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Occult Mind Control: Programmers & Handlers (Pt. I)

In my last post, I wanted to show the demonic force behind the split personalities that inhabit many music artists and entertainers today.  This was to pave the way for an extensive post series I will do on Monarch Programming and its ties to the Illuminati occult.  As most of you are already familiar with Monarch programming (or MKUltra) as we have discussed extensively before in previous posts, its importance in the occult is very vital in regards to mind control and demonic possession within the industry.  

Looking at in the analogy of a puppet, each puppet needs their own puppeteer that moves them and makes sure none of the strings ever become tangled.  In the same fashion, each of these entertainers are generally given programmers or "handlers" to closely watch over them so that they are always under control.

I believe that we see these handlers all throughout the music industry and entertainment world.  We see certain relationships in media that might originally strike us as odd but no one questions them.  Believed to be plutonic friendships between two artists or even family members may reveal to have a more deeply disturbing truth.

Mentoring Handlers:
There are many artists that have gotten their rise to fame from a more notable artist, generally of an older generation, to help them grow and mature as a new artist in the industry.  These relationships, I believe, are handlers making sure these "cash crop" artists for the occult are remaining under the subjected Monarch programming to followthrough with their satanic agenda.  Let's take a look of some of these handler's in the music industry:

Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre has been known throughout his entire career for mentoring young musical talent and turning them into mega stars of their time.  The troubling trend, however, is that every artist he has successfully mentored has also subsequently sold their soul and became a pawn for the occult.

Snoop Dogg was taken under Dr. Dre's wing in 1992, signing to Death Row Records 

Ever since Dr. Dre's mentoring at the beginning of his career, Snoop Dogg has created a career that has primarily become geared towards the occult.

"Murder Was The Case" was a song, produced by Dre, where Snoop appears to have sold his soul

Standing between masonic pillars in his 2007 video for Sensual Seduction
Snoop inside a pentagram (from same video)

Snoop Dogg has also been very noticeable on the movie screen lately, mostly playing roles of himself.  However there is one Snoop Dogg film that went under a lot of people's radar that is filled with occult symbolism.

In this clip, Snoop Dogg plays a character who bargains his soul to the Devil

His satanic propaganda is not the only indication that Snoop Dogg may be under occult programming.  Under MKUltra, there have been many ties to Walt Disney productions and the subconscious programming distributed through children's films and television shows.  One in particular is "Alice In Wonderland", which many music artists will reference when under Monarch mind control.

Nicki Minaj in "Alice in Wonderland" scenery

Lady GaGa in an array of "Alice In Wonderland" costumes

Snoop Dogg's last album entitled "Malice N Wonderland" an obvious reference to the MK-inspired "Alice In Wonderland"

With the help of (his other handled star) Eminem, Dr. Dre has also mentored the career of hip-hop mogul 50 Cent.

Even though 50's career was not over saturated with satanic gestures or symbols (like most artists today), in the music video of his highly acclaimed "In Da Club", we see Monarch programming being done right in front of us:

At the beginning, 50 Cent is seen being experimented on in a secret government base

As 50 is being programmed, he is being carefully watched by his handlers (Dr. Dre & Eminem)

50 Cent is seen being examined by government officials

50 Cent then undergoes split personality experiments with the use of mirrors

Changing 50 Cent into the rap star that the occult wants him to be

Behind the scenes of his success, 50 Cent is still being carefully watched by his handler's

It also seems as if just recently, 50 Cent has been a lot of occult symbolism through his clothing and even music direction.  

"with pain is a headcrack, sign of a devil/ triple 6-6-6 I'm back on my bullsh*t/ see clear through my 3rd eye/ its gonna be a murda"

"24 inch blades I'm skatin'/ red eyes smoking that bomb sh*t, I'm Satan, surprise!"

Aside from his lyrical content taking a more evil direction, in 2010, he stated that he will be naming his comeback album "Black Magic" (can't get more blatant than that).

Missy Elliot

Despite her absence in the music charts for the past few years, Missy Elliot has been quietly bringing up new talents, mentoring them into the occult controlled music industry.  Here are a few artists you may or may not have known Missy Elliot has "handled":

Ciara started her music career under the close guidance of Missy Elliott.  There relationship has always personally struck me as odd seeing as how they were always spotted together on various occasions.  I believe, it is another case of a programmed slave and her handler.

At an awards show, weirdly holding hands almost as if an owner would lead there pet (also notice what other handler we see in the photo)

Ciara's career, ever since its beginning, has been filled with nothing but agressive sexuality.  One thing that needs to be understood is that one of the occult's primary agenda's in targeting young females is to embrace sex behavior and promiscuousness.  So the controlled female artists are programmed to promote this as much as possible even if its against their will.  This is no different for Ciara:

album cover of Ciara's latest album "Basic Instinct" in reference to her sexual animalistic side. Also notice the "one eye" symbolism

A scene from her song "Sex, Love, & Magic", where she appears to be trapped in a cage like an animal. As seen before, the animal print is a indication of Monarch programming

Ciara has also shown that she too is suffering from split personalities or alter-egos, a result of Monarch programming and demonic possession:

Ciara showing her split personality in her music video, "Like A Boy"

Ciara in a photoshoot, demonstrating her split personalities from MK programming

Missy Elliott and Ciara has also had their share of music collaborations.  One in particular, 2004's "Lose Control" is filled with occult symbolism and is a direct reference to mind control (hence the title).

