Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paul Mooney Exposes Hollywood's Devil Worship

Probably one of my favorite comedians next to Dave Chappelle, Paul Mooney, was on the Monique Show a few weeks ago and revealed a secret that we've already knew for quite some time: "There's a bunch of devil worshippers in Hollywood".  What some people may not know is that Paul Mooney has been in the industry for generations, producing some of our most favorite shows.  So this is not some marginally famous actor or singer making these accusations.  This is one individual who would know.  During the show, Mooney even professes his faith as a Baptist and also acknowledges the fact that there are many rappers involved in the occult too (again knowledge most of us have already fully grasped).  What I want you to watch for in the video, however, is Monique's reaction to Mooney's claims.  She seems to be playing very innocent as if she has never heard this rumor before and then QUICKLY changes the subject.  (Start watching at the 10:25 mark)

Now are you ready for the wierd part?

Monique's personal drummer for her show is a guy by the name of Lil' John Roberts.  Roberts is a professional drummer for many singers (Jamie Foxx, Janet Jackson, etc) and is also the husband of singer Jill Scott.  Well there have been allegations that Roberts is a satanist.  Even though he neither confirms nor denies such allegations, he does state that he believes in a "God" and when asked of his success he has stated, "dont think that any of you out there made any of your accomplishments by yourself, you had some help from a higher power!" Here are a few pictures of Roberts throwing up some of the common occult symbols:

Roberts throwing up the "devil horns"

Roberts with inverted stars tattooed on his hands

Again throwing up the "devil horns"

I wonder if Monique is aware of the rumors floating around about the drummer on her show.  My guess is that she would probably take the same innocence road as with Paul Mooney.  It's mind boggling to even think just how many people are involved in this satanic worship.  I got a feeling we will know soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the baphomet, i think it's called, in the top picture on the drumset.

sad raider fan said...

Some of your favorite celebrities worship the devil (baphomet) and you don't realize it. I won't mention names. Do your own research.

Anonymous said...

I actually know Mo'Nique's drummer very well, and I can tell you without a doubt that he is NOT a satanist. He is in fact the son of a preacher, a regular and humble church musician, and very well read up on the bible. Anyone who wants to question his faith can actually walk up and speak with him, because he is very approachable. So try not to allow speculation to replace truth brothers and sisters. GOD Bless!

Anonymous said...

The fact that he is the son of a preacher means nothing to me. I know several preachers kids and they are some of the most screwed up people I know. One girl is a slut and the two other guys do plenty of drugs, so he knows all about the lord but im sure plenty of demons do. I don't want to put race in it, but black people are normally raised to love God and its strange so many black people are quick to abandon that or are forced into it for money and fame. We have a short time on this earth and an eternity to pay for sacrificeing friends and family for money (the root of all evil) I mean its not like its going to do much while they burn in hell. The devil is a deceiver so expect to be deceived and screwed over and sacrificed for being a greedy jackass and a puppet.

Anonymous said...

It is written the devil shall inherit the earth so those that follew him will most likly be. pepole of. power

Anonymous said...

i am so late to this it's sad. however, i am glad people are noticing that Monique did quickly change the topic. much respect to paul for coming out and saying what he said. i feel bad about those who see this and still don't believe!

Anonymous said...

Shaitan, Santan, Baphomet, the great 'Deceiver', Son of perdition, the [D]EVIL: aka the e-v-i-l 1(one) [backwards] evil=live. $0 evil=death & live (life)=good. The contradictory nature of life is death. Every thing seen & unseen has an equal of lesser or greater value, complementing & balancing each other, making known both's intrinsic nature by which their functions reveal
its true purpose. ...The Whole WORLD will *be* is, deceived... Let's submit to the "True & Living' GOD. The Alpha •SUPREME• Omega. MASTER ALPHA Controller of all M•A•T•T•E•R… THE FORCE behind the forces. Allah-God the TRUE REASON We are capable of reason. Isa-bin-Yusef aka Jesus states: I am the way the 'truth' & the 'life' no man can come to the Father but by me. Hmm... Jesus, path to Paradise. Santan, path's to Hell. Hmm... Wake up! Pray diligently. Father, have mercy on 'US', Amen.

Anonymous said...

There is a war going on out hear, one that isn't really seen with the physical eye. A war between good and evil, deception and truth, light and darkness. The master persuader, the master of deception will is to sift our mind as wheat and lead us into a trap. Some will risk it all for their desires, some will stand for truth. Seek KNOWLEDGE so that you may not perish for the lack of it.

Anonymous said...

A fig tree won't bear apple fruits neither will an Oak tree bear oranges. A cat won't bark like a dog but if it does then u sure pretty knows dats not a cat, or a dog but something much stranger or unnatural. Satan is the lord of lies, chaos and confusion, so if u wanna defend a preachers kid, the kid gotha be doing it exactly the way God wants it or he's living a false life. My point is: U are not a christain just bcos ur parent are. Salvation is a personal choice and all I see is lots of unnatural corrupted fruits claiming they are apples from an apple tree, which they are not.