Monday, May 23, 2011

Occult Swim Pt. II

As I have reviewed before (please read Occult Swim Pt. 1 before this), Adult Swim definitely has an agenda bred for the occult programming of late night television.  As much as it can be a guilty pleasure to watch, whether it be to get my daily dosage of "Family Guy" re-runs or to randomly catch an old episode of Boondocks.  I have noticed that they have gotten to a point where you no longer need to watch any of their occult-geared cartoon specials, when they advertise satanism through the entire broadcasting from start to finish.  In this post, I will briefly discuss some of these occurrences and a few new shows that were recently added to their nightly line-up.

Subliminal Commercial "Bumps"
Lately Adult Swim has been confusing (for lack of a better word) many of their viewers with seemingly random short second bumps between nightly programming filled with a lot of strange messages.  The bumps itself are not the confusing part, seeing as how Adult Swim has used bumps since the early creation of the network as a method of advertisement.  There first bumps made a lot more sense in the beginning as they actually made clever references to the network's title.

the good ol' days

Now that Adult Swim has grown to become quite a syndicated cash crop for Illuminati philanthropist Ted Turner (yeah, the guy that owns CNN), the network has started to move more toward a darker theme surrounding their advertising bumps.  Some, easily dismissed as random, while others carry a deeper occult message.

pyramids and the all seeing eye

various occult symbols

remember the unicorn references?

could you possibly get more blatant?

Moloch Worship
As if the above advertising wasn't bad enough, Adult Swim has just recently adopted a new theme for the show, owls.  For those who are unaware of the owl's importance to the occult, I will give you a brief history lesson:

Biblically, Moloch was an ancient pagan god that the Israelites worshipped through human sacrifice of their children (Leviticus 18:21, 2nd Kings 23:10).  It was generally depicted as a bull or in most modern cases, an owl.  The Illuminati has taken this idol and used it for many of their satanic rituals and referenced frequently in occult programming.

1927 occult movie Metropolis, workers being sacrificed in the owl shaped machine

elite society Bohemian Grove uses Moloch for their worship

Even though Adult Swim has yet to give a reason why they have now chosen an owl as their new mascot, I doubt that they would have chosen this demonic bird by chance.  Tell me, do you think this kind of occult advertising is done on accident?

Just recently, Adult Swim hosted a live show in celebration for this years' Upfront,  a showcasing of new upcoming pilots and shows for the network.  The show was held at New York's Roseland Ballroom, where the entire setting filled with owls as the stage was shadowed by two 20 ft. golden owls that shot lasers out of it's eyes!

look familiar at all?

the 40 ft. stone owl worshipped at Bohemian Grove

Now can you take a wild guess as to who Adult Swim booked for the entire evening's entertainment?  Give up?

this guy.

Not only did they choose Hip-Hop's rumored Illuminati elitist, but they also struck a million dollar development deal with the occult-encouraging rapper to produce a new series of original cartoon pilots.  Here is the official report:

"Jay-Z on Wednesday evening will announce a development deal with Adult Swim, one that is likely to involve an original animated series.  Sources at Turner confirmed a partnership, although details remain scant." - Source

Jay-Z with Cartoon Network/Adult Swim president, Stu Snyder

Other Occult References
Aside from the shows I have already revealed in Pt. 1, Adult Swim has managed to pick up a few more shows that delivers the same occult message seen so many times before.

A show that was originally aired in 2000, God, The Devil & Bob was a cartoon surrounding a man chosen by the Devil that has to prove to God that humanity deserves a second chance before it is destroyed.  The cartoon itself, is a complete mockery to Christianity, humanizing God into a cenile drunk and making the Devil seem superior and a more intelligent being.

Last summer, Adult Swim worked with occult artist T-Pain to produce a animated musical called Freaknik.  The show starred T-Pain as a famous musician that captivates his fans globally with his over-using of the robotic auto-tune voice effect while becoming a threat to secret societies.  The hour long cartoon was filled with blasphemous subtly and a lot of occult propaganda.

Lil Wayne playing as Jesus that sold drugs, or more colorfully put "Trap Jesus"

the Ghetto Commandments....*sigh*

a scene showing the occult secret society of the Boule

Aside from the enormous amounts of symbolism within the shows, Adult Swim has taken every meticulous detail to try to push this occult worship upon all of its viewers and fans.  On the Adult Swim website, you can clearly see the Moloch theme all over it:

hypnotizing owl printed wallpaper

Also on the site, Adult Swim is trying to make you spend your money this occult filth:

This is not even marketable, seriously.

you get the point.

Once again, it appears that the more Adult Swim grows as a company, the more they will push the Illuminati's occult agenda.  Remember to always be aware of what is being fed to you through your television and to never accept the occult's product of deception and misguidance.

Open Your Mind,


ivory said...

thank you for this article. i noticed the bumps and decided not to watch adult swim as much as i used to....some of the crap they have playing is ridiculous. they went from airing it at 10 to 9. but you should also do cartoon network and the cartoons they have on the regular show, problem solvers and adventure time.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they stopped showing the boondocks. That show was anti illuminati. Even though the show was 3 seasons only. They don't show it anymore.

Anonymous said...

haha oh yea i have noticed this shit for a while to and seriuosly couldn believe that it is so damn blatent now, and if you look this up "subliminal messeges on adult swim" you will barley get anything they make sure that people dont catch on..yea i had to see if anyone else was so taken back by there outrageously bold moves forward to the take over haha..ok..least everybody isnt being brain washed, dudes all of turner brodcasting is in it together connan's new show has that giant moon in the background i know its not an act or anything just TBS is owned by em..see the new AS bump with the girl with the reptile eyes talking to the coffee shop boy, it boldy says mind controll above her ha..

Themimerumeus said...

Finally somebody gets it right.

TAURUS25 said...

I noticed this illuminati propaganda before but I never pay it any mind. Part of me wants to believe that todays celebrities and pop culture/media wants to push this for the sale of being "edgy" and draw attention. Celebrities like rihanna,jay z , beyonce, lady gaga, madonna etc blatantly push this propaganda and that's what makes me think its just for attention which therefore brings about money. Hopefully its not really a brainwashing tactic to desensitize the vulnerable minds of todays children,teens and adults with teen minds lol. again,its not only AS doing this, its everywhere. It is scary to think that they might have an agenda with these terrible intentions even though I don't want to believe it.

Anonymous said...

Thank god I'm not the only one that thought about the iluminati , I started noticing when the owls with the hypnotising eyes started to come out , sucks I really liked watching adult swim. :(

Lori B said...

i just got banned from their site and im very mad. im angry with you adult swim SMF!!! no im not jk please forgive me!??!

Anonymous said...

Great articles keep more comeing please

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to know why they speed showing the boondocks. I loved that show.