipping underachievers then what can we expect from our children?

Anonymous said...

I muslim and this seems a little wack because even if satanists are trying to take over the world wouldnt god stop it if it wasnt supposed to happen, just stick to your own faith and dont shove it down other peoples throats

Anonymous said...

Look I know everyone is defending them but.. Odd Future worships the devil. I knew that before I read this. My school has 3 boys who worship Tyler. They used to believe in god now they say *exact words* "I just think it's retarded I mean how a man can walk on water? It's freaking stupid" Now they say that they believe in the Devil and the devil made them yadda yadda. It's real open your eyes and look at it.

Anonymous said...

You people in here who think you're so smart by not believing in the things this article points out are the REAL ignorant ones. These people are seriously messed up. They seriously worship satan. They, on purpose, flaunt it right in our faces because they know the ignorant masses won't believe it anyway. It's called hiding in plain sight. I pray you will all open your eyes and see this trash for what it is. Straight from the pits of hell with satan driving it all.

Anonymous said...

Atheist/Devil Worshipper thin line! Tyler the creator and his crew are a blunt, disgusting example of devil worshippers. They are disgusting. I'm not even an overly religious person neither do I go to church but they make my skin crawl. Nothing is even remotely attractive about what they do or what they stand for. The only real reason they are recognized is because this world is being over run by atheists and devil worshippers. Satans influence is every where and all around us, its always been that way since the beginning of time. That is for God to handle when the time comes. Meanwhile, I hope the world recognizes and turns their backs on this disgusting behavior. On another note, I absolutely love Frank Ocean music...but after hearing his song Bad Religion, I respected him because he told how he honestly felt about being a homosexual and him feeling like God doesn't love him. I emphasized with him and felt his pain but the more songs I listened to the more I began to suspect he had some affliation with the illuminati. So I looked it up. And found this page.

andrew jones said...

i feel you justify theory,but praents cant force their kids to listen to certain kinds of music, if they really want to listen to this (ofwgktadgaflllsbbbfbn) odd future mess, they'll find a way. They can wait until their parents leave, and then they'll listen to what they want, but this post had a lot information, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Indians are Satanists???? I'm Native American Indian and frankly your post is insulting!!! You only write false doctrine dictated by European people that came here to escape religious rule in Europe (READ HISTORY BOOKS DIPPY!). They killed, raped, and stole from us! These "artists" are using Devil Worship. Not Satanism. You might want to do a little more digging for the truth before you go making claims like this. Your as stupid as these "artists". Please take this site down or I will be forced to show this to Tribal Council and legal action WILL BE TAKEN!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank all of you for the comments. The difference of opinion is what makes great minds. also We are all brain washed to a degree. We are nothing but children giving second hand knowledge. left for our own interpretation. Some with beliefs, some not. but its that very reason why no one should be angry. Let people say what they want. Are you any less health after there comments? Do you have a clear mind to get angry, and the freedom to get angry? this is my last comment. Think of this. As we read this and get mad for what is typed< think of this, at this moment there is third world countrys with not enought water. not even running or clean, but its all they have. America has problems, but not things like that. We argue of things that truely do not matter. The fact that you can walk out your front door and get basic needs, should be enough for you to, see that you have it so good < and we need to help the poor and hurting. We pass by homless people< drug addicts all the time , yet our attention is on, a music act, and wht there doing. WHO CARES. If you believe or not,our focus is so small and off the true target. THE LESS FORTUNATE than ourselfs. Cause in the end, its a personal beliefe, Faith is not knowledge. no one truely knows anything when it comes to rite and wrong. Its what we believe AKA FAITH. no has the rite but GOD, to judge any one we feel is wrong when we do nothing to help the addicts and homeless. and foucus on a group of young males in music. If they are Influencing the youth,its because we are constantlly distracted. Dont just open your mind grow it. No matter how many cus word, how many disagree with me now, changes nothing. HELP THE HELPLESS. If not its ok. i dont want to change your mind. just to think more, your actions are you own. Live and let live, thank you all Brothers and Sisters. You energy good or bad give me strength

Anonymous said...

