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Alexander McQueen: Occult Fashion

Alexander McQueen, designer to the stars. His name is so famous in the fashion world. Known for his dramatic designs, he is said to have perfected British tailoring with French couture. His name is associated with so many celebrities.

 Michelle Obama

 Katie Holmes

Cameron Diaz

Cheryl Cole

Sarah Jessica Parker

Most notably, Lady Gaga, who made his Spring 2010 shoes famous in her video for bad romance. 

One of his most famous pieces is the scarf with skulls on it. This scarf is so famous, it is now a "must-have" for celebrities. 

Notice the skulls

Ashley Olson

Mary Kate Olson

Nicki Hilton

Kim Kardashian

In 2005, his fashion show set resembled a chess board. The models resembled the pieces. They walked around in a robotic, almost trance like state. The voice of their "master" overhead. This symbolism is pretty simple. The pieces are used at the "master's" will. The occult has been playing with us, we are the chess pieces, and the world is the chess board.

The fashion show floor also resembles a masonic floor
Even worse, his 2007/2008 show was filled with occult symbolism. For example, his models walked the runway in the shape of a red pentagram. 

The occult influence was apparent not only in his shows but in a lot of his advertisements. 

Black and white/ duality theme, mirrors
(multiple personalities, broken mind)
Mirrors, broken glass

 Riding the baphomet

 Monarch Butterflies

Also in 2007, he release a line of cosmetics for leading brand M.A.C. His line is inspired by Cleopatra. Cleopatra was claimed to be the re-incarnated goddess Isis, mother of Horus.

As you can see, occult symbolism is very obvious in his works. 

In another show, Alexander had a head piece that was very suspecious:

Monarch butterflies anyone?

It is worth mentioning that this is the same show that had the Kate Moss hologram inside of a pyramid.

Another show of his was themed around Charles Darwin and Evolution. At the end of the show, Alexander came out wearing a bunny suit.

 The bunny suit is a reference to Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is used as a trigger device in trauma based mind control. 

Another Disney reference that Alexander McQueen displayed was him wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt at the end of one of his fashion shows. 
Disney made a lot of movies to help control the minds of children. Other than Alice in Wonderland, some examples are Peter Pan, and the Wizard of Oz.

Lady gaga in the 'Paparazzi' video wearing Mickey mouse 
right before killing her man

Beyonce wearing Mickey mouse in the "telephone" 
video right before killing her man

Another very interesting fact about Alexander McQueen is that he was related to three of the Salem witches, one of them was the very well known Elizabeth Howe. 

He was also associated with style icon Isabella Blow. 

Isabella Blow

Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow

Isabella had a big hand in McQueen's rise. It is common knowledge that Isabella had went electroshock therapy for her 'bipolar disorder' . In 2007, Isabella chose to end her life by overdosing. After her death, her sister who had found her passed out in the bathroom told doctors that when she found Isabella, she had told her that she was worried she hadn't taken enough. 

This was not Blow's first attempt at suicide. In 2006, she attempted suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills. Later that year, she tried again by jumping off of a bridge. 2007 was a year of more failed attempts, driving her car into a truck, attempting to take horse tranquillizers, and attempting to drown herself after taking tranquilizers. She really wanted to die. 

After her death, McQueen received attention and a lot of questions were raised about him and Blow. Of course, he avoided questions and got really upset when asked about her. 

The final chapter in the Alexander McQueen story is the darkest. On February 11, 2010, he was found dead in his home. He had hung himself with his favorite brown belt in his wardrobe. He must have also really wanted to die, because before he hung himself he had cut his wrists with a ceremonial dagger, and overdosed on cocaine, sleeping pills, and tranquilizers.


Anonymous said...

i read somewhere that isabella died from ingesting weedkiller.

Anonymous said...

The following is an excerpt from Psuedo Occult Media: "Isabella's relationship with her military office father (Sir Evelyn Delves Broughton) is somewhat suspicious and her mother's behavior following her brother John's death (age 2 who drowned in a pool) --the mother calmly went upstairs to put lipstick on. Isabella's husband (aristocrat art dealer Detmar Blow) left her "so Detmar could father a son with a fertile woman and ensure his particular branch of the Blow family would remain in charge of Hilles" (typical "elite" obsession with keeping power within the bloodline). During this period Isabella underwent shock "therapy" for "bipolar disorder" (usually just used as an umbrella diagnosis for various psychological disorders like DID; these electroshock sessions may have had something to do with her repeated suicide attempts, potentially where her self-destruction programming got started) before eventually successfully committing suicide after numerous attempts." Check out the following link from the Daily Mail article for details on Blow's messed up "elite" family:


Anonymous said...

An observation I made that you may have missed, regarding the picture of the model with the the monarch butterflies on her shoulder/chest area; she also has owl moths on her head!

Anonymous said...

you have to love the irony and symmetry of his death.


Just like where all the fashion he created ends up.

Just a small box room, no bigger than a coffin, that hides away things or people that are no longer wanted.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the lie that Disney made movies to control the mind of children. You forgot the crucial fact that those movies are simply animated adaptions of books and stories, with a few changes. Shouldn't the originals be the ones to blame, or is this just another excuse people use to attack Disney? I've been a Disney fan for most of my life, and I know a lot about Walt Disney. The detractors don't, so they always make the company (and Walt) seem like the most evil and sinister entertainment company ever, when guess what, all companies are. Also, I'm not mind controlled or whatever, and I've never felt any difference when watching a Disney movie. All that Disney mind control stuff is just fodder and lies, invented by people who were jealous of the company's sucess.

Anonymous said...

To the above regarding Disney - DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO SOME RESEARCH:

there are SO many more links...just DO SOME RESEARCH!

Anonymous said...


Disney = freemasonary