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The Crazies Pt. III: The Katt Williams Persecution

In my previous articles of The Crazies and The Crazies Pt. II, I spoke very extensively on how the Illuminati elite controls the entire entertainment industry and anyone that dares to speak against their satanic agenda would be punished through public media humiliation, imprisonment and, in many cases, death.  The most bullied of truth tellers, however, always seems to be successful black comedians.  In the past, we have seen many respected professionals of this field succumb to the deadly pressures of Hollywood and the occult that lies beneath it.  On continuing with this series, I will only be focusing on the career of just one man, Katt Williams.

Speaking The Truth
Through blockbuster films and classic stand-up specials, Katt Williams had quickly emerged into super-stardom as he led the way for a new wave of generational black comedy.  Known for an unfiltered sense of social humor and repetitive usage of the n-word, Katt Williams was still very different from most comics because he never held his tongue on the taboo subjects of government control and Hollywood's notorious occult circles.  Here are a few of his earlier stand-ups where Williams first began mentioning many of these evils as he was let into Hollywood's darkside:

speaking on government manipulation

speaking on FDA approved fake produce

speaking on Hollywood occult orgies

speaking on dangerous prescription drugs

With what seemed to be an artist at his pinnacle, the career of Katt Williams suddenly began to take a downward slope for the worst.  A story seen many times before, as this comedian once adorn by millions has now become a media punching bag struck with financial struggles, legal trials, and rumored insanity.  However, what separates Katt Williams from most of these abused entertainers, is that he was able to recognize who is true enemy was, the Devil.  Within the past few years, Katt Williams has professed his love and faith in Jesus Christ.  Which, unlike his industry peers, gives him the full advantage in waring with the occult . Unfortunately, because of this firm declaration of Christ-centered truth, it also has turned him into a primary target on the Illuminati radar.

Prison & Programming
The first offense of Katt Williams' career occurred in 2006, after he was arrested at an airport for gun possession.  But why would someone of such comedic notoriety jeopardize his whole reputation and fame over carrying a firearm in his travel luggage?  And from whom or what does Katt Williams need that type of protection from?  Isolated, it seemed quite bizarre but when paralleled with the lives of his comedic colleagues of whom have shared similar stories, the real problem becomes all the more clear.

Black comedy mogul and once mentor to Williams, Martin Lawrence, experienced a heap of handcuffed incidents and hospital visits relating to weapon charges in 1996.  One of which included him hysterically walking the streets of L.A. waving a gun screaming that "they are trying to kill me!"  This was followed by another arrest that was made, where Lawrence was charged with a concealed gun inside of a briefcase in which he claimed he needed for protection.  It is clear that both of these men were in fear of the same evil entity.  Dave Chappelle also talked about this wickedness in Hollywood and how it affected Lawrence's career:

"These people are not crazy...maybe their environment is a little sick." - Dave Chappelle

After Katt Williams was arrested in 2006, it seemed as if the system was purposely trying to keep him in prison.  Following that arrest, Williams spent the next few years repeatedly being thrown in and out of jail for false claims and charges.   In a recent stand-up, Katt Williams had claimed to have been arrested over 14 times within a 3 year period.  Here are a few of these incredulous arrests:

Interestingly enough, even with these arrest reports above, it took some research to find evidence of them even occurring.  And with Wikipedia becoming more and more like the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell's 1984, "deleting and correcting" history, not much was found their either except for only 3 out of the 14 charges and a degrading mugshot photo.

As I have mentioned in this series before, many of these types of arrests are primarily performed to humiliate the victim, and given as an excuse to reinforce occult mind control through Monarch progamming (MK Ultra).  I believe that this was also the case for Katt Williams.  Although a professing Christian, Katt Williams had been engulfed in Hollywood's sinful environment for many years allowing Satan and his demonic forces to have power and influence over his life.  After his breakout role as a low-budget pimp named Money Mike in Friday After Next (2003), Williams continued to use this "pimp" character (or alter) throughout most of his career.

Katt Williams as "Money Mike" in Friday After Next

Williams portraying a pimp in Eddie Murphy's Norbit
Katt Williams even vocally portrayed a pimp on Adult Swim's cartoon The Boondocks
Showing us that "pimpin" is always (programmed) on his mind
 There are many symbolic aspects surrounding Katt Williams pimp persona that would highly suggest he was being subjected to MK Ultra programming as means of creating a controlled alter for Hollywood to further exploit.  The first noticeable feature of Money Mike lies within his name, the double M's.  In methods of mind control, double letters show great occult significance and always hold a double meaning.  "MM" being one of the most common is often used to reference "Master Mason" or "Mary Magdelene" and serves as a trigger for them to remain in that particular alter.  "M" is also the 13th letter in the alphabet (MM=13,13).  13 is a very powerful number in occult numerology.

Also in the movie, Money Mike owned a clothing store called Pimps & Hoes.  Inside the store, was a pimp dressed mannequin that he would frequently talk to as if it were living.  Mannequins are used to represent dissociation, making the person believe they are a mindless dummy.  There is even a point in the film where Money Mike becomes stuck underneath the mannequin, which could be interpreted as Kat being stuck between his pimp alter and reality.

"I'm stuck between a pimp and a hard place"

Another alarming connection is that Katt Williams generally wears leopard printed outfits when channeling this pimp ego (as seen in the few photos above).  In MK Ultra, feline printed attire generally symbolizes Beta programming in which the victim is forced to act/dress like a cat in order to become an animal disillusioned sex slave.  Typically used for females in the industry, it has lately been implemented into male programming for homosexual behavior and sexual confusion as well.


(jokes written to reinforce his programming)

It is also important to mention that in the film Friday After Next, Kat's "Money Mike" alter-ego portrayed him being almost raped by actor/comedian Terry Crews.  Could this have been the first phase of his programming?  Terry Crew's character name in the movie was "Damon" which means "to tame or control" like an animal.

Please understand, by no means am I stating that Kat Williams became a sex slave for Hollywood, but what I am certain of is that the Illuminati occult forcibly tried to get him involved in homosexual acts through twisted mind manipulating methods.  They were very determined to fully initiate Williams into their perverted satanic circle.  In 2005, during the BET Comedy Awards, Katt Williams symbolically performed in a room filled with thousands of black entertainers as a way of formally "introducing" himself into this society:

notice they made him perform in leopard print and re-enact his rape scene w/ Terry Crews
From this point, BET further "pimped" Williams' talents by having him host the annual Hip-Hop awards for 2006 and 2007.

As his fame grew, Williams had gained close relationships with many of the elitists within black Hollywood who served as mentors to him.   Stand up comedian and author Darryl "D'Militant" Littleton was one of these individuals to help "guide" Williams' career. 