That's funny because in one of Tyler's songs, he says, "That's triple 6 isn't he a devil worshiper? Cuz I'm too F***ing ignorant to do some research." Hmmm..

Anonymous said...

wow. odd future has done absolutely nothing wrong themselves, and they are supposed devil worshipers(according to this post). how many horrible things have been done in the name of god? anyone who goes out and does the things they say in there music, doesnt truly understand odd future. come on, let them live there lives and continue making music that tons of people enjoy. "listen deeper to the music before you put it in a box, wolf gang"

George Lee said...

People are so ignorant these days. Just listen to their lyrics. They hate white people and they hate christians. They have created such a terrible mindset in teens, causing them to think they are the shit because they "Don't give a fuck."

Anonymous said...

DAMN FUCKING RETARDS!!!!! I don't think god exist , but I commit, align,reorient,advertise/exploit something that's purely against something I don't think nor believe exist in the first place!!! REALLY???? And yet you call them atheists !!!!????? DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!!! I didn't think people were this FUCKING STUPID!!!!

Curious said...

I didn't read through all of the comments, as there are many, but I had a few thoughts about this because I'm intrigued by these artists and the reception that they garnish.

Key word there, "artists"

I do agree that there is a lot of subject matter in their music that deals with satanism, and even to a higher degree, surrealism and the vacuousness of internet culture and American commercialism.

But that's the thing about music and art in general. Just because the subject matter is highly negative, doesn't make the actual art itself negative or positive. It's how the artist reflects on the subject matter which gives the music or art its ideological approach.

Odd Future takes an interesting approach. They give their subject matter, which is often satanic and pop culture heavy, and they apply the technique that the creative movement of the Surrealists in the early 20th century would use for their creative works. Which is to say, it is devoid of conscious judgement, it is chosen almost randomly, but mostly from the unconcious, from the "extraordinary" dreams that can be found in the depths of the unconcious. That is why their music is almost dream like, or rather sometimes nightmare like.

To a degree I do feel like some of these kids have some serious head issues. To another degree, this music that they create is a way for them to express those problems, and to have other kids like themselves who have problems relate and gain a kind of pathos from it. Sure there are those kids who are seriously going to be influenced by this music in a negative way, but there are plenty of ways to protect those kids and really educate them on what they are listening to so that they are equipped to udnerstand it better. In fact, that is an essential learning lesson that EVERY human being must learn, to be able to articulate something from many different angles in order to understand it more fully. I don't think there are many kids who say "satanism is cool", and whole heartedly mean it without any pretense or alternative meanings. Teenagers are smart, fast thinking people that shouldn't be so easily put into a box that doesn't fit them. Few people actually pick up any habits of behavior from the music that they listen to. Most of the time, that anger, that sadness, that confusion with the world, is already there inside them, and the music is an outlet to express itself. Angry because they get picked on at school, angry because their different and no one understands them, angry because they can't live up to life's expectations, especially in the fast paced world we live in.

Curious said...

I believe their music is a by-product of that world, it is a reflection of it, and that's why young people gravitate towards it. The things these kids are saying, while very new and 21st century specific, is nothing new to those who listen to music enough. There are myriad of sensationalists in the music world, Odd Future just so happens to be the most diverse and interesting to speculate upon, because they are very good at creating their own, personalized world. This is something that groups like Insane Clown Posse, never really had the change to do, because Youtube wasn't around to help them self-promote themselves as a cultural image. There are so many lyrics, so many songs that are filled with pain and anger, of true sorrows, but often times they don't take that Surrealist "I don't give a fuck" approach that Odd Future does. In fact, the whole thing about Tyler believing that he is a unicorn (if you've heard the early interview when they were first getting popular) is exactly how Surrealists described their modes of thought. It is all about the unbelievable and the extra ordinary that is found inside the unconscious. If you've watched enough Cartoon Network, as Tyler does, you being to understand where his unconscious self is clinging in its creative decisions.

I truly do believe that Tyler has his fair share of head problems, and I think his battling with himself in his music on the album Goblin is a reflection of that. He is speaking to a therapist, who is himself, but also a darker version of himself. He is, in a way, facing that Goblin which is inside of him. He utilizes Christian and Catholic beliefs and symbols because, frankly, it's the most accessible place to derive metaphors for the evil that someone feels in their own angers and sorrows.

