Friday, May 7, 2010

Beats By Dre: Hell In Your Headphones

 For awhile I have been wondering what the infatuation is with these new headphones called Monster BeatsYou can see many music artists, actors, sports players, etc (pretty much anyone who can afford them) wearing them as if its the latest fashion.  Makes sense, seeing as how its creators are none other than rap mogul Dr. Dre and pop music whore sensation Lady GaGa:

Now I hope that many of you already gather that Lady GaGa is deeply involved in the occult, especially if you have read any previous posts from our blog.  For the small percentage that still thinks Lady GaGa is just putting goat heads in videos for attention, youtube "Lady GaGa, Illuminati" and have fun.  For others, I am sure you are wondering where that puts Dr. Dre?  Not to lose the point of this post being about their new headphones, I will briefly give you an occult summary of the Doctor.

Aside from the fact that Dr. Dre produced and mentored some of the most occult/satanic rappers in the game (Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, etc),  Dre has had his own share of occult behavior throughout his personal career.

 This is an analysis of Dr. Dre's music video for "Eastcoast, Westcoast Killas" featuring KRS-One, B-Real, & Nas.  As you can see there are various (and very obvious) occult symbols in this video.  At one point the song even states that they are in an apocalyptic "New World Order" (1:26 mark).  Which for those that do not know, is the ultimate goal of the Illuminati occult society.

Now let's proceed back to the headphones:

As you can see, the logo is mean't to be in the shape of the letter "b", but it also resembles the number "6" as well does it not?  Now I don't think I need to further explain the importance of the number 6 in the occult.  But I believe that its subtle usage in the logo is an excuse for other artists to use the number through advertisements, commercials, music videos, etc.

Here are a few videos cultivating this subliminal messaging:

Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance"
Notice the 2 computers and pair of headphones on the table are shown simultaneously creating "666" (2:44 mark) 

Keri Hilson's "Turnin' Me On"
Notice that the side of the headphones is shown precisely three times, again creating "666" (1:46, 1:48, 1:50 mark)

Those are just two of many videos that portrays hidden symbolism through the use of these headphones:

Lady GaGa also has her own version of these Monster Beats headphones called HeartBeats.
As you can clearly see, this brand of headphones is very much shaped like a pyramid (with smaller pyramids embedded in between)

I believe that I have provided you with more than enough information to support the claim that there is a more sinister purpose for these headphones than just a listening pleasure of music.  Make sure you are always aware of what is being sold to you and never be satisfied with just the surface value.  Because you never know what evil lies beneath it.

Open Your Mind,


javieth said...

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting article. The LG Headphones have 33 mini triangles within the triangle. 33 degrees in freemasonry. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

In the movie Josie and the pussycats it talks about headphones and what they are planning to do with them. I think it is meant to transfer sinister messages that can only be heard through our subconscious minds to our brains . You really need to watch the movie. Very subliminally informative .

Anonymous said...

learnt a lot

Anonymous said...

50 cent was never in the Illuminati!

Beautiful Being said...

Those lady guyguy beats has 'the flower of life' symbol on them.
Anyone not familiar with universal geometer/ancient knowledge do a quick google search for a look,
even in doing so you're raising your consciousness, so it's really good for you, although the beats only has a representation/symbol - doesn't give you the experience, more just a way of showing their knowledge/plan through products & media as with every form of controlled entertainment.
Enjoy, love to all.

Anonymous said...

Wow... The length to which you guys go to prove ur conspiracy theories is surprising! Your stupidity is inspiring. Really.