You can tell from the picture that Katt is really happy to be friends with him...
I believe that Littleton served as a "handler" for Katt Williams as he was inducted into the Hollywood occult.  Known for already having a 10-year mentoring relationship with Williams, between 2005 and 2008, Darryl Littleton began writing with him as well.

With the help of Littleton, Katt Williams was rumored to have been offered a 50 million dollar deal for a concept stand-up show on Comedy Central.  However, in Dave Chappelle fashion, he refused this offer and announced his retirement from stand-up all together.  This was the first sign of Katt beginning to break free from his programming and denying the occult's advances.  It was said that the primary reason for him turning down the show was because it demanded that he wear a dress.  Although there is not much information on this particular subject, their is believed to be a type of sexual ritual many male black entertainers must go through called "The Director's Chair" which involves them being publicly displayed as a woman or homosexual on screen while secretly being abused and raped during production.
Dave Chappelle briefly encountered this type of Hollywood sickness first-hand while working on the set of Martin Lawrence's film Blue Streak:

scene from Blue Streak, where Dave Chappelle repeated calls Lawrence "gay"

Due to Katt's defiance against the occult, the entire industry had turned on him.  His once mentor's and peers of comedy had all abandoned him for doing what was right.  BET even removed him as host for the annual Hip-Hop awards, replacing him with T-Pain.  As a way to antagonize them, Williams arrived at the awards show symbolically wearing a noose.

Williams symbolically wearing a noose, prophetic of whats to come?
One of Katt Williams' main persecutors was self-proclaimed comedy king and Hollywood handler Steve Harvey.

Before I continue, I would like to speak briefly about Steve Harvey.  Most of black America considers this man to be a born again Christian based on his career and testimony. Serving as permanent host for BET's Celebration of Gospel year after year and releasing a "church" stand-up special entitled Don't Trip, He Ain't Through With Me Yet funded by T.D. Jakes, Harvey has a track record that would make any mega-church pastor jealous.  But is it genuine?  Scripture tells us that there will be many people professing the name of Christ, but are false prophets camouflaged within the flock.

 "For their shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" - Matthew 24:24

 Without much notice, Steve Harvey has pledged his satanic allegiance to the occult for years through subtleties in his career.  In an episode from his popular sitcom, The Steve Harvey Show,  Harvey and fellow comedy legend Cedric The Entertainer performed an Illuminati ceremony disguised as a woman's group meeting:

Steve Harvey is also known for his affiliation with Omega Psi Phi, a college fraternity that is deeply rooted in Freemasonry and the occult (as most are).

College fraternities are founded on occult principles
During his famous "introduction to Christ" excerpt at the end of his religious stand-up, Harvey revealed that he sees God through the use of his "third eye", an occult teaching related to the pineal gland and channeling demons.  Which means that the "god" he saw in his vision was not Yahweh of the Bible, but a demonic imposter imitating the miracles of Christ.

"I was thinking that with this third eye and my ability as a comedian, what would I say if somebody let me introduce him (false christ)"

Notice at the end he does not actually say that the one he's referring to is Jesus

From this blasphemous performance, we see that Steve Harvey is indeed one of the false prophets spoken of in Matthew creating "signs and wonders" through occult doctrine to deceive the Christian community.  Now, with T.D. Jakes recently "annointing" Harvey as an honorary "preacher" for TBN, Harvey has started his own ministry of hidden occult teachings entitled I AM POWER:

notice the "W" is shaped to look like a capped pyramid.  Is this the source of his "power"?
After hearing of Williams' retirement, Steve Harvey ridiculed him for this decision and challenged him to a comedy stand-off as a way of humiliation.  However, what nobody expected was for Katt Williams to destroy Harveys' name and credibility in a comedic verbal assault during their duel show in Detroit.

As a result of Williams' resistance towards Hollywood's elite, they continued their bullying onslaught of ridiculous arrests and legal issues.  Aside from them constantly keeping Williams in prison, they also tried to take his family as well.  While he was locked away, a nanny that worked for him decided to file for custody over one of his children falsely claiming to be the birth mother and almost won the case because of Katt's failure to show to court due to his detainment in jail.  Also, in 2011, Katt Williams was highly criticized for remarks he made about the Mexican population and was even forced to publicly "apologize" on CNN.  However, even with all the arrests and media abuse, Katt still showed the occult where his strength to endure comes from, Jesus Christ.

"Lets make one thing certain, I'm a Christian, so I'm straight"

"Satan, all your people (Illuminati) suck..."

Because of the strong stance he took on his faith, the Hollywood occult saw him as an eminent threat.  Williams was well aware of their desire to have him killed.  In 2011, during one of the occults most important ritual holidays, Halloween, Katt released an "Illuminati diss" song titled "Trick Or Treat".  The video shows Williams infiltrating an occult meeting and battling with the possessed, almost as if he were calling out Satan himself.

 "Illuminati want me dead, I walk around like I don't care"

At this point in his career, it had seemed like Williams was building up for a return to the comedy stage.  However, in 2011, something strange happened.  During one of Williams' stand-up sets in New Mexico, people stated that the struggling comedian was not "himself" as he frightfully paced the stage, rubbed his hair in chewing tobacco, and did push-ups as if he had totally lost his mind.  As many naively analyzed his actions as being the result of some drug addiction or alcoholism, when related to the occult, this type of behavior is most common when someone is breaking their mind control. 

Many people that witnessed the show live had stated that during his mental "breakdown", Williams was constantly going behind the stage to pray.  If this is true, then it is even more apparent that Katt was desperately trying to free himself completely from the satanic bondage Hollywood had left on his psyche.  In order to convince the public to believe Katt was to have a drug addiction rather than spiritual oppression, his former mentor Darryl Littleton wrote an embellished "hate" book for the sole purpose of destroying Williams' credibility called Pimp Down: The Rise and Fall of Katt Williams.

Despite it all, bruised but not broken, Williams finally reemerged with a very revealing stand-up special called Kattpacalypse on the eve of 2012 (5 years after his initial retirement).  During this hour-set, Katt Williams did the one thing Satan hated the most, speak about the truth of Jesus Christ.  From exposing further government corruption to denying every false religion and deity worshiped by man, Katt Williams attacked his enemy head on, professing that the power of Christ is the only way to defeat the Devil and the Illuminati occult.

Notice in the picture, Wall St. is destroyed showing that he is aiming at the Illuminati elite

(please watch this. every joke is revealing)

From the way he spoke towards the end of this stand-up, it seems as if Katt Williams has accepted the role of martyrdom for the decision he made to be a soldier for Christ and an opposition to the Devil.  There is even a point where he states, "Understand, even if they was gonna kill me for the sh*t I got to say, I don't know why I'm still here in the first place."  The choice of his title is also alluding to occult execution as he is referencing Tupac Shakur, a rapper widely known for his anti-Illuminati campaign prior to his murder.  I, on the other hand, am praying that God performs a miracle through Katt's life and testimony.  I hope that because of the position he is taking for Jesus Christ, everyone will take notice and support him as he battles these hidden evils.  I pray that God gives this man protection and perseverance as he "stands up" for what we all should believe in: the truth. 

