Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inner Demons II: Celebrity Alter-Egos

Author's Note: As my first extensive post of the new year, I want to begin to focus on more of the spiritual aspect of what has been taking place around us in the media lately.   To make this perfectly clear, I am a God-fearing Christian and I want people to understand that this website is not to bash celebrities nor is it to criticize their daily habits/lifestyle.  However, I have been led to make people conscious of the very sick deception that plagues our world as we move into the last days of prophecy and share the findings that I come across everyday while I openly express my theories to the discerning public.  I do not mind criticism on this site because everyone is entitled to their God given opinion.  But understand that I have never once imposed my beliefs upon anyone, I merely express my daily convictions with others.  So with that said, expect a few more spiritually minded posts in the near future (especially end times prophecy).  Keep in mind, these are simply my theories, its up to you to determine whether they are justified.

What most of us find as entertainment through many of todays celebrities somewhat bizarre actions whether it be Lohan's jail sentencing or Charlie Sheen's "winning" rants, I believe we are actually watching severely tortured individuals being strung along by the demonic puppeteering of the satanic occult.  Many music artists and actors have been in the spotlight for their wild behavior which most have blamed their "alter-egos" for committing.   We have explained before, that a large cause of these alter-egos and split personalities are due to subjective occult mind control called Monarch programming.  What I would like to further theorize is the demonic influence that plays a leading part in these often strange occurrences.  Even though Monarch programming is considered scientific explanation of these artists' split personalities, we cannot ignore the intense spiritual struggle that is also being shown right before us.  I will briefly look at a few of these celebrities, and from there, you can decide.

Most of us are familiar with the many music artists who have claimed to have another identity apart from their regular selves as a way of being more sexually mischievous or "evil" in their songs and performance.   Many even give their altered personalties a name or alias that they will often refer to them as:

Beyonce/ Sasha Fierce "demonic alter ego"

Janet Jackson/ Damita Jo "demonic alter-ego"

Many of these "altered" ego music artists have been creating a large cult following behind them which seems to be largely driven by the fascination of their split personalities:

Lil B
With his sudden rise to fame, Lil B has grown to become quite a household name.   His popularity grew through his cult-like fan base which sparked from his newly developed alter-ego named "the based god".  Lil B often speaks of the "the based god' as another entity or being separate from himself.

"Sometimes I act like I don't need help, when the person who I'm really at battle with is myself"

This "based god" persona he credits for committing the more outlandish stunts of his shock valued career.  When Lil B ever refers to his alter-ego, he proclaims himself to be a god.  The first song in which Lil B started speaking as the "based god" is even titled "I'm God"

Notice in the beginning of the song, he states that he "always wanted to be god" meaning this "based god" ego realizes that he is not the true God of the Bible but envy's to be like Him.  These characteristics seem like that of the devil or a demonic force more so than just a simple on-stage personality.  Here are other examples of Lil B demonstrating his blasphemous "based god" persona:

 His 2011 debut label album entitled Angels Exodus, in which depicts Lil B's "based god" alter-ego being crucified like Jesus.  Angels Exodus can be translated into "the leaving of angels".

Other than his affiliation with occult artists (which I have shown in previous posts), Lil B or the "based god" has shown that he is deeply involved in the satanic occult with his songs of demonic possession and mockeries of Jesus.

"Welcome to hell, I'm the Devil, I've taken over Lil B's soul"
"I'm burning everyday, my soul there's nothing left
everything I say is contrary to belief
instead of saying something deep, my speech is rap poison
I choose rape cuz I can't stop the bad voices"

Verse Breakdown:
Lil B seems to be suffering deeply from his satanic occult abuse.  In the verse, he's stating that he feels like his soul is long lost and he has no control over the things that he says.  This would explain the completely opposite sounds of music he produces from his "based god" inspired ignorance to his deep intellectual songs about street life and current affairs.

Recently, Lil B released his latest project called "Illusions of Grandeur".  It is in reference to the phrase "delusions of grandeur" which is literally defined as a disorder from schizophrenia or bi-polar episodes in which a person suffers from delusions of omnipotence or importance, particularly with a religious influence.  

In the artwork we see Lil B's based god alter-ego dressed in royal clothing.  Looking closer, stitched into his garments we can clearly see the occult roots of his alter-ego delusions.

Lil B has even spoken highly of the Illuminati elitist groups in past interviews:

What is quite possibly the most disturbing part of all this, is that this based god alter-ego has pioneered a fan base that literally worships Lil B.  Giving him many religious praises at his shows, bowing down to him and offering their women up for sacrifice to the "based god" (I can't make this stuff up):

Nicki Minaj

Much like Lil B's success, Nicki Minaj has also built a very cult-like fan base with her multiple personalities and alter-egos.  The female rapper has expressed that she undergoes many character changes throughout her music.  She has said to be "possessed" by 3 other entities which she refers to as "Barbie", "Roman Zolanski", and "Martha Zolanski".

The name for her demonic alter-ego "Roman Zolanski" is inspired by occult film director Roman Polanski, known for his satanic films such as Rosemary's Baby (Vigilant Citizen did a great article on this film, in which you can read here) and Ninth Gate.  This shows the occult roots of Minaj's alter-egos.

Notice how the deejay host asks if "Roman is here right now" as if it was some sort of seance or demonic channeling.  Also, notice that Nicki says her alter-ego Martha Zolanski was "in the priesthood".  Obviously a reference to the occult.