To make another analogy, Star Wars gives us the Dark Side and the Light Side. It is a metaphor for the inner struggle of man to find light in himself in a world filled with destruction (I.E - The Death Star / war at large).

That's all it is folks. It's just a bunch of kids living in a hard, fast life trying to figure it out. Battling their "inner demons", their "goblins", and figuring out how to be adults. Do most kids understand that? No. That's why parents ought to educate them on what's ACTUALLY going on in the music. To hide it from them is almost as negligent as saying nothing to them after they've listened to it. To teach them to analyze music from many different angles and to figure out what they as individuals believe in, that's a lesson you can take away from someone, and something that will keep your kid safe all their life.

Anonymous said...

666 ofwgkta
golf wang
wolf gang
FUCK "God"
Hail the real leader

Anonymous said...

.. To be honest if tyler and of and frank ocean worships the devil who cares thats their decision and their choice.. people get so caught up into this like its their family sybling doing all this satan shit.

Anonymous said...

That's soo true it really is and in some songs the mindsets of cereal killers

Anonymous said...

You're fucking nuts. Please save your bullshit for church. If you don't like it, don't listen. tyler expresses that he loves his fans and wants to make us feel like just because we're weird doesn't mean that we're crazy. His morals are better than yours. He and Lil B are about making music for people that don't believe in your jesus bullshit. He even says "Do what makes you happy." So what if he is a satanist? Theres no such thing as god or satan. What he believes in is his business. He's intelligent, unlike you, clearly. I'm a fan for life. FREE EARL WOLF GANG OFWGKTA KILL PEOPLE BURN SHIT FUCK SCHOOL.

Anonymous said...

I find this completely idiotic. Frank Ocean is named , Christoper Francis Breaux , he named FRANK OCEAN , whats wrong with Ocean ? & god , this is just a stupid article .
-From , a fan and someone who KNOWS and LISTENS to them . How would you say Tyler , is "possessed" , SERIOUSLY ? Idiot .

Anonymous said...

Okay to all the people out there that are saying the upside down cross is just no religion..fine i guess if thats what they declared that symbol is, well fine. But why the pentagrams the 666. blacked out eyes, woman acting poessesed, i researched and found things that aren't on here but i will share it. on one of odd futures album covers or picture its a bunch of little kids and yeah some faces are deformed but i found something odd on the forehead of one of the kids. there was the symbol for the templars which are connected to illumonati/ new world order. And do you know the goal of those cults? for them to kill most of the race and completely control everyone, no free will, however that is irrelevant and just wanted to add this group really do promote santanic symbols. i didn't need this damn article for that i was curious of who these idiots where and saw in about everyone of there pictures something to do with the occult or templars, or illumnati, all of which has roots to satan. not to mention do you think its right to for kids in society to drop out. no society has kids living for the worst reasons the kids don't have any skill all they do is talk about how their swag is so great. No, unfortuneatly it isn't, and success isn't measured in money. if you have a talent, something your good at and you can do it, then do it, success is happiness. im not saying you have to believe in jesus or any religion i literally don't care, if you know what you want to do with life and don't need school find drop out, but try to do something with your life instead of dropping out and being a lowlife talking bullshit about bullshit reasons why you didn't make it. And yes many things in this article are stupid but to the base of it hes right. Forget the satanic things and everything. Yes i do know what tyler says i know how he promotes how much he loves his fans and tells them what ever makes you happy do it. Yeah those are the good things, but really his music is negative pretty much all negative no real true meaning and instead of trying to explain anymore just try listening to rappers who have actual meaning in their music. Hopsin. not saying oh im just a fan boy of hopsin. no i usually don't listen to rap or hip hop because they just talk about the dumbest things with no meaning thats why i usually listen to older country , but i heard hopsin and the things that he raps about and they have meaning and are very true about our society, for instance the songs lucifer effect, nocturnal rainbows, ill mind of hopsin 5. but you know what not saying you guys are wrong in the end i still believe that you have you're free will and no one can change that no matter how much pointless arguing on the internet. you are YOU. I am 18 but i might be too old fashioned for this society and the way i live, to do good even if you don't get anything out of it. and yes we can argue about all of these things and make it the biggest deal in the world but to all you people who love tyler the creator good for you, you know what you like. Everyone has their own opinions on different matters. so all you people arguing about all this lets get real. Don't look at everyone else. just look into yourself, remove all of the bullshit, and whats left?