"So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be exposed, or hidden that will not be made known.  What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight, what is whispered in your ears, proclaim from the roofs.  Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.  Rather be afraid of the One who can destroy both the body and soul in hell.  Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.  And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  So do not be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows.  Whoever acknowledges Me before men, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven." - Matthew 10:26-32

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Justify Theory Updates

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New article:
Kendrick Lamar/Black Hippy & The False Doctrine of Hiii Power

Updated articles:
Odd Future & The Rise Of Satanic Blatancy (w/ added information on Frank Ocean)
Lebron James: The Illuminati Sports Puppet (w/ analysis of the 2012 playoffs)

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Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy: The False Doctrine of Hiii Power

Already being labeled as the 21st century 2-Pac, Compton native Kendrick Lamar has been catching the attention of the entire hip-hop community by creating a middle ground between hood etiquette, socially conscious content and mind bending lyricism.  He is apart of a 4-man collective group by the name of Black Hippy, which includes Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, & Jay Rock, a rapping force that has emerged out of the westcoast.  Signed to an independent label called Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE), and now backed by Dr. Dre's major label machine, Aftermath.  It seems that Kendrick and his buddies are very aware of their present surroundings, as in many of his songs they have taken time to address a lot of the corruption within the government and even the entertainment business itself.  This revolutionary spirit, Kendrick explains, is rooted to a spiritual energy source, in which he and his fellow group members call "Hiii Power". The concept of a higher power would lead most to assume that Black Hippy are men of God as well, if they give credit to a power greater than themselves.  But as we have seen before, artists coming across as being soldiers for the Lord or against the Illuminati and inevitably turn out to be just puppets spreading disinformation and further pushing the occult agenda, whether they know it or not.  So where does that leave this socially conscious rapper and his cohorts?  I know many people are ready to put Black Hippy in their "anti-Illuminati" playlist but before you do, let me give my justified theory on these musicians before you draw a final conclusion whether or not you should be believing in their supposedly motivational doctrine of "Hiii Power".

Kendrick Lamar's Success
It is important to first look at the person who is predominantly in the spotlight before we look and see who's behind the curtains.  Formally known on stage as "K. Dot", in 2009, Kendrick Lamar (born Kendrick Ducksworth) changed his stage name to his government first and middle name so that people knew who he really was.  As a way to re-introduce himself, he came out with an album called the Kendrick Lamar EP.  In this album, Kendrick gave people a little submergence into his life story.  One song, in particular, called "Faith" expressed how he was raised a believer in Jesus Christ, but like many before, strayed away from the flock.  What makes the song slightly troubling is that he gives stories (including his own) of reverse redemption, telling circumstances of how people lose their faith instead of reaffirming it:

"I said alright, enthused that my Lord gave a listen
I opened my bible in search to be a better Christian
and this from a person that never believed in religion"
 - from the song, "Faith"

It is obvious, that Kendrick understands a great deal about faith and the dynamics of being a believer in Christ.  However, the song shows that Kendrick has many doubts in God.  As a result of his distorted faith, it looks like Kendrick's once admired love for righteousness has turned into a dualistic mindset of good and evil for him, a philosophy that is bred for the occult.

Kendrick Lamar began to truly gain notoriety after his highly acclaimed album, Overly Dedicated (or "OD" for short).   Within the album are stories of a ghetto youth surviving in Compton and closely observing the world around him.  However, there is one crucial aspect to this project that deserves to be acknowledged.  Throughout Lamar's album, his subject matter is filled with cat-killing curiosity about the Illuminati and their occult practices.  First, I will analyze the artwork of Overly Dedicated and what it could possibly portray.  If you notice the image above, you will see an oddly shaped headless woman in front of a collage of dead musicians.  When the album art was originally revealed, many of Kendrick's fans were confused at what it could have represented.  The most common explanation would be that each dead artist in the collage all had reportedly died of a drug overdose.  But this does not quite explain the full imagery, particularly the oddly positioned woman in focus.  Looking at this artwork from an occult perspective, however, things may become a little more clear.  All the artists he chose, who have "OD"ed, so to speak, all claimed to have been tortured by the Illuminati occult within their shortened lifetimes.  Most of these individuals (if not all), were considered to be sacrifices for the occult's sinister cause.  From this perspective, the artwork is displaying a variety of artists that have been slain or martyred for the Illuminati, as this headless goddess receives the praise.  But who could this headless woman possibly represent?  The answer to this question will become more evident as my findings are bestowed to you.  In the introduction of the album, Kendrick uses an interview excerpt from one his most admired "OD" victims, a young photographer named Dash Snow.  Kendrick has spoken very highly of Dash, citing him as one of his biggest influences artistically.

"I like to pattern my music the way he did his photography"

Dash Snow was a name among the elite in the New York art scene in the last few years.  He was notoriously known for his very ris-que photographs taken of excessive drug use and pornographic content.  What makes Dash fit in justly with Kendrick's collage of fallen musicians is that he too suffered from the occult's control.

In 2009, Dash Snow reportedly died of a heroine overdose inside his hotel.  An all too familiar story presented to us when one of our beloved musicians or artists is lost.  What was not often talked about, however, was the fact that prior to his "suicide" Dash became obsessively paranoid claiming that someone was out to murder him.  It also happens that he was murdered at the age of 27, putting him in one of the most blatant numerical Illuminati rituals in the entertainment industry known as the "Club 27", where spiritually abused artists are symbolically killed all at the same age of 27:

Also, in Dash's artwork and photography, you can clearly see his occult influence fully manifested.  Here are few pieces that are quite symbolic in nature:

Snow taking a bath in his photos.  Notice the masonic floor tiles.

Photo taken of Shell station, symbolizing the word "hell"

a memorial for a cannibal, notice the satanic rosary
A collage depicting the Pope ushering in Armageddon (NWO agenda)

more NWO agenda references

The phrase says "Would you know my warshipped idol, death penalty for turning to Jesus"

Before Dash's death, his last piece of artwork was a gruesome photograph of himself covered in blood. Many occult controlled artists go through sacrificial rituals where they are depicted either having been killed or covered in blood as a way to show their "dying" allegiance.