As seen above in the interviews, she seems to have difficulty controlling which ego is speaking at the time.  These alter-ego's appear to be in battle with each other, which shows a very gruesome spiritual struggle within Nicki Minaj.  This is very evident in Kanye West's recently banned "Monster" video:

In the video, Nicki Minaj is being tortured by her demonic alter-egos

What makes this alter-ego battling even more saddening is that on her debut album, Pink Friday, Nicki released a song called "Dear Old Nicki" where she talks about herself as if she's no longer living:

"Maybe you died cuz everybody asked me where you at
I tried to channel you in hopes that I could steal you back"

It appears that Nicki seems to be under a deep possession by the satanic occult.  Her alter-ego which she names "Barbie" has also caused her fans to emulate Nicki's lifeless doll-like characteristics which is subtly making her followers become susceptible to the same demonic influence that she is under.  Don't believe me?

Notice the Illuminati eye of Horus tattooed on the mysterious mans' back

In Conclusion: As much as these celebrities seem like they are only using alter-egos as some sort of publicity stunt or shock value, in reality these people are truly suffering from demonic possession that stems from their occult influence.  Don't take these situations lightly, spiritual warfare is very real and I believe that is exactly what we are witnessing everyday.

Open Your Mind,


Anonymous said...

I just want to say these posts are good and it will be better if you started back uploading more posts more often

Justify said...

I am in the process of uploading more posts weekly. Thanks for the support! keep reading!

Open Your Mind,

Candice said...

I just wanted to say this is so true. I had an "alter ego" once named Phoenix. For years God had been trying to reveal to me the evil of Phoenix but I would not listen. When my eyes were opened to the evil of the music industry and horus; I realized I had been entertaining a demonic spirit and I denounced it in the name of Jesus. I had begun having people call that name and that would have been my stage name. More and more this evil tried to consume me but I broke free in the name of Jesus by God's mercy and grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think people who suffer from multiple persoanlity disorders are demonically posesssed but have split personalitys becau faced with tramas when they were children. I don't know for sure though.

Artshandavis said...

Demons can start as early in the mothers womb. That is why its very important that prayer goes forth for the baby while its in the womb. be careful though who prays for the baby...what looks good is not always good, if u know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

At first I always new that Nicki Minaj was possessed and tried to stay away from her music. I watched one video of hers. Then a few days later, I met this boy named Roman, but found out that it wasn't his real name. He wanted to be my boyfriend and everything, and ended up playing cruel controlling tactics on me. His real name is Brian, I think he was possessed by "Roman" and that he was going to try and hurt me. THis shit is real!!

Mr. Dimples said...

What I don't understand about people like Beyonce is that she grew up singing about Jesus not just in church but on the Destiny's Child's albums and you could feel that she really meant it, how could someone make such a shift, from light to really dark.

Anonymous said...

Its scary to see that this is happening.. It's been slowly happening right in front of us, yet most of the public discerns it as crazy or people just fabricating a conspiracy.. I consider myself a rational person, I don't just believe everything I see or hear, but my Uncle Bill, whom I really never knew. Was a Mason, and my parents always told me it was very very bad, and to leave it alone. Well from what I've learned over the last year or two, they are very occultish. Whats worse is one day, I guess a few months back. I was watching the news in the afternoon and I don't remember the exact subject of the matter, but they mentioned that many masons are in the capital building, the whitehouse, wallstreet, congress, and the pentagon.
I guess I'm just venting on here because I don't talk about it much with most of my friends because well.. You'll sound like those crazy hoboe's under the underpass yellin at traffic, about end days.

I just think its about to get a whole lot harder before it's going to get any easier.... which saddens me. I don't want my life to end short... I'm only 19,
I'm keeping my head up though, and trusting in God, Adonai,YHWH.
Whatever you may call him, I used to not believe in him. Thinking I knew it all, but once I lived on my own, realized none of my friends would really really be there except one or two. I just said screw it, and started praying.

He has helped me ever since, and everyday. Except the ever so rare one or two where i do a short repent and explain to him I'm tired as best I can :P
I'm sure he understands, I've learned to talk to him in a was as he is a friend, but I still have my respect as he is my God. I just think people look at him as some looming, threatening authority figure. When he is really a loving father and friend.
We just gotta do right.

I hope I've done right by Him..

Anonymous said...

Now I see why grandma be like turn off that devil music! Shyt is real they all need praying for. Its a shame what that all mighty green piece of paper can make a person do.

Anonymous said...

it's so true though . I live in Canada so it's kinda simular here as well . People are becomming more cold in their hearts and not caring . The system depriving us of our right s and twisting the actual meaning of our books and bibles into more modern terms to keep our minds set on worldly standards . I'm still learning myself . I have days where blurt things out of no where like i'll call out people's names or just blurt out sentences . It depends on the tone of my voice or what i'm thinking about at the time . I've always believed in god but i didn't really understand that it was more spiritual until my experiences in jail . I feel things , see things .. Certain things i see that aren't right , it gets me angry ,or i get scared becuz i think I'm losing my mind . I know i need to be careful of what and how i do and say things becuz there is good and evil out there , and the evil knows how to blend in pretty well . The ones who we think are crazy are the angels . and i know God works through me butn satan tries and i give him a batrtle . sometimes i win and sometimes i lose , but i get stronger day by day . just need to remind myself that God is always at my side and he'll not ever leave me nor forsake me . even when we leave him , he's always waiting for us to return .

Anonymous said...

I believe that sometimes what you perceive to be a demonic entity is in fact just a split being of yourself. That as you are born you are in fact a single being and as time wears you thin you later develop a different personality to cope with the trauma of life. Its a part of who you are and can't be exorcised. Its a psychological coping mechanism that many people have. That being said I believe in demonic entities and possession is very real. And that they function as symbiotic entities. they are much more powerful and difficult to conquer than most people think. If You don't believe in God Whole heartedly you've already lost. Never become cocky or you'll be brought to a fall and you might not even stand up again.EVER.

Anonymous said...

I agree! But what about Rihanna?