Thursday, April 22, 2010

Occult Swim

Everybody's favorite adult humor cartoon segment on Cartoon Network, better known as Adult Swim, seems to be showing a recurring pattern of occult-like symbolism embedded within some of their most popular shows.  I will briefly look at the shows that have been the most obvious as well as the ones they do not expect you to catch.

The Venture Bros.
One of the more popular shows on Adult Swim, The Venture Bros. is a comedic version of the well known 1960's Johnny Quest cartoon, which surrounds two brothers, whose father is a scientific genius, that are constantly fighting off mediocre villains with the help of their steroid induced bodyguard. Harmless right?  We'll this show has alot of occult/masonic imagery used quite commonly throughout the show.

 These 3 characters are known as the "Order Of The Triad", comprised of a black magic warlock, a vampire slayer, and a Christian monk.  This group is frequently seen throughout the show, provided as allies for the Venture Bros. when they need it.  Now as you can already gather from the photo, there is a pyramid behind the vampire slayer (in their headquarters), but that's not all.  The "Order Of The Triad" has a symbol that they go by whenever they assemble. Guess what it is?

"Order Of The Triad" symbol
This is an obvious reference to the occult/freemason symbol of the illuminated pyramid with the all seeing eye of Horus.

There is also another group that makes occasional appearances on the show called the "Guild Of Calamitous Intent" comprised of every evil villain controlled by their secret leader known as "The Almighty Sovereign".  Here is a spoof of the group's recruiting video:

The video is fan-made, but the audio is taken from an actual episode
Weird right? It get's weirder.  In episode 26, they explain the origins of this group and its previous members, one of them just happens to be father of the occult, satanist Aleister Crowley.
Oh and the outlandish occult references in the show don't stop there.  Also in episode 26, they reveal who the "The Almighty Sovereign" is: rock singer and Crowley follower, David Bowie (played by Bowie himself).


 Moral Orel
Probably one of the most sac-religious cartoons I've ever seen.  The show Moral Orel surrounds an innocent young boy named Orel that strives to be the perfect Christian amongst a very immoral hypocritical town called Moralton.  Now aside from all the obvious Christian bashing that takes place in the show, there's one character that brings out the shows' occult influence.

Coach Stopframe, a closeted homosexual that is in love with Orel's father and just so happens to be Orel's school coach.  What makes this character very twisted, is that he prays to both Christ and Satan depending on his mood.  In the episode, "Satan", Coach Stopframe joins a satanic occult (who would've thought) and tries to sacrifice Orel as a virgin offering.

And the list goes on.........

The Squidbillies
and on......

and on.....

The Daughter Of The Devil
and on......

The Minoriteam
and on......

 Sealab 2021
and on.......

You get the point.  Adult Swim is obviously trying to push some sort of cultural acceptance toward the satanic occult and it's practices.  Make sure that you are aware of what you are watching everyday on television and the message that these programs are feeding you.  Entertainment is always advertisement.  But will you accept their product? That's the question.

Open Your Mind,


ivory said...

they have these things called "bumps" they are the screens that show real odd things before and after a commercial break....its getting really ridiculous...they show everything from two owls the ever so blatant one eye robots and guys who look like politicians, as well as what looks like "elites" in ceremonial robes. MAJOR HEADACHE

Anonymous said...

I'm watching adult swim right now. I thought I'd look online and see if anyone else was noticing this stuff. Glad to find this page.

Anonymous said...

regarding that part about moral orel
isn't the church one of the most leading figures against homosexuality

once again don't say i don't know anything because i'm only 16
cause back in europe we got philosophy class for everyone(learn about different religions and groups and their point of view, YES even satanism is covered)


Anonymous said...

The bumps between commercials seem like they reference poisening the masses with chicken and a dude with a gas mask a lot.

Anonymous said...

I noticed all this a few weeks ago.. I had to pause it n explain to my 2 preteen daughters what they were seeing. Its realy pretty scary. What scares me the most is the fact that we have a choice.... the obvious dark side... or the light.... but where is the light? And I'm not talking about the church... that is not the REAL light... where is the group that is recruitng true soldiers to fight in this war? I am here and I am waiting... I am willing to die over and over to fight for this cause..

Anonymous said...

I've watched Adult Swim for a few years. It seems to have gotten more blatant. Those "Bumps" can only be explained as ocult symbolism, which explains the sometimes often strange things ive seen like animals burning in fires of what appear to be hell. People need to wake up. I know that its easy to shrug it off, but once your do enough of your own research, this stuff becomes harder and harder to disprove/ignore. It sucks, we've been had. Hollywood is nothing more than a propaganda tool used to brainwash the idiotic masses. The light of Christ is the only way, and you won't be finding that in any of these pagan churches either.

Anonymous said...

I use to be a big fan of [Adult Swim] back in 2004-2005 and I would surf the message boards often.
They had a heavy satanic presence even then. I remember members of the church of satan visiting the message boards to recruit. They said they were looking for "astounding individuals". Yup! I believe these are the ones who are leading the world to it's destruction but when the time comes Jesus will destroy them with the breath of his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Adult Swim's programming is predominantly satanic. It trumpets evil and defiles all that is good. There is a specific agenda and it is very apparent if you look at any of its programming. Is it no wonder that it airs at night on a kid's channel?