Just like in Snow's artwork, amidst the artistry, are occult references inside of Kendrick Lamar's music as well.  There are a few songs from OD, where Kendrick discusses his thoughts of the Illuminati, even alluding to himself being a possible sacrifice in the near future:

"This is bigger than life, this is probably everybodies Illuminati
guess I'm the blood sacrifice"
- from the song "Night of The Living Junkies"

"But they won't give you credit, disses out they mouth
you must enter the Illuminati just to ball out"
- from the song "Barbed Wire"

Kendrick Lamar's second project, Section .80, I cannot analyze from his personal life perspective because the project was written about various fictional characters inspired by the modern generation.  The project was written "for the people" referring to today's young population as "Generation-Y", a society birthed out of drugs and poverty resulting from Ronald Reagan's presidential era.  However, the project does not show much room for hope spiritually as it is filled with ridiculing statements about the Christian faith, showing that Kendrick has no more interest in the church.  As you can clearly see by the album artwork, the Holy Bible is seen shadowed by worldly desires and vices such as drugs, guns, sex, and money.  In fact, the lyrical content of the project shows that he wants his listeners to turn away from Christian values as well.

"wicked as 80 reverends in a pool with the devil holdin' hands
from a distance don't know which one is a Christian, damn"
 - from the song, "Hol' Up"

"I pass the weed to the pastor, we all are sinners
once you sinister, Bible study faster
your hypocrite reaction a blasphemy" 
- from the song, "Rigamortus"

"I'm bad, I'm good, I'm a Christian, I'm a sinner
I'm humble, I'm loud, I'm righteous, I'm a killer"
                                                              - from the song, "Kush & Corinthians"

 "Every minute, hour, and second the ministers tried
to save me, how I'm gonna listen
when I don't even hear God"
- from the song, "Poe Mans Dream"

As hypocritical as some Christians may be, this type of teaching is still harmful to believers as well as unbelievers in Christ because it discredits the actual love and redemption that comes from faith in Yahweh.  By Kendrick eliminating God as a source of hope, he has now opened the door for his listeners to search for an alternative spiritual life to grow in.  It is here, we see the insertion of an ideology known to Black Hippy as "Hiii Power".

"The Holy Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and the doctrines of demons.  Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, who consciences have been seared as with a hot iron."  
- 1st Timothy 4:1-2

The "Hiii Power" Doctrine
"What is Hiii Power?"  This is a rhetorical question often asked by the members of Black Hippy to their listeners in various songs.  A concept that is repetitively chanted at all their shows by fans and embedded throughout the entire framework of their music.  But what does it mean?  At the end of Kendrick Lamar's song from OD called "Cut You Off", he gives sort of a cryptic cornerstone for this doctrine of Hiii Power, not enough to understand but enough to intrigue the listener:

"What is Hiii power?
Hiii power is the way we think, the way we live
see it's known today that the human race is nothing
no moral, no standards
what we are about to do is raise the levels of expectations
 no you don't have to have a lot of money
you don't have to be rich
but you will be rich in mind and spirit
some say it's as big as a crew, some say it's as big as a gang
Hiii power, we stand for it as if its big as a religion"
First, I am going to show you what this doctrine truly is about by dissecting one of Kendrick Lamar's songs titled "Hiii Power" featuring the recently deceased Alori Joh (more on her death later).  Here is the song/video in question:

At the beginning of the video, a very revealing frame is shown to us as the "3", in the form of a countdown, is seen beside the Egyptian eye of Horus with an arrow and equal sign crossing:

as the video counts down, the "3" is associated with the eye of Horus
In the mystery teachings of the occult, one of the main practices that is embraced is that of ancient Egyptian magic.  The eye of Horus is a common symbol used in many cults and secret societies, primarily the Illuminati elite.  Its correlation to the number "3" is also very significant in occult numerology as it is often used to represent perfection.  The arrow with an equal sign, if interpreted correctly, would mean equating to something higher.  To combine all these it would literally translate to, "through the eye of Horus, you will reach a high power of perfection", would it not?  So why would a group claiming to be against the occult-driven Illuminati use the same occult symbolism in their videos? Well this is not just some random picture placement or conspiracy shock value, because they have actually chosen this image as the franchised symbol for their Hiii Power movement:

The reference to the eye of Horus is quite obvious

They have made a subversive effort to imprint this occult image of "Hiii Power" on all of their fans not just through their music but also through their music groups' marketing.  Here are a few designs of clothing that are promoted at almost all of their shows and public interviews:

 Black Hippy members seen wearing the apparel

Most people who are fans of Black Hippy, ignore these occult references as they are naively comforted of any worries about Kendrick's Illuminati affiliation by his suggestive lyrics in "Hiii Power".  Throughout the song, Kendrick repetitively states:

"Who said a black man in the Illuminati,
last time I checked that was the biggest racist party"

During this verse, a clip of Jay-Z is shown demonstrating the occult-inspired Roc-A-fella sign

This, however, is not enough to assume that Kendrick is guilty free of any occult ties.  He is only stating partial truths in this line.  It is quite true that the Illuminati elite do not have any African American bloodlines within their secretive sects.  But, this does not mean that rappers do not practice the same occult magic and satanic rituals as the elite do. In the eyes of the Lord, this makes them as guilty as the Illuminati are. 

"I be off this slaveship, building my own pyramids, writing my own hieroglyphs,
just call this s*** Hiii Power"

The most important line in this song, first seen at the end of verse 1, and then repeated at the end of each verse right before the hook begins.  By no accident, I believe that these words are re-stated by Kendrick because he wants his listeners to accept this ideology, this secret concept of "Hiii Power".  He is challenging those that are listening to break free from the idea that the Illuminati has all the power, and that society have been deprived from the same power that they use to achieve success.  What Kendrick purposely fails to reveal is where the source of this "Hiii Power" originates from, yet he only entices the listener into believing that they can obtain some mysterious energy through occult means.  This is very hazardous for the listener, because it cracks the door of curiosity that only leads to agony and severe demonic oppression.  In verse 2, Kendrick even discusses his tormented spiritual struggles as it relates to his current success as a musician.  He begins by discussing his past faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  As I have stated previously, Kendrick is again seen turning away from biblical commandments and giving in to his demonic influence which, I believe, is a byproduct of his occult affiliation.  In the verse he says,

"Sorry mama, I can't turn the other cheek
they wanna knock me off the edge like a f**** widow's peak
and she always told me to pray for the weak
them demons got me, I ain't prayed in some weeks
Dear Lord save me! the Devil's working hard
He probably clockin' double shifts on all of his jobs"

In verse 3, Kendrick again alludes to a ritualistic death by the Illuminati elite (again similar to occult artist Dash Snow) by stating,

"I want everyone to view my autopsy
So you can see exactly where the government had shot me
no conspiracy my fate is inevitable
they play musical chairs once I'm on that pedistal"

Most people without a second opinion, will view the content of this song as a noble act of martyrdom for the sake of our freedom.  I, however, want to warn you that the "spiritual" freedom Kendrick and his group are aiming for is not something that should be embraced.  Kendrick wants others to be willing to die for his beliefs just like him.  Lamar even furthered his idea by symbolically lighting himself on fire, similar to the Tunisia self-immolations and Vietnam monk protests:

a clip shown in the video of the Tunisia revolts
will you join his cause?
Later in the verse, Kendrick makes mention of the insanity that comes with being controlled by the occult, referencing to other musicians that have been killed or ritually abused because of it:

frightening, so f**** frightening
enough to drive a man insane, or woman insane
the reason why Lauryn Hill don't sing
or Kurt Cobain loaded the clip and then said bang"

a clip is shown of Britney Spears after she tried to break free from occult mind control
At the end of verse 3, Kendrick makes a final charge to his listeners by rallying them to revolt:

"Cause a riot, throw a Molotov,..."