Ciara is seen dancing under the control of Missy Elliot almost like possessed puppets

Ciara and the "controlled" women are then propelled into wall as if they were demonically possessed

self explanatory.

Jazmine Sullivan has risen to become quite a success in the music industry lately.  She has been singing for a long time but her career did not fully lift ground until she was mentored by Missy Elliott (whom she has known since she was 14).  In her music, however, we see what kind of an affect Missy had in "handling" her career.  In her debut video "Need U Bad", you can see how controlled Sullivan actually is:

Disturbingly enough, the video starts with Jazmine spinning inside a satanic pentagram. crazy! (also notice the reoccurring animal print showing the Monarch control as well)

Various occult symbols (masonic bird, skull & bones, etc.)

"3 sixes" hand gesture

hidden in plain sight on one of the vinyl records

The only times Missy Elliot is even in the video is when she is telling Jazmine what to do next (much like in Ciara's "Lose Control"):

What makes all this seem even more plausible is that recently Jazmine Sullivan took to her twitter recently to announce that she is quitting the music industry:

It appears that Jazmine realized that she has lost her identity in the midst of her occult mind control and decided to break free before it was too late.  Question is, will her handler's let her leave so easily?

Another interesting talent that Missy Elliott has brought up into the entertainment world is a young dancer everyone may have noticed but never known who she was.  Remember the little white girl that used to break-dance in all of Missy Elliotts videos?

Well her name is Alyson Stoner.  She was a background dancer for Missy Elliott as a child then transitioned from "handler" to "handler" as she moved from the mind control of Missy to Mickie becoming another child slave actress to Disney's Monarch programming.

Alyson Stoner was rumored to be dating Kevin Jonas (of the mind controlled Jonas Brothers) for a brief of time.  Why is this significant you ask?

Kevin Jonas wearing an Aleister Crowley t-shirt (blatant satanism)

Alyson also starred in many Disney movies including Step Up 3-D (remember the music video for it?) and Camp Rock 2.   One movie, however, called "Alice Upside Down" truly shows how deeply she is being controlled by her handlers.

"Alice Upside Down" is a Disney movie about the everyday drama of a sixth grade girl.  The title, however, is another reference to the Monarch/Disney classic "Alice In Wonderland".  Particularly referring to when Alice is literally falling "upside down" in her journey through the rabbit hole.  

In Monarch programming, "fall down the rabbit hole" is a trigger phrase used for mind control victims who are being sexually abused or satanically ritualized by their handlers.

What makes this even more disturbing, Alyson Stoner also sings and has produced several songs for the "Alice Upside Down" soundtrack.  One of the songs is called "Free Spirit" (care to guess what its about?):

"Theres a spirit that lives inside/ You can see it within my smile/ Through the rainbow that shines/ Above in the sky, I know I'm not alone"

"I have opened my arms to light/ I have everything in my sight/ cause there's nothing that's gonna hold me back tonight"

"Where have I been/ and where am I going/ how much of life will I really get to know/ all I want is to be set free"

Can these artists truly be set free?  Monarch programming is a very scary reality in the entertainment industry and it is still being conducted to this day to our everyday stars.  Let's all pray that they can one day be truly set free.

Keep reading for part II coming soon!

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Nordica said...

nice work on misseehhh

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Anonymous said...

She goes on to say, "It is true that I have asked and I pray that my label will release me. I have had some great times and success with my label, but sometimes like all great things, it's at that point where I feel we don't share the same views on who I am as an artist."

She says working on her last two albums, "Fantasy Ride" and "Basic Instinct," was "frustrating" because label executives ignored her input and forced her to compromise her creative vision.

She lists her struggle to promote "Gimmie Dat" as an example, saying the label failed to support her financially and even went so far as to tell radios not to play the song after she spent "tens of thousands" out of her own pocket to get it on the air.

"I have so much of me as an artist I still want to give to the world and my fans," she writes. "A release would allow me to go be

I think that ciara is also clueless and does not know what is going on but her environment is starting to get weird...i pray she finds God..

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Hello Justify,

Thanks for your very informative articles! You and Vigilant are my absolute favorites! I really appreciate the time you take in your research. Keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually before she was with Missy she was with Disney. She used to do a short in between commercials on the station. It was called "Mike's Super Short Show." She played Mike's little sister that hosted the show with him. A few months after the short began on disney, she was seen for the first time in a missy Elliot video. I was shocked, because I didn't know she could dance and it struck me as odd that a little girl from Disney would be seen dancing in an urban video.

Anonymous said...

missy is lesbian, ciara is tranny so she also was/is missy's slave sex kitten, u get the picture...