Anonymous said...

I'm A Big Christian. But I'm Having A Hard Time. Odd Future Is Atheist Bu Frank Ocean (Who Is Not Afarid To Say He Believe's In God. But Atheist Dont Believe In God Therefore How Could He Believe In Satan If Satan Was Once A Angel Of God? To Believe In Satan You Have To Some What Believe God. I'm Not Sticking Up For Tyler But I Am For Frank. I've Seen Many Interviews Of Tyler The Creator Saying He's Not A Devil Worshiper He Just Does It To Annoy People (Which It Dang Sure Does). And In Order To Be In The "Illuminati" You Have To Sell Your Soul ? Which Means Putting Your Life In Satan's Hands. Atheist Dont Believe In Satan.

Anonymous said...

Glad you feel that way and I hope you enjoy their "music" grab their hands and hold on tight b/c your you're gonna find yourself drinking from the same cup....

Anonymous said...

Oh you're right because all of the positive ways of gaining success has been used up... I'm sure God will understand that they're just doing this for giggles because spitting loogies in nobles is all the rage... Hope ur around when the truth is revealed. Ur so bright...

Anonymous said...

Anything that isn't from God is from Satan pick up a bible and read it... Of course if you think the way you obviously do it won't make much sense poor unfortunate soul... said...

You are such a blessed man of god!! when your persecuted for doing something for god that's when you really know you've done well!! I love you with the love of Christ and you have made a master piece, I will defiantly be praying for you! thank you for helping me with my you-tube channel research! I will be using you as my official source, keep your faith god is always here and remember speak life in your life because your words have power. have a blessed and wonderful life!!!

EastGhostCom said...

Also, Frank Olson, who worked at Fort Detrick as the Army / CIA/OSS liaison in the chemical warfare mess, died in 1953 (I think) - well, he was apparently clocked over the head and pushed out a 13th story the 1990's date listed is wrong. There's a HUGE amount of info about him (on a site maintained by his angry son, Eric): frankolson org

EastGhostCom said...

We've seen quite a few exorcisms, demonic possessions, and the most horrid, tormenting stuff you might imagine.

The only thing that has ever truly worked (and worked universally) is calling upon Jesus. No shit, not exaggerating, not making that up.

So I find it incredible suspicious that the religion, icon being most attacked is Christianity.

This relates to Aleister Crowley in the motto DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW. Opens up connections to the Nazis, the Jack Parsons satanist and founder of NASA's JPL Jet Propulsion Lab (for which he was granted a patent on the pentagram-shaped packing of solid rocket fuel - not shit! look it up)

It also relates to ERIC JON PHELPS (vatican assassins org) who puts a very interesting spin on this and really everything going on (GMO, chemtrails, HAARP, transhumanism).

Vigilant Citizen com website is also great. Another irrefutable source of occult info is on youtube by a guy called GEOMANTIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS, which demonstrates all major structures align in a web in some fashion.

Since article mentions pyramids, another irrefutable proof of advanced ancient knowledge is shown by CARL MUNCK in his THE CODE series on youtube, which shows how PI and PHI are encoded in the pyramids, and how the pyramids' design, measurements, etc. convey their position in a global grid.

PYRAMID REVELATIONS series on youtube (5 parts) shows an interesting, alternative, and much more plausible explanation of the pyramids.

Another fantastic source for info is FREEMAN TV COM website. Check it and be blown away. Masonic info and connections, galore. He offers good videos on youtube also.

You can also try to get on eastghost com which has been collecting the best of the best info for many years. All of this info and much more is on there. They only let truly enlightened or genuinely eager learners aboard, so add an intelligent note if you try to sign up.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully these people will die soon - Satan eats his own.