The underlying theme that is projected throughout this song is that he wants people to use this "Hiii Power" to revolt against the Illuminati system, a system that endorses this very same behavior of rebellion and occult indulgence.  The Illuminati elite encourages the spirit of rebellion, because they know that anarchy is the result and from anarchy comes complete dictation and control over the masses through martial law.  Just look at the all the revolts occurring all over the world right now, especially the U.S.  Through the guise of revolution, Black Hippy is trying to create an army of misguided listeners that have embraced the doctrine of "Hiii Power" as the source of their fuel to charge against "the system".

Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock's Recruitment
Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock are vital chess pieces to Black Hippy because they are the element of violence and ignorance that is adored by many modern Hip-Hop listeners.  What Kendrick lacks in simplicity, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock become the other legs that carries the rap group into a well-rounded likeability.  However, in dealing with artists that are heavily involved with the occult, a balanced team such as this can be very venomous to this generation's spiritual growth.  Kendrick appeals to the thought provoking fan-base that is emotionally driven by the spirit of revolution and a quest for higher knowledge.  Schoolboy and Jay Rock on the other hand, taps into the more gruesome street oriented lifestyle of the world's populous (which is sadly the predominant) that is fueled by drug trafficking and gang affiliation.  Jay Rock has always been seen as prominent artist in the rap industry.  But now with Schoolboy's appeal being on a more notable scale, Black Hippy is establishing quite the militia for this occult "Hiii Power" movement.  While Jay Rock's endorsement of street culture is more subtle, many of Schoolboy's lyrics are very divulging as to what their true intentions are for promoting the gangster life hand-in-hand with "Hiii Power".  In many of his songs, Schoolboy correlates his violent gang and drug behavior with satanic worship.  Here a few lyrics that shows Schoolboy's bloodthirsty possession:

"Tired of resisting this murder addiction,
f*** a conviction, bust shots, slaughter conviction,
(I got a) Lucifer soul, my temperature cold"
- from the song, "Evils"

"Until my single (fame) comes,
I'll be the Devil's son,
Devil's work, gettin' work, Hallelujah"
- from the song, "Phenomenon"

"no synonym, I get it in like Lucifer,
down and dirty emporer,
hell's demons and angels ra-ta-tat sent for ya"
- from the song, "Kamikaze"

"Devil's in my eyes, babies always cry,
papa was never home, f*** it we all alone"
- from the song, "Oxy Music"

"Satan in your soul, let it take control
oxycotin fiends keep the foil low"
- from the song, "Oxy Music"

On his album Habits & Contradictions (a very fitting title for this group I might add), Schoolboy Q begins with a song called "Sacreligious", that talks about his spiritual struggles in-depth.   The song hints that he yearns for redemption in Christ, but is calloused by his demons:

"prayers not close to me,
as I bow down to take a knee,
Hell goes as far as the eye can see
hoodies and weaponry
naive to being free"

Here, Schoolboy Q is stating that he is losing interest in praying to God for protection, and his only way of survival seems to be through rebellion and violence.

"Huddles steady find a plan,
spread evil beyond the land,
as I clench down this trigger,
then burn f***** burn
every step is getting deeper,
survival my main concern
marinating in Satan sweat and take a sip of this holy water
hoping god still keep me blessed,
with a dark shield for my armor"

It becomes very revealing in verse 2, because he is acting as a commander giving orders to his followers to "spread evil" through Hiii Power and violence.  It almost seems as if he is making a missions statement for a soldier of the Devil as he even states that he wears "dark armor" as his protection. 

"feeling teary eyed thinking I've gone too far,
asked God for forgiveness, I doubt he heard me at all
they say clean your hands before you eat
rest your sins with pray
but I've done some things I don't think I could ever wash away"

 The song ends with these last words, as his numbed conviction has made him feel like a lost cause that cannot be redeemed.  The video even ends with Schoolboy committing suicide as a result of his demons.

Schoolboy believes that because of his avid promotion of drug addiction and gang violence along with his involvement in the occult, that he is no longer deserving of Christ's forgiveness.  The Bible tells us that this is farthest from the truth.

" their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Me" 
 - Acts 26:18

Jay Rock, although not as blatant as his group members, still shows many signs of occult influence within his music.  Just recently signing to occult artist Tech N9ne's label Strange Music, Jay Rock is actually spreading the "Hiii Power" doctrine to larger fan-bases, mainstream and underground.  Here are a few lyrics that display some of the same demonic control that has inspired Schoolboy's music:

"See them demons and them omens staring at you,
mind control they want your soul"
- from the song, "Kill Or Be Killed"

"What's on his mind?
murder money and mayhem,
if he don't see a dollar somebody visiting Satan"
- from the song, "Diary Of A Broke Nigga"

It is apparent that Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock have become recruiters for the Devil's army, misleading others away from Christ's glory and bringing them closer to their occult way of life, that is "Hiii Power".

Ab-Soul's Indoctrination 
The veil is fully lifted, however, when looking at the music and creative inspiration of Black Hippy's group proclaimed "genius", Ab-Soul.  Ab-Soul is a very interesting character to say the least.  Labeling himself as the underdog of the group, his music has not as of yet been publicly recognized like that of his current group members.  Now with three albums under his belt, he seems to be taking a leadership role in this "Hiii Power" regime.  In fact, if you ask anyone in the group, they will tell you that the "Hiii Power" doctrine was created by Ab-Soul himself and taught to them.