TAURUS25 said...

Um, wow, you're odeein(exagerating) lol its not that serious, if you think its that evil and want to put a stop to the brainwashing and subliminal promotion of such a thing, start by blocking the channel lol. Theirs not much one can do about it, its called freedom of speech. Satanists are idiots anyway lol why try so hard to be a rebel and cool,smh.

Anonymous said...

I could care less what the Catholic church thinks. just because Adult Swim has themes referencing the occult that does not make it "satanic" or evil. And also, Crowley wasn't a satanist; just an occultist that got famous at some point in the occult-delving world. check your facts before you give people the wrong uneducated ideas.

Anonymous said...

Over the years I have noticed these symbols In not just Adult Swim but in Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, and in practically almost every channel and even in many commercials. Although it was subtle at first, they have began to stray away from secrecy and hidden subliminal messages to just shoving it in our faces. I honestly believe that trying to bombard the masses with occult symbolism (because it is clearly Masonic and even has some satanic symbolism) should be illegal on television. Unfortunately because there are people that are part of the occult in high places they allow this to slide on by. Saying that they aren't showing subliminal symbolism is ridiculous! Open your eyes people, I dare you to look it up and then look up the meaning of the symbol. For instance, I am watching Adult Swim right now, when it first transitioned from Cartoon Network to Adult Swim they have begun to show a flashing hypnotic Owl from the Masonic BC "weaving spiders come not here" and [adult swim] underneath. Since then they have shown certain bumps with the Eye of Horus and often shown a bump called "Off the air - Animals" which portrays the death of many animals, symbolism, and yes they even show Satan or some sort of demon. Whether you like it or not they are shoving subliminal messages down our throats. Here are some links that I think people who are skeptical should look up to see for themselves.

Anonymous said...

all these perverted cartoons do is push the disgusting homo agenda of the great evil one , i dont know any normal kids who watch this sick filth as it is wicked to the bone all controlled by these programming yuppies whose past claim to fame is being in all the college satanic fraternities where all they do is worship sexxx beer and the sins of the flesh (sorority girlies)
ohio st univ

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I was dreaming but I was watching adult swim and all of a sudden a commercial with people surrounding a game board but then a Pentagran showed up and they started changing a ritual and the commercial went off. Was I the only one that saw this because I'm freaking out .

Anonymous said...

As a former occultist, I can tell you this is not just innocent fun. That's how I was led into the occult, was because certain influences made me believe that it was just a fun game and reality was just a playground, a joke, no big deal... but it IS a big deal, and it is not a joke. Even though the occult starts out as interesting and new and full of discovery and enlightenment and seeming purpose... at some point it ends in absolute nihilism and misery, and there's this feeling of no escape from eternal doom. What you're seeing on television is a purposeful ritualistic brainwashing of the masses. They are "initiating" you into the mysteries and chaining your soul to the CENTRAL figure of the mysteries, Lucifer. The secret is exactly that. They deny it and deny it and say it's liberation, but then when it's too late, you come to discover that they all worship Lucifer... and Lucifer is both the light side and the dark side, and that's because Lucifer is insane, psychopathic, and completely dissociated, and he wants to make everyone that same way.... and you can see this insane dissociative psychopathy in their brand of humor. It's all like an extreme version of a zen koan, designed to shatter the defenses your God-given mind has built into it, and infect it with greater and greater degrees of evil As it breaks your personality and your discernment of right from wrong down, it also twists the very essence of your soul.... so that not only are you ambivalent to morality, but you are literally compelled to do evil because to not do evil causes intense pain.
That's what is at the heart of this brand of "comedy". Anyone who has ever done psychedelic drugs and had a "bad" trip knows what I'm talking about. That's not just because you had "bad vibes". It's because THAT is the underlying essence of this sort of "spirituality". The abomination of desolation is no laughing matter. Sure, you'll start out laughing, but you won't be able to stop, and pretty soon that laughter will turn into painful screaming and agony. I've seen it. I didn't do anything "wrong" to provoke some negative side of the spectrum. It's all negative. It's all destructive. If one does not have the True God on their side, this is an inescapable pathway to Hell. It's sad because people are so ignorant of the gravity of this situation, and they refuse to hear reason. I was skeptical of the Bible for as many years as I can remember, but when I was faced with the reality and danger of this fake spiritual substitute and I looked around me and noticed the trends, I realized that The Bible had been right all along. Only Christ can save us and sustain our hope, and if we don't have that, we'll lose our minds and be completely possessed by Pure Evil.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I doubt half of the people who create these shows are even aware that they are promoting extreme evil philosophies. They just think that it's all psychedelic and they think they're clever because they know what hidden symbolism means (so they think), and it's all just a jolly good time to them... but that's because it hasn't completely chewed them up and spit them out yet. They're useful idiots, and they believe they are enlightened.

2 Thessalonians Chapter 2

9 [Even him], whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Anonymous said...

im only 13 and i notice this the way did you see when they showed baphomet.