EastGhostCom said...

Another great source of info MONTALK NET website - which proposes the theory that many "humans" today are actually drones or clones, soulless, controlled.

EastGhostCom said...

OverlordsOfChaos com website gives thousands of quotes from Satanic New World Order persons all down thru the ages. Very important compendium, revealing the plan thru their words. Interesting that Rockefeller said at some conference that 'music will get stupider'. What more proof is needed than all the nitwits making noise lately?

EastGhostCom said...

Complete this jingle



(is Folgers in your cup)


Benjamin Lewkowski said...

Tyler has stated on multiple occasions that they are not satanist. You people seriously need to do some research. 666 doesn't mean satanist, it's the mark of the beast. The inverted cross is the expression that they are anti-religion.

He is a self-declared atheist and thus doesn’t actually believe what he says. Instead, it is a tool of annoyance, pissing off his fans and critics such as yourselves.

They mostly point out that religion makes promises that it cannot keep. "You told me god was the answer, but when I ask him for shit I get no answer. So god is the cancer"

It's funny how uneducated people are. Tyler says not to go out and kill people, but do what makes YOU happy, and fuck anyone who tries to stop your happiness.

He's a unicorn, and fuck anyobody who says he's not.

He's an inspiration for a new, more peaceful era Achieved through self expression.

Anonymous said...

all you religious people are hilarious. you want shit like this to go away but you end up achieving the exact opposite with all your hate. this site and sites like this makes odd future more and more famous. you dont want odd future around ignore them, seems like the most logical thing to do if you dont like something. to the entertainment world as long as their being talked about(good or bad) they will stick around.(which im impartial to. literally dont give a fuck)hahaha let that dwell in your tiny brains fucking idiots (plus you making a big deal how bad it is to your kids makes them want to listen to it even more. FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!!!

Austin said...

In an interview on Youtube, with the title Earl Sweatshirt, uploaded by ofwgkta, at about 0:23 Earl says "All praise be to Allah." that is definitely not something a Santanist, nor an Athiest would say.

Anonymous said...

meh. Idunno about this group, and don't really care to, to be honest, too much bling bling nonsense to be good horrorcore, but I'd like to point out that Insane Clown Posse (though violent and horror themed) is not Satanic, they have professed their following of God (though not necessarily the Christian God)on many occasions. Before you twist that into them being "false prophets", you should know that they've also said "we aren't prophets...just rappers" on many occasions as well.

Also, the whole "I am wolf" (or whatever) thing was probably intended exactly as you took it. "I am the wolf" are lines spoken by a character who was possessed by a demon in the Stephen King book "Desperation"... when saying them, he was completely oblivious to the fact, as it would appear the rapper was supposed to be in that song.

Anonymous said...

This article is actually wrong. I thought they were a bunch of devil worshipping kids too, when I first heard of them, but then I watched their interviews, shows and monitored their progress over time and I've realised they just out whatever came into their head on the tracks and songs they made. It's now 2013 and they've been releasing a lot of stuff lately, if you watch and listen to it, you will struggle to find any hardcore satanists, they were just passing through faze to get themselves recognised and now that they have, they've stopped with a lot of the references to rape and the devil. Their show 'Loiter Squad' is just them fooling around, being funny, there's no swearing, references to religion (or the devil for that matter) and I personally think it's just a funny show (a view held by many other people). So stop saying all this rubbish about how they are a group of young satanist worshippers and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Anonymous said...

Great job brother! I could only read the ramblings of 8 teens before I just had to thank you for the truth you're spreading. And to the puppets I'll pray for you. Food for thought, why would someone use an 'upside down cross' to mean 'no religion'? Makes no sense. I must confess when I was a teen it seemed very important to defend my favorite bands, I suppose that's where all the outrage is coming from, (and it means you are doing something right). God bless you.

Anonymous said...

And anonymous that is sticking up for Frank Ocean with capitals in every word? Demons believe in God too (and no I'm not calling Frank a demon, just pointing that out). He is however a Sodomite, so you might want to pray for him on that score. God has a problem with faggotry, I realize that it's not politically correct to call the truth the truth, but to quote some dude 'it is what it is'. Frank needs to seek Jesus quick.