"The song Hiiipower? That was me speaking through Kendrick"

His ambition is mostly rooted from his passed ridicule and physical affliction that he endured from when he was a child being diagnosed with Stephens-Johnson syndrome at the early age of ten.  This past condition of his, has made Ab-Soul completely reject Christ's salvation and now hellbent on creating a concept of self-righteous that is deeply rooted in occult practices and beliefs.  He has been called the "brains" behind Black Hippy's "Hiii Power" movement and hopes to spread this demonic doctrine worldwide.  Similar to Kendrick, Ab-Soul has also expressed his interest in the Illuminati occult through his earlier music:

"but what I gotta do to shock the whole nation?
sign to Roc Nation, become a f**** mason?
monopolize and prophesy abominations?
I'll do it!, what you thought this was just music?"
- from the song, Passion

On Ab-Soul's second album, Longterm: Mentality, he begins to display his occult beliefs while also pushing the agenda that society is being depraved from these secret powers.  The cover art for the album is very misleading, persuading those that listen to believe he is embracing social freedom, when in truth, the project is riddled with occult doctrine that served as the beginning of his "Hiii Power" message:

the cover art displays man being a slave deprived of enlightenment

Again from surface value, it looks like these rappers are all trying to reach a positive goal here.  But if you look deeper at this "Hiiipower" doctrine, you can clearly see the destructive occult philosophies imbedded beneath the cries of social injustice and mental deprivation.  Inviting these occult beliefs into your mind does not build one up, but it only creates more chains and strangleholds in people's lives.  The demonic influence in these songs, again, is not really hidden if you open your eyes and really notice what they are trying to display to you.  For example, from the same album I have shown above, Ab-Soul made a song, strikingly similar to the lyrics of Kendrick, called "Gone Insane":

cover art for "Gone Insane"; notice the centered figured seen in a straight jacket with a hypnotizing spell around him

Ab-Soul seen meditating in a field (chakra position)

Ab-Soul contemplating suicide with a gun to his head

In the video, we see a combination of both occult ideas as well as the same theme of killing themselves for their belief system or as a result of demonic possession.  In the song, the lyrics are also quite revealing:

"I feel like I'm affiliated with the Illuminati, b****,
all seeing f***** eye this is your enlightenment"

"I think I'm Jimi Hendrix, I think I'm Kurt Cobain,
I think I'm John Lennon, gone insane,
someone take this gun before I blow out my brains"

They are trying to make this demonic doctrine of "Hiiipower" equate to enlightenment if practiced, but the overall result is only spiritual affliction and contemplation of suicide.  Much like Kendrick, Ab-Soul also references prematurely deceased musicians who were tormented from their occult involvement such as Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix.  Jimi Hendrix is a particular artist that best mirrors the lifestyle of Black Hippy and "Hiiipower" to the finest detail.

It is safe to say that Jimi Hendrix was considered to be the first "black hippy" of his generation, a rock musician that carried the torch for social rebellion, sexual exploitation, and psychedelic drug use in the 1960's.  Much like the modern group Black Hippy, Jimi's hippie philosophy came with a declaration of anti-government which garnered many people towards his cause.  What is not as publicized, however, was Hendrix' immense obsession with the occult.  Jimi Hendrix practiced witchcraft and voodoo openly and was severely tortured by the demons that came with it:

Judging by the parallels of beliefs and ideas, it seems that the same demon(s) behind Jimi Hendrix are also steering the helm of Black Hippy's "Hiiipower" doctrine.  Ab-Soul, like Hendrix, believes that these occult ideas are nothing more than a means to reaching true spiritual perfection, not Jesus Christ.  He makes this rejection of Christ a little more clear towards the ending of his song entitled, "More Of A Euphoria":

"The veil is being raised
we are living in the last days
for us, its only the beginning
one love, one conscious, one kinetic mind

From the occultist perspective, they believe that in the last days when their messiah (the Anti-Christ) takes his throne through a one world religion, they will live as gods by his side.  This is why Ab-Soul states that it is "only the beginning" for those who have achieved this "Hiiipower".  Keep in mind, that Ab-Soul's album Longterm: Mentality only scratches the surface of this occult doctrine.  From a lyrical point of view, most of the songs are with scattered thoughts and subtle philosophies from occult teachings.  

Almost as like a Hiii Power manifesto if you will, Ab-Soul's latest album Control System,  is what really lays the rest of the groundwork for this cleverly disguised doctrine.  First, before I dissect the many occult philosophies within the content of this album, let me define the meaning of the name itself.  Control System, can be defined as a device or set of devices that is used to command, regulate, and manipulate the behavior of group of devices or system.  So from first glance, it seems that he would be referring to the Illuminati elite creating a control system over the blind public.  But this is only the broadened concept of the album to allow people to assume that his principles are not aligned with that of the Illuminati.  However, when listening to the album, it becomes very clear that this group is merely copying the same satanic doctrine of the elitists to achieve their own "Hiii Power".  This then makes them apart of the Devil's agenda, and in truth, APART of the control system they rightfully claim to be against.  In fact, in a recent interview, Ab-Soul states that the deeper meaning of the album name is that many systems we think are beneficial to us are actually controlling and manipulating us, almost as if he was referring to his own system of "Hiii Power":

"The title Control System is me basically saying there may be a lot of systems that appear transparent that could be controlling us everyday"

At the end of Kendrick Lamar's Section.80, Ab-Soul closes out the album with a song called Ab-Soul's Outro. which could truly be looked at as a prologue to Control System.  Within the lyrics, this deception of "Hiii Power" is even openly expressed by Ab-Soul himself as he states:

"started Hiiipower because our generation
needed a generator and a system
meant to disintegrate us
all we can do is assist them
we're not victors we are victims"

It seems that Ab-Soul is saying that this movement they have created was fabricated to inadvertently aid in the deterioration of society by assisting the Illuminati system in bringing forth an occult infested world.  He also states that they do not take glory in this, for they are mere victims like everyone else.  Maybe this is their attempt of grasping on some type of moral conviction for the teachings that they are professing.  Again, you will see and hear many habits and contradictions (no pun intended) like this spewing out of their mouths because, you have to remember that, they are more than likely under deep demonic possession and therefore always under spiritual struggle between right and wrong.  When asked in a recent interview, Ab-Soul said that the broadened concept behind Control System was like teaching heart surgery to a person that needed heart surgery as opposed to charging them for the expense.  In relation to occult, he means that why should people suffer at the hands of the Illuminati elite and their fortune, when you can just learn their occult teachings and use them for your own benefit.  When asked if there were anymore meanings to the album, he stated:

"there's a lot of references on the album, I used a lot of ancient symbolism and ancient history"
- Ab-Soul interview with DX magazine

 The "ancient symbolism" he mentioned are the very same occult symbols used by Illuminati elite and various other secret societies, all apart of the teachings they are using in their "Hiiipower" doctrine.   Control System proves that in great detail.  First, I will analyze the cover art of the album, which is perhaps more revealing that the album's content itself. 

