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Staring At Goats: The Baphomet Worship

There are many idols used by the satanic occult as a source of their worship.  Because the occult controls much of media, we are subject to seeing these idols in television, movies, commercials, and music videos.  This is done merely to desensitize us viewers of the images projected at us in order for more people to tolerate and even embrace the occult worship.  As many as idols as there are, none of them are probably more used than the idol known as the Baphomet.

Now before I show you how much of this image is visually fed to us without our knowing,  I want to explain the origins of this idol and why it is so important to the occult today.

The History Of Baphomet & Goat Worship
Goat worship has been documented as far back as the ancient Egyptian mystery religion.  Ptah, the egyptian god of magic was often depicted as a goat or a ram.  In Egyptian mythology, Ptah was the father of Atum.  Atum was worshipped as the egyptian god Horus (used in modern occultism).  This egyptian goat worship was primarily seen in the city of Mendes, where they used the same goat image for "Ba" or Osiris.

Ptah/Osiris depicted as a goat

The name "Baphomet" can be traced back to the medieval times of the Knights Templar.  As legend has it, during the time of the Holy Wars, The Knights Templar had lost their views of Christianity and became mystic gnostics.  They began worshipping this gnostic idol which came to be known as Baphomet (the word "Baphomet" is derived from the mispronunciation of "Muhammad" or "Muhomet"). 

 sculpture created by the Templar as representation of Baphomet

artistic depiction of the Templar worshipping the Baphomet idol

Once the church had found out about the Templar's blasphemy, the church had them tried and burned at the stake in 1307.

There is much speculation of how the Baphomet idol had been passed on after this.  Many have claimed that The Templar had influenced their families to also practice in the worship, having many of the wives become mystics.  Some believe that this was the birth of the occult dealings of Wicca.

artistic depiction of wives practicing Wicca through Baphomet worship

In 1853, Catholic priest Eliphas Levi denounced his faith in order to practice in the occult and Rosicrucianism.  Levi was infatuated with the Baphomet idol, claiming to be the source of all power and knowledge.  He is responsible for the most well known image of Baphomet, which depicts the deity as a "god of enlightenment" (the first image shown above).

artistic depiction of Levi practicing witchcraft and mysticism

Satanist/occultist Aleister Crowley had often cited Levi's works, calling him the founder of the Order of The Golden Dawn.  Through Levi's writings about magic, the use of Tarot cards became an even larger phenomenon in western mysticism.

notice the Devil tarot card is represented by the Baphomet idol

In 1966, occultist Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan, using the Baphomet symbol as it's national crest.  It is modernly known as the "Goat of Mendes" named after the Egyptian city that first practiced goat worship.

the Church of Satan's "Goat of Mendes" crest

Baphomet Worship In Music
Now that I have properly given the history behind this occult idol, I will show you how much we are exposed to this image in today's media.

Lady GaGa is always in the public eye for her occult outlandish behavior and odd attire.  What people may not know is that she too has an infatuation for the Baphomet idol.  Here are several pictures of GaGa showing her goat worship:

GaGa wearing goat horns as a hat

GaGa wearing a goat head shaped wig

Lady GaGa also incorporates the goat in many of her music videos:

In the center of the masonic checkerboard patterned wall (0:41 mark)

behind Akon on the wall (2:28 mark)

on the wall beside the man (4:13 mark)

Jonas Akerlund, video director for GaGa's song "Paparazzi", is also very much involved in the occult worship of Baphomet (obviously shown above, wearing the "Goat of Mendes" on his shirt, during the set of "Paparazzi").  Akerlund used to play for a band called Bathory for many years.  Here are a few of his band's album covers that depict the Baphomet idol:

Akerlund has also directed videos for the occult likes of Madonna, Pink, Christina Aguilera, U2 and many others.

Another singer that has become quite the "media prostitute" as of late is former Disney cherry pop star (see what I did there?), Miley Cyrus.  In her latest video, "Cant Be Tamed" she uses the same goat worship as Lady GaGa in her videos:

Behind Miley Cyrus (2:48 mark)

image from the "Cant Be Tamed" video showing two goats

What's even stranger is that Cyrus released some photos a few months ago on her Twitter of her new pet she just bought.  Care to guess what kind of animal it is?:

a goat.

Electronic rock group MGMT has also used hidden goat images in their music videos (there are many other occult images in MGMT's videos that I will analyze at a later time):

goat skull dancing to the right (1:20 mark)

filleted goat head on the floor (0:58 mark)

These are just a few of many music artists that also practice Baphomet goat worship:



Kanye West

It is no surprise that MTV also would join the goat worship.  Just last Christmas, MTV released a commercial to wish everyone a happy holiday.  Here is an analysis of the commercial:

Baphomet Worship In Movies
There are many movies that incorporate the Baphomet worship, some hidden and others are very blatent.  Here are a few recent films that have used goats for hidden occult purposes.

The movie is about an elderly mystic woman that puts a curse on a young girl.  The curse causes the girl to be haunted by a demon that wants to take her back to hell in 3 days.

In the movie, the demon's name is Lamia.  However, if you pause on the trailer to see the shadow of the demon, it is clearly the head of Baphomet (1:53 mark).  Also, when the psychic has a seance with the young woman, they exorcise the demon into none other than a goat.

The movie is the sequel to the 1999 House On Haunted Hill.  This one, however, is straight-to-dvd.  Not because of poor acting or low-budget filming, but because it is the first movie that uses "navigational cinema" where the viewer is able to decide what happens to the characters.  This new advancement of technology seems to be a distraction from the movie's theme itself.  The movie is actually completely centered around the goat idol Baphomet:

This movie is about a young couple haunted by a demon in their home.  Although the demon is never truly identified in the film, there is much evidence to speculate that the entity was Baphomet.  Here is a video analyzing the occult symbolism in the movie:

These are just a few of many movies that also practice Baphomet goat worship:

I hope with all the evidence that I have given, you will be more conscious of what the occult is trying to do the next time your caught staring at goats.