Solomon Trujillo said...

u need a tv show bro, nuff said

adderall admiral said...

Fuck 'em and their satanic facade. It's nothing more than a ploy to get attention and cause white suburban america to feel insecure about their children's wellbeing. I'll personally dispose of them if need be. Like they claim to be about murdering, raping, demons, and all that bullshit, eventually they're bound to come up against someone who's "straight bout it" and unwilling to tolerate the message and antics they perform. When that day comes, if those lil bitches have never looked into some dying eyes, "they'll see surprise and realize there's no denying God."

Robert Matuluko said...

Nowadays kids use a lot of drugs, listen to garbage music, and on Sunday tweet about loving God. Tyler hates this hypocrism, Every body is so scared to go against the societal norm, people are so sensitive when someone tries to be different. He was always a misfit just like me. This is why he used Satanism and other things to show his rage against society. This is how I understand his music. I dont know if God is real or wether we just adopted Jewish tradition, but that is how I understand it. Whatever I listen yo I know if a God exists he knows I'm good.


Alex Lawson said...

This entire page is laughable. You are being manipulated by tyler and the rest of Odd Future. This is exactly the kind of response he wants from people. Their lyrics are edgy because it makes people mad. That's exactly what it's doing to you. Tyler is not stupid enough to belive in god or satan. Watch Odd Futures TV show "Loiter Squad" and it is blatanly obvious that they are a bunch of teenagers having fun and enjoy trolling people such as yourself. But Im quite certain all of the research you did was google "Tyler the creator is a satanist" and used biased sources to write this article. If you did actual research you would know that 1- Not every member of odd future claims to be an atheist (only tyler, jasper, earl, taco and mellohype) and 2 - Tyler uses his lyrics to tell a story. Look up the descriptions to his lyrics on rap genius. Alot of his reference to satan are about his father. He cleary is anti religion (ex.nightmare lyrics "Fuck heaven, I aint showen no religion respect" ex. Radicals "Fuck your religion" Also in the song slow it down he says "Ive got muslims callin on jesus" To refute your claim that they dont attack other religions. Clearly what he means by that is his music fucks with people to the point it even gets muslims to pray to jesus (Muslims do not pray to jesus in case you did not know that). That being said, I'm sure you will ignore all of this and all the points I made, because obviously every person who uses satanic imagery and themes in their music is always a satanist and it's never shock value or satircal. In case you did not catch on to the sarcasm, to think that is absouletely absurd. I have personally met many artists that use satanic themes in their music including the frontman of death metal band "Carnifex" and I have to say he was one of the nicest, outgoing, friendly people I have ever met. I cant say the same for the majority of bigoted Christians. Many people who have met Tyler and other OF members say the same thing about him. Is it really that hard to believe that he really is just using his lyrics and imagery for shock value and general rebellion? Seems alot more plausible than being devil worshipping crazies. Cheers and May logic bless you.

CANDACE said...