On the cover, is displayed the Kabbalah tree of life, an ancient mystery teaching in the occult.   The Kabbalah is a form of Jewish mysticism that is used and practiced by many occultists as a method to achieve enlightenment.  This practice, like all of the occult, is completely satanic and its techniques only opens people up spiritually to demonic attacks.  In Edith Miller's Occult Theocracy, she shed's light on the true intentions of Kabbalah and the dangers of its practice:
"The Kabbalah is occult science itself.  It is the secret theology of the initiates, theology essentially Satanic.  In a word, the counter-theology.  Our God, the God of the Christians, is the power of evil in the eyes of Kabbalists; and for them the power of good, the real god, is Lucifer"

Occultist and devout Satanist Eliphas Levi, actually reaffirms these allegations in his own writings, Dogma Rituals, where he states:

"The lucifer of the Kabbalah is not an accursed and ruined angel; he is the angel who enlightens..."

Eliphas Levi was also the artist responsible for the most prominent image of the Baphomet, sitting in the esoteric chakra position.  This also explains why we find Black Hippy using the chakra on numerous occasions.  It is because Kabbalah is used very heavily with yoga meditation as a way of opening the mind, which according to the occult, is called the "third eye".  

If you attend any modern day yoga class, the instructor will tell you that the chakra position is used to help open up your pineal gland or "third eye", which is the believed to be the scientific brain receptor that channels into supernatural energies and spiritual dimensions in relation to metaphysics.  Miller also mentions in her book the relation between such practices:

"Modern occultism is on the one hand practical Kabbalah and on the other, Indian Yogism, both of which have always had their adepts more or less openly"

The use of the pineal gland is highly stressed by Ab-Soul on Control System as an essential key to "Hiii Power".  In the song, Ab-Soul talks about tapping into the spiritual use of this gland through dangerous psychedelics and meditative yoga, all elements of occult practice.

a clip is shown of the pagan god Buddha, a religion that originated meditative yoga
The video first shows an image of the pineal gland's location in the brain followed by a reference to Buddhism, which is a religion that focuses on the spirituality of the pineal gland.  Then Ab-Soul proceeds to smoke the hallucinogenic drug known as DMT:

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine ), also known as the "spirit drug", is used to bring its users into a deep psycosis where they are believed to reach higher spiritual dimensions and planes.  Historically used by ancient priests and shamans, today the drug is a top commodity for occultists. From small satanic sects to the Illuminati members themselves, this drug is often used to channel beings in the spirit realm and awaken the so-called "third eye". 

" ever been conscious in a comma?
please don't tell my momma this ain't marijuana
I might be tripping off that DMT
TDE, limitless like we on NZT
I made my dreams reality, so to speak
or so they say I could still be asleep"

After Ab-Soul takes the drug, his reality begins to alter and he starts to travel through dimensions with (what seems to be) astral-projection.  As you can see from the video, the use of occult symbolism is very important in these drug-induced rituals:

referencing the third eye, or pineal gland

the use of occult symbols to aid in his ritual
Ab-Soul is showing you that this occult idea originated from the Illuminati
Towards the end of the song, Ab-Soul repetitively raps to his listeners that they all have "three eyes" encouraging the use of the "spiritual" gland.  This, now, fully explains the "3" that is seen beside their "eye of Horus"-inspired logo and ultimately demonstrates the deceitful destructiveness of the "Hiii Power" doctrine.  In his book, The Secret Teachings of all Ages, Satanist and founding Free-mason Manly P. Hall, explains the correlation between the pineal gland, chakra meditation, and the eye of Horus all from an occult basis:

"The exact science of human regeneration is the lost key of masonry,
from the spirit fire is lifted up through the 33 degrees, or segments of the spinal column and enters into the domed chamber of the human skull, it finally passes through the pituitary body (Isis), where it invokes Ra (the pineal gland) and demands a sacred name.  Operative masonry, in the fullest meaning of that term, signifies the process in which the eye of Horus is opened."

 This occult concept of the pineal gland, however, did not originate from these past occultists or ancient Egyptians, but it actually started from the same root as all of the occult, Mystery Babylon.  The mystery Babylonian religion is the foundation to almost every occult philosophy used and practiced today.  With the pineal gland, early Babylonian priests and magi created various pagan teachings they believed helped them achieve a higher enlightenment.  They used a pine cone to symbolize the pineal gland or "top of the mind", complete with an esoteric tree of life similar to that of Kaballah:

A Babylonian/Sumerian god holding the pine cone/pineal gland
an ancient tree of life, similar to that of Kaballah
 In various songs (from Control System), Ab-Soul even states that his teachings of the pineal gland stems from ancient Mesopotamian religions:

"Babylon, Babylon
at my window all I see is Babylon
On the news all I see is Babylon..."
- from the song, "Terrorist Threats"

"f*** I'm doing talkin' about pineal glands
Ancient ways of Sumerians
ain't nothing wrong with a righteous man"
- from the song, "Terrorist Threats"

" enlightenments' the ancient Chaldeans"
- from the song, "Beautiful Death" (feat. Punch)

What makes this occult idea of the "third eye" seem even more disturbing when referring to rap artist Ab-Soul, is that he seems to believe that this ritual is aiding in his own physical deformities.  Remember, earlier I had mentioned that Ab-Soul suffered from Stephens-Johnson syndrome when he was younger, which caused most of his skin to peel off and darken.  A terminal side-effect to the disease was that his eyes became extremely sensitive to sunlight making him ultimately blind unless he wears dark shades as a daily regiment:

In his song, "The Book of Soul", Ab-Soul speaks on how difficult his life was growing up with such a horrific disease:

"Your momma told me to read the book of Job,
they should've called it the book of Soul,
I came into this perfect world with perfect health,
Caught Stephens-Johnson syndrome when I was ten years old,
internal and external fever,
80% fatality rate at the time ain't that some s***,
severe pink eye, my eyes swollen shut
for like 2 or 3 months its still bright as f****
and I even lost my lip skin,
grew back darker than its original pigment
skin disfigured from boils and blisters,
unidentifiable by my little sister
come to think of it I could've got a crazy check,
the shrink thought I'd be traumatized, but I'm alright"

Despite taking the initial advice of turning to God's Word for comfort in his hardships, Ab-Soul followed the direction of the occult to find healing rather than seeking the salvation of Jesus Christ.  I believe that Ab-Soul shunned the love of Yahweh in exchange for a darker path.  This path, has deeply affected him spiritually and has made him a hard-working servant for the Devil.  In many of the lyrics for Control System, Ab-Soul rejects and blasphemes Christ while glorifying his demonic possession and satanic alliance:

"I swear to God it won't be long
I'll have Tyler (the Creator) lighting bongs and reciting Psalms
I'm an angel with an angle, I mean well
I'm just a demon that means well"
- from the song, "Black Lip Bastard"

"Black lip bastard, pass me your password
so I can hack inside your brain
see I too have gone insane (possessed)
Before I fall I'm sure to curse you all in Jesus name"
 - from the song, "Black Lip Bastard Remix" (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

"freelance for God but do the work of Satan, whatever works"
- from the song, "Black Lip Bastard Remix"

Probably the most insulting statement made by Ab-Soul is not verbally spoken of, but visually.  As stated before,  the album cover for Control System displays the Kabballah tree.  Within the tree, shows Ab-Soul's name planted in the center surrounded by the early Christian symbol of the Ichthys or more commonly known today as the "Jesus fish".   