Open Your Mind,


Mike said...

interesting post, i'm about to watch some of those movies

Tim said...

I want credit for the flash delerium finds! ; )

Anonymous said...

You are such an ignorant...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I knew about the music videos, but I had no idea about the movies! Thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

Mtv do not show the demon for us, is just a "vinheta" anyway, Drag me to hell is a movie about, not satanic maker, whatever, man good blog, but read more to know you write

VulgarDaClown said...

maybe some of this is just sensationalism? the fact people will point this out and see it just makes for more press and more views. also who is to say that occultism (which is NOT the same as satanism) isnt the true path? after all it DOES pre-date both Judaism, Islamic, and Christian beliefs by a few thousand years. in fact if you look at early Judaism they actually hold Ba'al ze Bub as a heavenly god. (the Levinites are the Jewish tribe im speaking of specifically.) do some research before you assume these people are "evil"

Aleister Crowley said...

People are allowed to worship who and whatever they want. Please get out of the dark ages and grow up.

No religion or spirituality is more valid than the next. And no matter how many arguments you make up or try to justify your self- righteousness by backing it up with the existence of an almighty god, you won't change reality, because there is no such thing.

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious (at least get your grammar & spelling correct if you are trying to convince me that Baphomet praising cultists are trying to take my soul)- I'm posting this on my facebook so that all my friends can laugh at it as well.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great post man. good work.

Anonymous said...

i can see a lot of people are living in the dark side of the world. keep making fun its real usa sucks

Anonymous said...

Learned new things about the baphomets i didnt know yet. good post. :-)

Anonymous said...

From the above comments people need to open their eyes, however, i find it hard to believe that the illuminati would post its own existence in the media.. is it not possible that these powerful people who have come personally into contact with the illuminati are speaking out quietly through messages to try and wake people up. type in illuminati backwards in your URL bar much love

amayasmom2003 said...

Interesting post. I enjoyed reading this. I"m actually going to do more research on this, as I have a young daughter that loves the pop-stars, but we are a Chritian home. I want to know the TRUTH of what she's viewing and listening to. My pastor actually dared us to do the research. I'm glad you put this up. And dont feel discouraged because of the different views. Not everyone is going to agree, but you are still sowing a seed of truth out there. Thanks and God Bless...

Jillian Plant. said...

I don't know if this will be approved or not, but... Baphomet is ACTUALLY an imagined pagan deity, just a product of CHRISTIAN FOLKLORE concerning pagans. So basically, it was used as an imaginary demon to make the pagans seem like bloodthirsty rabids, and speed up the process of converting them to christianity. Whether any of these people are actually in the "illuminati" or not is beyond me. Being a huge fan of lady gaga, I can tell you, that white hat... those aren't even goat horns. Those are deer antlers and she wore those during the holiday season. I can't tell you how many people are beating a dead horse with this "illuminati media" issue. I had a fracking triangle on my shirt somewhere, and someone accused me of being in the illuminati. All this theory stuff is getting out of hand. As for you christians, I'm almost sure listening to pop music won't turn your child into a satanic worshiper. THey'll figure out what sex is eventually. Sheltering them is a horrible idea, they usually turn out even worse once they're introduced to drugs and sex for the first time after their mom stops holding their hand when they're 20.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant article. I love how the ignorant protests against the truth. The Church has sold its power and the nations are dying because of a lack of information. Before you ask if the occult isn't the right way, since it was there before so-called "Christianity" remember Who was there first. Children won't turn evil from watching filthy music videos. But they will be so desensitisied, they'll think the garbage being forced down their throats is how it is meant to be. Thank you for a great post, I look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

i found this article very helpful in understanding the similarities of baphomet, and latest music and videos. To say all the similarities of this article are true. most of them seem to be , but not all. But to all you critics out their, if not true! explain all the goat symbolic appeareances to me then. theirs no way that the most powerful women in hollywood isnt practicing. very interesting. thnks.

Anonymous said...

I agree the truth usually does upset ignorance however kids watching people screwing on music videos tv shows movies hearing it in songs and so on is eventually gonna make Jr or baby girl wanna screw plain oand simple so I say it goes way beyond just making kids look the other way... Plus why would these "celebrities" go out their way to promote the same image? R any of them original? All their album covers look the same and why do the go from looking young and innocent when they arrive then look dark and strange? Why 6's? Why triangles? Why GOATS!?!? Is it sexy? (Hey look at my sexy goat) look at the clothes they want you to buy and prolly own look how they went from cute little images to skulls and crossbones see how cute look dummy look pay attention for God will not remain quiet for long he is giving you a chance for even the kindest persons patience eventually grows thin.

Anonymous said...

If you ever discover people that people in your life are deeply involved in the occult you will find out they were giving hints all along; essentially hiding in the open. It happened to me and is 100 percent confirmed by my own experience.

Anonymous said...

Love this very good

Anonymous said...

Good article, don't be discouraged by other comments. People are going to have their own views and opinions. People are destroyed by the lack of knowledge. One thing for sure and two things for certain, if a person is going to reach higher heights and deeper depths, he or she must get pass people and their opinions, and as for the folks who tell you to correct your grammar and other down right dumb comments, tell them to correct their ignorant judgmental words and go and learn how to pluck the flaw out of their own eye before they start plucking out your flaws. cris