People please wake up to the devil, and his evil workings on this planet.I have had to write this twice as every time I get almost done the whole thing seems to get wiped out. if that's not the devil I don't know what is. You see we ARE fighting a war that is spiritual and it is because the devil wants our souls. He truly hates us and would do ANYTHING to take us away from our TRUE CREATOR. No matter what you think, you need to research false prophets and satanists because it ALL falls under the same category as EVIL. Or against GOD'S will for man.I see so many people trying to call out things the think GOD has done but who told you he did those things. Why do people take his name and use it for evil? Because the devil told GOD he would do EVERYTHING in his power to make the earth not know or understand THE TRUE GOD. the devil HATES US and everything we stand for in GOD because he blew his chance. He knows he is doomed to burn forever and wants as many of us to be there with him. The whole of religion has been tainted by him but not been really questioned by GOD because GOD told him to do his worst basically and he will prove that his true people will not waiver in their faith. The devil is very crafty with his approach to man because he knows GOD'S PEOPLE are very clever and can SEE him for what he is, no matter how confusing he makes religion for us , believers in CHRIST will always get the real meaning behind it because we have DIVINE DISCERNMENT through CHRIST. He is the only one that can help us to understand and call the devil out for what he is doing. People need to do research on the book of Genesis, because it clearly talks about how satan fell and how he took many other angels with him. It also talks about other angels when they FELL they were taken with earth women and used them to create progeny that were blasphemous to GOD, that's why he wiped out that era, he didn't want the offspring of the FALLEN to create anymore evil on this earth. There are other things people have claimed that GOD did but if WE RESEARCH that, we will see it is NOT TRUE. PEOPLE CAN TRY AND WRITE OFF WHATS HAPPENING TO OUR WORLD IF THEY WANT BUT WHY CANT THEY EVEN FOR A SECOND CONSIDER THAT THEY ARE BEING LIED TO BY OTHERS, NOT GOD. His word is ABSOLUTE. It never changes, HE never waivers in his love and support. Anytime a soul has had enough of this world and have called upon GOD, they have always received HIS blessing. GOD provides for his own. trust me. I see the evil man does every day and it saddens me for others to think that its because of GOD. This is the time of the devils reign, HE is the master of this world right now. GOD had to have it be such because he wanted to show the devil that he is Totally cognizant of what his people will and will not do. The devil wants us to think that GOD has forgotten about us, but i challenge any of you who claim the believe in GOD, to call out to him with a pure heart and see if he wont listen and MANIFEST IN YOUR LIFE.That is why it is so important to understand who Jesus is. There are many false god's out here but only ONE JESUS CHRIST. Think about that...

Anonymous said...

I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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Anonymous said...

I do think most of this is true but kid cudi openly came out and said that he puts illuminati references in his vids just to skew with people. The guy is Christian.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my feelings will never be seen on this blog but to you, the author, I just hope you might take a moment to read what I believe. Evil isn't created by "satan" or anything else. Evil is created by people and only people and at the end of the day OFWGKTA makes entertainment and clothing. If you don't approve don't pay attention to it, ignore it. What you shouldn't do is try to discredit those who work hard to get somewhere just because they may have different, and at this point unconfirmed, beliefs to you. Also, where is Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Left Brain, Taco, Jasper, Syd etc. in all this? You say OF is a part of a satanic cult by judging the majority on the actions of the minority. Christian Clancy, a key member of the group, is an agnostic who doesn't worship satan but according to you he is a part of the OF satanic following. I wish you could make you points in a better, more reasonable way without making so many sweeping comments.

Anonymous said...

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Just came across this. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and I read all the comments and learned a lot. Only thing I want to say is that I pray for our youth. So many of them feel unloved and misunderstood. I had severe problems with my son from 14 to 17 but he went to college and has made a turn for the best. I was not innocent in the relationship because I wanted to control his actions and personality and I thought I was doing what is best for him but actually I was not a very loving Christian mother at times and regret it. I should have hugged him instead of being frustrated and critical too often and I almost lost him to drugs because he felt so alone. I am a reborn Christian but loving a young person takes the love of Christ and sharing it with patience and a gentle spirit. If any teen reads this, please be open to the fact that your parents are not perfect adults and remember we learn from you as much as you learn from us. Forgiveness is the heart of the bible. Learn to forgive yourself and others by putting yourself in their shoes. I was also a seeking teen and I turned out great thanks to Jesus and that is my prayer here for everyone. Seek and you will find Him.

rev101 said...

its funny how so many come here and say how stupid this article is but read it anyway. im not a christian or satanist but one would have to be mentally challenged to not see that if tyler believes or not to mock anyones religon isnt ever going to go down well and to use symbology that has power attached to it [see the double slit experiment to see how the act of observance can change the outcome of energy on an atomic level] knowingly or not is bringing people to occoult/gnostic/satanic theology and promoting it too,to a youth who cant understand the deeper levels of its power. the child who wrote fcuk this repeated that swearword three times and wrote 666 in numeric code without even being aware of it,and thats how the blinded lead the blind youth. great article sir and anyone who cant see someone saying "god is a cancer" is fooled if they call themselves an atheist and not a propagator of a satanic statement. revolution101 aka me