I personally believe that this symbol is not a true representation of Yahweh, but was originated from the mystery Babylon worship of the fish/harvest god Dagon and was later incorporated into Christianity by the corrupted Catholic Church.  

However, the predominant Christian community is still unaware of such deception and use the ichthys (bumper stickers, Bible bookmarks, etc.) as a reflection of Christ's miracles and divinity.  Therefore, this symbol surrounding Ab-Soul's name would only suggest that he is claiming to be the messiah, not Christ, spreading his demonic gospel of "Hiii Power" across the nations.  Here we see a very twisted mindset of this young rapper, because he believes the false religion of occultism that he is professing is the work of god (himself).

Aside from the use of ancient occult magic, psychedelic meditation and a hatred for Jesus Christ, the biggest parallel between Black Hippy and Illuminati elite is the principle of illumination.  The Illuminati derives their name from the concept of "illumination", or the worship of Lucifer as the "light bearer" and perfected angel before he was cast down from heaven.  Luciferian occultists are the worst kind of satanists because they truly believe they are doing the work of the righteous in their own just eyes, believing that they are the light of the world within the darkness.  The believe that they are "illuminating" or enlightening others by forcing their occult beliefs upon them.  On Control System, Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar shows us that this "Hiii Power" doctrine is synonymous with the elitists doctrine of illumination with a song titled "Illuminate":

"They wanna share my light,
you can have all my shine, I give you the light"

Also, on Control System, Ab-Soul gives an ode to the Illuminati elite by making a song in reference to one of their many annual occult festivals, Bohemian Grove.  

The song, also called "Bohemian Grove", refers to this all-male elitist group that meets in California forests, where wealthy occultists practice Luciferian rituals that involves human sacrifice and homosexual acts to the mystery Babylon god of Moloch, represented by a 40 ft. owl shrine.

"Got me harder than sneaking a b**** in Bohemian Grove"

Although the song's lyrical content does not fully display the same wickedness as the actual event, the title alone serves as a respect to those who practice in these secret Luciferian arts.  This type of occultism (as seen at Bohemian Grove) human sacrifice is common in order to achieve the success and wealth that comes with the "illuminated" lifestyle.  But who could serve as a possible sacrifice for "Hiii Power"?

Alori Joh Sacrifice
Alori Joh was a young talented songstress exclusively affiliated with Black Hippy and signed to their label TDE.  She started her career doing music features for members of the group, including her long-term boyfriend Ab-Soul.  She is most notably known for her vocal assistance on Kendrick Lamar's song, "Hiii Power".  With her name becoming very renown in Hip-Hop/R&B circles, Alori was on the verge of achieving the same success as that of Black Hippy.  Then suddenly, on February 6th 2012, it was reported that Alori Joh had tragically committed suicide by jumping to her death from a Compton radio tower.  Here's the official report:

"Authorities Wednesday said the woman found dead at the base of a radio transmission tower in the unincorporated Rancho Dominguez area near Compton apparently committed suicide by jumping from the structure. Deputies were called to the 2200-block of University Drive at 4:38 p.m. Monday, said Lt. Christopher Bergner of the sheriff’s Carson Station. The woman, now identified as Loriana Johnson, died at the scene, said coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter.  Johnson, 25, was an aspiring recording artist better known as Alori Joh, a West Coast native who worked alongside some of Top Dawg Entertainment’s rising artists, including Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul." - Our Weekly

What happened here?  Why would someone on the brink of her stardom waste her life away so unexpectedly?  Being closely affiliated with this group, especially that of Ab-Soul, it is safe to assume that she had believed in the same occult philosophies and doctrines that they do, considering that she was involved with most their music that professes it.  Before her death, in 2010, Alori branched out from the groups' dark shadow and delivered her first album, entitled The Love Religion.  

This album, in many ways, teaches the same philosophies of "Hiii Power" but from the perspective of the female.  In the occult, women are generally used as spiritual vessels or mediums through sexual-oriented rituals.  Many of the songs promotes this type of sexual connection to spirituality (other than the suggestive title itself).  In fact, one of her songs is even called "Happy Medium", a subtle reference to the role she was serving in Black Hippy.  Another song that demonstrates herself as a spiritual medium is "Let You Shine".  I have already stated that Ab-Soul had incorporated the Luciferian principle of illumination into Hiii Power.  Judging from the lyrics of this song, it seems that Alori believes she was acting as a channel that connects Ab-Soul (and Black Hippy) to the spiritual realm:

"If you'll be my star,
I'll be your sky
you can hide in me and come out at night,
when I turn jet black and you show off your light,
I live to let you shine"

As the lyrics suggest, Alori states that she was "turning black" in order for Ab-Soul to "shine".  In other words, she was opening herself to demonic possession so that Ab-Soul and his group may be enlightened by these dark spiritual forces.  I cannot help but think what kind of spiritual torment Alori Joh must have been suffering through by her involvement in these occult rituals.  Could this have been the cause of her suicide?  Had Alori become so inflicted that she thought death was easier than living under demon oppression?  In this regard, I can only theorize.  Some have suggested that she did not commit suicide, but was murdered by the members of Black Hippy or maybe by an hired affiliate.  I won't support this as a theory because I do not have enough information to justify it.  However, I will say that in dealing with blood sacrifices, sometimes it is not up to the occultist as to who dies or when.  In some cases, it is merely an end resulting price that they must pay in return for their success.

Rest in Peace

From all the information that I have gathered, it is more than apparent that the concept of Hiii Power is completely occult related and satanic to the core.  The third eye teaching is not good for anyone's mind, for it is a realm that, if opened, can lead to severe demonic influence and possession.  They are trying to convince you that by opening the "third eye", you can reach a higher power and rebel against the Illuminati.  But you cannot fight Satan with Satan because he will win your soul regardless of what the outcome is.  The Bible teaches that only through the faith in Christ Jesus can a demon be vanquished:

 "If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then could his kingdom stand?  And if I drive out demons by Belzebuub, by whom do your people drive them out?  So then they will be your judges. But if it is by the spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you." - Matthew 12:25-28

I advise anyone who is following this group to reject "Hiii Power" and stop listening to their music immediately.  Indulging in this occult behavior will do nothing but give Satan an invitation to your life.  Remove the wickedness of this music from your life, and set your heart and mind on Yahweh.  For it is only through Christ Jesus may we find true knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.